He can never say why he captured her in the first place (once the Kyuubi is found, his excuse goes down the drain). It was a gut feeling.


"Itachi, you can't sing at all. Get out of the shower."


Kisame drops the firewood in laughter, staring at the spider, which is on Sakura, who is on Itachi, who is dangerously close to the fire.


His handwriting is so neat that she can't keep herself from asking him whether or not he's really male (and she won't mention that she might be a little jealous of the tiny, even-sized letters on the paper).


"Your brother's an idiot."



She likes knowing that he loves her, but being locked up in his room with forty different traps around her and three triple-layer genjutsu when he goes out is a little bit too much.


When Sasuke was seven, he tried to cut Itachi's hair. Fugaku and Mikoto laughed; that was when he decided the clan had to die.


Tears are salty, but her blood tastes sweet.


Kakuzu can't believe his eyes when he sees the ring on Sakura's finger.

"That must have cost a fortune, Itachi!"


"I do not prance, I walk gracefully."

"…I beg to differ."