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Rangiku smiled affectionately at her new lover as she pulled the girl down next to her on her bed. Momo was smiling too. Ranigku let a hand brush warmly against Momo's cheek and then across her hair as she gazed into the depths of the other girl's eyes. Momo leaned forward and brought their lips together.

It was incredible really. Rangiku couldn't believe she was doing what she was doing. Momo Hinamori, a young girl, the same young girl her Captain had eyes for, had actually fallen for her. Of course Rangiku had fallen equally hard for Momo as well, but that wasn't as unbelievable. Rangiku still couldn't believe that everything had played out as it did, that it had actually come to her and Momo kissing lovingly there on her bed. She couldn't believe Momo wanted her, but man was she happy she did.

Gentle kisses subsided as Rangiku asked softly, "Momo, are you sure you want this?"

"Of course I am… what's more surprising is that you would be interested in me… Rangiku…" Momo said shyly, looking down briefly.

"Why would that be surprising?"

"Because you're so beautiful…" Momo sighed, keeping her eyes averted from Rangiku's smile.

"You're far more beautiful than I am." Rangiku muttered under her breath. She was a slob, a drunk and a flirt. Momo was so pure.

"Don't lie like that Rangiku… it's unnecessary…" Momo blushed a deep red.

"In my eyes it's no lie." Rangiku whispered into the girl's ear before forcing her to look up again. She kissed her softly.

Momo's arms wrapped around Rangiku slowly. Rangiku let her own hands move to the girl's back. The distance between them closed and the kiss grew more passionate. They continued to embrace even after the kiss had ended.

"Rangiku… are we going to… you know…?" Momo trembled lightly in Rangiku's arms.

"Oh? I don't know what will happen, Momo. All I know is that we're still going to sleep in the same bed tonight and that we happen to like kissing each other now. I can't really tell you where it might all lead," Rangiku said teasingly, her hands traveling from the girl's back to her stomach. She was wearing a devious smirk.

"Rangiku…" Momo moaned. She was so adorable. Rangiku bent her head down and began to line the girl's neck with lightning-paced kisses. Momo began to softly writhe in Rangiku's arms.

"Rangiku…. Please don't tease me so much… I can't take it…" Momo said in between soft moans. She was blushing profusely.

"Sorry, Momo, but I'm going to tease you as much as I please. You're just too cute to resist…" Rangiku sighed, lifting her head from Momo's neck. Their lips met once more. Momo's tongue brushed curiously out from between her lips. The 10th Division Lieutenant extended hers to meet it. Momo seemed ready to recoil at the contact but gave in instead, allowing their tongues to dance together slowly between their lips.

"Mmmm… Momo…." Rangiku growled in a husky voice as she laid Momo down on the bed. She found herself incapable of resisting any longer. She wanted this girl badly, more than she had ever wanted anyone before.

"Please be gentle Rangiku… this is… this is my first time with anyone…" Momo cooed sheepishly as she stared up at her lover, looking afraid but very wanting.

"Don't worry Momo. I'll go nice and easy on you," Rangiku said with a sexy laugh. She slowly lowered her body on top of Momo's, initiating another kiss.

Momo's tongue lashed out from the start this time. Rangiku's own tongue pushed it back into the girl's mouth, which she explored deeply. Momo's lips were so soft, her mouth tasted so heavenly. Rangiku didn't want to stop. She wanted to try other things with Momo, but kissing was just so good. The younger girl surprised her yet again though, her hands moving to caress Rangiku's exceptional breasts through her clothing.

Noting the girl's deeply intrigued touch, Rangiku broke away. Sitting up, she eased either of her arms out of the sleeves of her shihakusho. She then let the cloth fall from her chest on its own, giving her glorious bust to the night air and Momo's eyes.

Momo stared, entranced, at the large orbs. Her hands soon radiated toward them as if it was beyond her control. She squeezed them softly. Her eye's narrowed a bit and the slightest smirk appeared in the corner of her mouth. She squeezed them again, this time harder. Rangiku moaned.

"You like those don't you, Momo?" Rangiku asked, laughing and blushing as Momo began to massage her breasts thoroughly.

"Yes," Momo said in a voice that didn't hide sexuality, "They're very beautiful, Rangiku. You're very beautiful, Rangiku."

"Oh? So these massive things excite you then, Momo?" Rangiku bent forward again, slowly hovering over her lover. She brought her body forward until her chest was hanging just over Momo's face. Momo didn't move her hands from the pillowy flesh for a second as the other moved. "Here. Why don't you try using your mouth?"

Momo didn't say anything but obliged happily, almost hungrily. Her lips reached for the nipple of Rangiku's right breast. She brought it into a passionate suck, her tongue darting across the gradually hardening nub as she held it in place with her lips. A hand moved to cup the other giant breast, massaging the sensitive nipple with the palm while it kneaded the softer flesh excitedly.

Momo's tongue ran circle after circle around Rangiku's right nipple before switching to the left. She sucked and licked and tongue prodded at that breast as well as it hung in her face. Rangiku moaned as she clenched her hands into the bed to try and keep herself steady. Everything Momo was doing to her was turning her on like nothing else.

Desperate to move on, Rangiku pressed herself down suddenly, allowing her breasts to fall from Momo's mouth and hand down to smother her face. The 5th Division Lieutenant used her hands to force the soft flesh against her cheeks. She ran her tongue between them as Rangiku slowly pulled herself back. They kissed hotly for a while before the older shinigami pulled completely off of the other to her left side.

She smiled and laughed sensually as she said "Now it's your turn…"

Momo seemed so lost to her excitement that she didn't even notice the words. She did notice when Rangiku undid the sash to her shihakusho. She noticed and began to aid the other shinigami in removing the garment completely. Rangiku smiled as Momo's young body was revealed to her.

"I'm not as beautiful as you are… I hope you don't mind…" Momo said shyly, obviously finding it difficult to speak.

"If you're talking about my breasts being bigger than yours, don't. Yours are adorable… just like you…" Rangiku said in a warm whisper. She let her tongue brush against Momo's as they kissed yet again.

The kiss broke and Ranigku inched down lingeringly. She kissed the curve of the girl's neck hotly several times before she finally reached Momo's chest. Her tongue licked a path from Momo's neck to her left nipple. She bathed the rock hard, sensitive flesh in the juices of her tongue and Momo moaned deeply in bliss. Rangiku rubbed the right of Momo's smallish, cute breasts in her hands, teasing the nipple between two fingers.

Rangiku let her own breasts push into Momo's stomach as her mouth thrust forward for the more distant breast. Momo moaned yet again at the contact. The strawberry blonde's tongue gave that nipple a thorough treatment, lignin it with hot lick after hot lick while she clenched it very lightly between her lips. Rangiku let her hand find a place on Momo's thigh. She rubbed it. It moved from the outside to the inside. Momo's moans got higher as the hand moved further and further up her leg.

Rangiku gritted Momo's nipple lightly between her teeth as her hand traced the girl's sex through the panties she still wore. Momo moaned her loudest moan yet. The busty shinigami smirked as she pulled herself from her lover's breast. She inched even further down, lining Momo's stomach with kisses, until her lips reached the hem of the girl's undergarment. Her eyes met Momo's. Momo gave a little nod as if to say she was ready. Rangiku removed the final shed of cloth adorning the young girl.

Rangiku let her knees fall to the floor off the bed as she positioned herself between Momo's legs. Momo had a blush on her face as Rangiku forced her legs open. The older female couldn't hide the lust in her eyes as she stared at the sexual center of her young lover. Momo's sex had such a beautiful pink color; it was lustrous, glistening brilliantly from the fluid spilling out of it.

There were no hesitations. Despite having previously been "straight" all her life, Rangiku didn't even think twice about it. Her tongue was already buried in Momo's slit. Momo gave a pleasured cry and kicked the air as her lover's tongue showed her lick after lick. The more senior lieutenant was in heaven as her tongue bathed in the young girl's sweet, delicious juices as it coursed through the warm, damp opening.

It was impossible to pull away. Rangiku was breathing Momo's scent and drinking her fluid as it pooled into her mouth. The smells, the tastes, the feelings all coupled with the sound of Momo's cries made the experience easily more intoxicating for the blonde than even the stiffest of drinks. Her lust was insatiable, as was her desire to pleasure Momo.

Rangiku let her tongue trace circles around Momo's swollen clitoris. She ran several short licks over the small nub. Momo squealed in delight. Rangiku intensified her oral work, licking harder and faster, patiently experimenting to find the areas that made her new lover cry out most intensely. Finding one such spot, Rangiku concentrated all her effort on it, showering it with heated strikes as she held Momo's kicking legs still by the thighs. Momo gave a somewhat shrill cry as her body writhed ruthlessly. A short spurt of sweet liquid erupted onto Rangiku's exhausted tongue.

Rangiku didn't give the other much time to recover from her powerful orgasm. She was in serious heat, her heart pounding, her juices flowing, her body aching for Momo to bring her pleasure. As soon as she had removed her tongue from Momo's sex, Rangiku thrust her body back onto the bed and replaced it in Momo's mouth. As their tongues fluttered furiously at each other in their collective mouth, Momo untied the sash to the shinigami robes that still clung to the Tenth Division Lieutenant's lower body. Rangiku split form her lover to throw them off almost violently along with her panties.

Momo and Rangiku switched positions without a word, the younger girl getting to her feet as the older laid back on the bed. Momo massaged Rangiku's voluminous bust thoroughly, planting long tongue-filled kisses on either of them before she let her attention trail downward. Her hands made a course from Rangiku's breasts down across her waist, hips and thighs as she got to her knees. Rangiku spread her legs as wide as she could as Momo settled between them.

Rangiku watched as Momo shyly approached her sex. Her eyes widened slightly at the sight as her hand nervously wavered toward it. Rangiku felt with anticipation, Momo's fingers gently run across her tender slit. She offered a subdued moan as the girl made repeated strokes with her hand. Momo withdrew her hand and ran her tongue against her fingers, allowing herself to taste her lover for the first time, at least indirectly. Confidence now in her eyes, Momo leaned forward, her tongue extended.

The first few licks were overwhelming. Rangiku had had oral sex performed on her before, but for whatever reason it hadn't prepared her in the slightest for Momo's tongue. She didn't know why. Maybe it was the look in Momo's eyes as she developed a definite rhythm to her hot licks, maybe this was just something Momo had a natural skill for, or maybe Rangiku really was so completely in love with this girl that every sensation would be augmented. Rangiku didn't know why. She didn't know anything. All she knew is that Momo's tongue felt like heaven as it flew across her sensitive slit.

Momo licked deep and hard, leaving no area of the strawberry blonde's sex untouched by tongue. Rangiku moaned and panted uncontrollably as waves of pleasure rippled through her body with every lick. It was so unbelievable. Rangiku was finding it hard to contain herself. Momo's tongue against her most tender flesh was amazing, but hearing the dirty sounds of that tongue as it smacked against her sopping wet slit only fueled Rangiku's excitement.

The 5th Division's Lieutenant soon showed obvious signs of tongue fatigue. Rangiku, though hot and desperate for release, still found it remarkably cute. One of her hands found the girl's cheek. She lifted Momo's head, forcing their eyes to meet. Momo's eyes seemed to blaze with a desire to pleasure the other woman.

"Use your hand now, Momo." Rangiku instructed, as they continued to lock eyes. Momo followed the order at once, she ran her fingers repeatedly through her lover's slit for awhile before finding the woman's tight hole. Soon two fingers had disappeared entirely inside the strawberry blonde.

Momo began to pulse her finger in and out at a steady pace. Each pulse built upon the pleasure established by the last. Rangiku was so close she could taste it. She wanted to go for a special ending though. When Momo's eyes returned to meet hers she beckoned the girl closer with a hand. Momo eagerly crawled over her, and the two of them started to lick at each other's tongues furiously while Momo kept her hand at work.

As they kissed with passion unfathomable, Rangiku let her own hand find it's way to Momo's recently appeased slit. It was still sopping wet. Momo moaned into her mouth as Rangiku struggled to find her untouched opening and get a single finger inside of it. She pulsed the finger hard into the girl and Momo cried out, likely in pain, but with repeated pulses her moans sounded as if nothing but pleasurable. Rangiku was moaning loudly too as she rolled the two of them over so as she was on top once more.

The kisses trailed off so as they could focus on the movements of their hands. Soon either girl's fingers were thrusting in unison along with their bodies. Rangiku pressed her chest firmly down onto Momo's to intensify the girl's pleasure. It seemed to work, as the girl's moans became higher and her movements more erratic. Thankfully, Rangiku was so close that it didn't matter if her lover lost a little concentration. Momo's hand made a few more rigid, uncontrolled, jittery movements and soon she was screaming in ecstasy as her body trembled through the most fulfilling climax of her life.

Rangiku didn't give herself time to even contemplate the unbelievable pleasure she had just experienced. No, she wanted Momo to feel more. Her hand speed tripled and the volume of Momo's cries doubled. She slowed back down and let a second finger into the tight hole and Momo screamed. Momo continued to scream and pant with each successive thrust. Momo's arms had soon wormed up from between the woman's leg to around her body, holding it closely to her. Momo gave an exasperated shriek as her whole body shook against Rangiku's.

Rangiku smiled and kissed Momo lovingly as she withdrew her hand. She collapsed just to the side of the girl. Momo climbed back over her and brought her into a tight embrace. They kissed for a while longer as they held each other. Rangiku's eyes gazed deeply into those of her lover and she felt so warm. She felt so alive. Soon they had stopped kissing and were just embracing as they gazed at each other. And very soon after that, the door to Rangiku's bedroom was forced open violently.

"What's happened?! I heard screams!" Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya was in the door, concern about his face. Taking in the scene in front of him this concern dissolved into anger.

"Hey… Captain… How… How are you?" Rangiku felt stupid for being so loud. She had no clue what to say. She had hoped to have left informing her superior that she had won the love of the girl who had his interests until the morning, but it seemed that night, neither of them would be allowed a moment truly to themselves.

"Lieutenant Matsumoto! That you would stoop so low is unbelievable!" Hitsugaya glared at his subordinate scornfully.

"Look, Captain.. .I can explain…" Rangiku sighed on the inside. Leave it to her uptight Captain to cut short the most beautiful moment of her life.

"Do you honestly believe I am so stupid?!" The white-haired boy shouted furiously.

Rangiku was confused by the question. Why would having sex with Momo be something that insinuated her Captain was stupid? She asked, quietly, "What do you mean, Captain Hitsugaya?"

"Do you truly think I am so naïve as to fall for the same trick twice?!"

"B-but Captain… it's not a trick… I really had sex with Momo this time…" Rangiku was taken aback by her Captain's reaction. They were stark naked, tightly embracing, Rangiku's hair was a mess, and the whole room smelled of sweat and sex. Did her Captain honestly perceive this to be just some trick?

"That's a lie! I've put up with your teasing long enough to know this is all some sick game to you. Mocking me, taunting me, provoking me, it all bring you some sort of cheap thrill!" Hitsugaya accused, leering at his lieutenant intently; though not too intently, Rangiku noticed. She assumed this had to do with her lack of dress.

"It's not, Toshiro. Rangiku is really telling the truth." Momo came to her lover's defense. She still clung to the older woman tightly, afraid of letting go and letting her childhood friend see her naked form out in the open.

"Quiet Momo! She's forced you into this. She's somehow coerced you into following her act. But I won't buy it no matter what you say. I've fallen into too many of her cheap gags in the past!" The young Captain reasoned broodingly.

"Captain, do you honestly think I would go this far, if I was just faking it…?" Rangiku asked, completely and totally baffled by her captain's failure to listen to reason.

"I wouldn't put it past you! The greater the set-up the greater the pay off, right?" Hitsugaya's scowl never lessened.

It was then that a sound of footsteps came from the hall outside the room. Two voices could be heard speaking loudly. "Oh man did we get sloshed at that bar t'night."

"Hell yeah! But I ain't near drunk enuff to forget what I saw." Rangiku recognized the loud voices as those of two lower seated members of Division 10, "To think our very own hot ass lieutenant would have that kinda thing goin' with anuther girl."

"Damn straight! It's crazy. The most fucked part a it is it's that cute Momo chick she's 'sposed to be watchin' all the time."

Rangiku glared at her superior after the drunks had passed into the distance, waiting for him to show he understood now. She didn't exactly get what she asked for.

"My god. You've even gone and recruited all my officers to your games…" Hitsugaya looked at the woman in disbelief.

"C-captain… isn't this just a little ridiculous… I'm sorry if it's hard for you to accept… but this is real…" Rangiku gulped out, simply amazed at how stubborn the other was being.

"No it isn't. It's impossible." Hitsugaya insisted, his mind seemingly made up on the matter.

"Toshiro… Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you can just change the truth..." Momo said softly, almost sadly.

"Momo…" Hitsugaya seemed ready to listen as he turned to look at the other girl.

"Rangiku taught me that. Even if you don't like it, even if it's too painful to bear, you can't just hide from the past." Momo spoke in a reflective quiver.

"Momo! Y-you're... Did you...?" Hitsugaya's eyes widened as he took in the others words.

"What Captain Aizen did to me really really hurt. The memories were too painful. I ran from them. I cast blame elsewhere and denied what had actually happened. It was only Rangiku who showed my heart how to heal the correct way." Momo cried. Rangiku petted her back and held her snugly.

"Momo, you really have! Your condition... it's returned to normal..." Hitsugaya broke his scowl to give just the slightest smirk.

'Yeah isn't it great! I did a good job, didn't I captain! Momo's all better now!" Rangiku said with enthusiasm. That scowl reappeared quite quickly.

"I have nothing to say to you right now, Matsumoto..." The white haired shinigami said bitterly as he turned to leave.

"Hey wait, Captain! Before you go don't you want to get a good look at our sexy bodies? It might be the only chance you get to see Momo naked..." Rangiku found herself unable to resist teasing the short Captain. She split herself from Momo so as the front of either of them was clearly visible if the young boy decided to look.

"That's enough, Matsumoto! Don't make anymore noise and go to sleep!" Hitsugaya shouted, not turning in the slightest. He walked out the door, slamming it behind him.

Rangiku started to laugh violently. She sighed as she spoke, slipping herself into the covers of her bed, "Now that was some reaction. I was wondering what Captain short-stack might do when we told him about us. I never expected him to go into denial like that though."

"I don't think it's funny, Rangiku. Toshiro was hurt. He has feelings for me just like you. Now he won't ever be able to act on those feelings. I could tell he was really sad inside." Momo said softly as she joined Rangiku between the sheets.

"But you were never interested in him, Momo. He was going to get hurt eventually no matter what. It was unavoidable." Rangiku let her voice become serious as well.

"I know. It's just... you shouldn't laugh at his suffering."

"Sorry. But he's a tough kid. He can take a little teasing. He'll get over it. He'll have to." Rangiku said in a low voice.

"Your right. He might be upset about us being together. He might be really angry with you right now. But he'll forgive you eventually. The two of you are friends." Momo smiled.

"Yep! And friends always make up when one of them steals the other's girl!" Rangiku spoke cheerfully, concealing her sarcasm.

"L-let's hope so..." Momo said unsteadily, perhaps not so sure of her lover and friend's reconciliation after Rangiku had phrased it in such a way.

"All I know is, I'm tired. I'd play with you some more, but I think I'd rather get to bed now," Rangiku said with a healthy yawn.

"Alright." Momo said softly as she sank into Rangiku' arms. The lover's embraced warmly for a long while. Rangiku found the feel of the other's flesh against hers to be soothing.

After several minutes of silent embrace both girls were still far from sleep. Momo spoke once more to part the cool night air, "I'm going back tomorrow."

"You're what, Momo?" Rangiku asked confused by the words.

"Tomorrow I'm going to tell General Yamamoto that I'm ready to return to my duty as Lieutenant of Division 5. I'm better now. I don't need to be sheltered."

"Are you sure, Momo?" Rangiku asked, smiling at the woman she loved.

"I am. Without Captain Aizen, my squad at least needs someone to lead them. And I... I need to be ready to do my part. I need to be ready to face him, to face Captain Aizen, to show him I'm not afraid. I think I can do all that now. Thanks to you, Rangiku, I think I can... " Momo's voice was so pure and beautiful. Rangiku felt so proud.

"I'll be here for you, Momo. And so long as you're there for me as well, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to face Gin if it comes to that." Rangiku ran a hand softly across her lover's cheek.

'Being with you makes me happy." Momo said innocently.

"Being with you gives me hope." Rangiku replied as their eyes found each other in the darkness. Their lips soon found each other as well.

Rangiku could feel the love in their kiss. It felt so real, so good. The pleasure it brought her made her momentarily forget what it meant to be in pain, what it meant to have a broken heart. Their lips soon parted ways and their bodies began to give into exhaustion. Rangiku knew then, as sleep overtook her, that no matter what her future held, so long as Momo stayed at her side it would be a future of happiness.

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