Vince just proposed to Holly but, the diamond is not visible unless it is pointed out.

"Well Holly sorry you can not see the diamond, I like the ring, it is not to much for you"

"It is not enough for me. I am sorry but, when you get married, the ring is one of the most important things."

Two weeks later Holly meets Tina up for some coffee.

"Holly where is the diamond, I am telling you that speck is just a scrach."

"I can not believe him, after all the hell you went through pushing that baby out, which to mention is the

most wonderful baby ever, he just suspects he can do this crumy proposal followed by a crumy ring."

"I don't know he just said, for now this is all I need, that way when the baby is older, it is not mom's boyfriend but, daddy."

"Lets go to the Gallery of Kay Jewlers."

"K, by the way we are not stopping by the Lotions And Positions to smell lotions.! "

"Why not? Whatever let's just go.! "

When Holly and Tina get there they walk up front and look at the rings.

"Oh Holly look, here is a beauty."

"Yes it is! Mam may I view that ring?"

"Yes just a minute let me get it out for you.Wait,there seems to be a problem,it looks like that ring is reserved."

"May I ask who?"

"Sorry that information can not be displayed."

"Just a minute I need to talk to my friend here.Tina over here.You distract her while I look."

"K. Mam I have a question. Would you show me where the incents are?"

"Yes they are over this way..."

"Tina, come here we have to leave quick! I saw the name Gary on it, and speaking of him here him and Vince come."

Later outside.

"Does this mean I am getting married?"

"Well duh Tina!"

"OMFG I can not wait. Well I have to go get ready for dinner with my parents. Luv Ya, Bye.

Later at Vince's diner.

"Holly I am so glad to see you."

"Oh Vince this is sooo Romantic, there is flowers and beautiful music."

"Well about that, Holly wil you marry me?"

Vince places the ring on Holly's finger.

"YES VINCE I WILL!! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH.! I have to make a phone call, I will be right back!"

"I swear Tina it is the ring reserved under Gary, the one we saw at Kay."

"Well then bye.!"



"Vince who helped you?"

"Gary went and reserved it under his name at Kay. I hope you like it. You know since the other one was horrible."

"Oh Vince I love it!! "

Holly just got the ring of her dreams.

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