Alex looked up from her desk for a second to listen to her teacher, Mr. Larritate when he mentioned grief.

"Some say there are five stages of grief," he said, "Anger, Denial, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance."

Alex nodded. What stage was she on now? Her ultimate crush, John, had chosen Natalie Harrington over her. She sighed. Could she be in Depression? How long did it last? Was there a spell to get out of it? Could she ever reach Acceptance?

"Alex Russo!"

Alex tuned into the lesson. "Yes, Mr. Larritate?"

"I caught you daydreaming again," he said angrily, "why? Why can't you be more like your…"

"…Brother, I know," said Alex. "I'm sorry, Mr. Larritate, but I have my own problems right now."

Mr. Larritate, never one who could really understand anyone's problems, walked slowly up to her desk with red eyes glaring at her. "Why don't you take your problems to the principal's office, then?"

Alex's eyes widened. How unfair could a teacher be? He didn't even know her problems, and he sent her to the principal's office over them!

Harper gave her a small smile. "Nice try, Harper," said Alex sadly. She walked over to the door, opened it, and stepped outside.