What Happened After the Wedding.

Two weeks after Vince and Val got married something terrible happens.This time it is not Holly's fault,it is Val's.

"I have to go pick Holly up from the airport,she is probably wondering wear I am"."Babe' what about our special night we've been holding it off for 1 month now". I know but since Holly got her license taken away she has no form of transportation,it won't take that long I promise"."Fine I will be waiting."

"Honey I am home and Holly is out with some friends, so back to where we were."Lets cuddle in the warm blankets together". Ok but Holly will be home in an hour and 30 minutes".( Half an hour later after a whole bunch of kissing with romantic music on,Val's mom walks in.)" Sorry to walk in on you but Holly just calls and she needs a ride home."

"I swear when I get back we will continue interuption free ok babe' "?

"Fine hurry"!

Weeks later Val despratly needs to go to Walgreens. "I need an EPT,I feel to wierd not to be pregnant"."WHAT!.You go and hurry we need results soon."

"AHHHHHH".No No No.It can't be true.Val walks out of the bathroom and tells Vince."WHAT THE F.We can't afford a baby right now.Are you sure it was positive.?"Yes I thought something was wrong I just did not feel right.We have to keep this from Holly"."Oh yeah when you get really big what your just going to tell her your getting fat?"

To be continued...

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