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He missed the times that they were both on SmackDown together.

He sat and watched as she dated one of his best friends.

Sure, it didn't end too horribly, but Gregory could still tell that Ashley was a bit heartbroken after she and Matt Hardy had ended things.

He wanted to make his move, but he did have a girlfriend, but that was just a minor technicality. He easily could have ended things with Jamie if he wanted to try and pursue a relationship with Ashley.

Then he hit a major roadblock.

Gregory Helms broke his neck.

Not only that, but Ashley decided that she wanted to go travel to China and compete on Survivor.

All of Gregory's chances had gone up in smoke.

He kept Jamie, even as she headed over to Total Nonstop Action to wrestle as Velvet Sky.

Ashley was kicked off of Survivor early. Gregory's neck was healing quite nicely.


Gregory was about to make his return to the WWE. He missed it with every fiber of his being.

And he still wasn't over Ashley.

Ashley came back, but she got sent to RAW. Any hope that Gregory had disappeared.

He hurt his neck again while he was training to come back. He set himself back further and further.

He saw what Ashley had done to herself, and his infatuation with her grew and grew. She looked better than ever.

But he couldn't have her.

Then she started dating Paul London.

She's just going through the whole damn roster, isn't she? When's my turn? Gregory thought to himself when he heard the news.

On Valentine's Day, he was out for dinner with Jamie. He received a text message from Matt saying that Paul had dumped Ashley and he was mad about it. After all, he had stayed good friends with Ashley after they broke up.

Gregory smiled to himself as he read the text message. Then he snapped back into reality.

They were still on separate shows.

And his girlfriend was sitting across from him.

Ashley got hurt again shortly after her debut on RAW.

She was key in the storyline with Maria and her Playboy shoot.

And it was said that she wasn't taking her breakup with Paul very well.

They had to send Ashley home for her own sanity and replace her with Candice Michelle.

Gregory wanted to beat the stuffing out of Paul London.

Three months later, Gregory was cleared to return. He missed the business with everything he had in him and was excited to wrestle after being gone for over a year.

Standing in the ring, he had no idea who his opponent would be.

Out came Shannon Moore, one of his best friends in real life, but he had to hate him in the ring.

But Shannon wasn't alone.

He had a valet with him.

It was Ashley.

Today was the day. He was going to tell her how he felt.

Gregory was able to keep his feelings for Ashley on the down low for a while, but he couldn't do it any longer. He had to tell her.

It was especially harder since they had become good friends after she returned as a member of the SmackDown roster.

"Ashley, can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked as everyone was getting ready to leave the arena and head over to the next city.

"Sure, Greg, what's up?"

His phone started vibrating in his pocket. He picked it up and saw the caller ID read "Jamie."

Reality set in once again.

"I, uh…never mind, Ashley. Sorry to bother you."

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