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A/N: This is my first story, so I hope it goes well. This is told in X-23's point of view.

I'm Sorry

I don't understand why he keeps fallowing me; he's only slowing me down. I know that I can lose him if I want to, but then Gauntlet and Omega Red will only catch him again. He insists that he is only trying to help, but doesn't he get it, I can't be helped. And now he is starting to insist that we are being lead into a trap and I have to play dumb.

I was trained by HYDRA for 14 years to be the perfect assassin, does he really think that I could not recognize a trap, but he just insists that he has experience. All I can do is keep walking, knowing that I am leading him into the trap.

We have reached the area, I can smell the other agents, and their scents are faint and covered with dirt and sweat, but its there. Logan can't pick up on it, I think his body is still trying to heal, plus he is older. I can hear him come to a stop behind me and sigh.

He then asks me, "Does this look like a trap to anyone else?"

I respond, "I'm Sorry"

He assumes that I am apologizing for not listening to him, but I am really apologizing for getting him trapped as well. I could never tell him that I knew we where headed for a trap, that it was all part of my plan. He would have tried to stop me and I could not let that happen. I have to destroy HYDRA and he refused to leave so there was nothing I could do. Now, all I can do is hope he can escape, before I take the head of HYDRA down.

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