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Chapter 1 – Return

Ministry of Magic, 9th Floor, Department of Mysteries

Deep within the Ministry of Magic, 9th floor, Department of Mysteries, 3 people are seated in the office of the Head of the Unspeakables.

"So, the internationals got involved?"

"Yes. The other countries are getting restless with the problem of you-know-who. Now that the prophecy leaked out… he knows that he cannot be killed other than Harry Potter. However, after the boy disappeared 2 years ago after the tri-wizard tournament, he is now steadily enlarging is army and we can't do anything about it."

"Supposedly, one of them is the youngest unspeakable in history."

Not much is known about the Unspeakables of the Department of Mysteries. The public is told that they are highly trained individuals that perform researches about magic and its origin, which common wizards and witches can't possibly imagine. What the general public doesn't know is that there are two braches in the DoM. There's the Research and Development, and there's the 'other'.

The Unspeakables is like the CIA in the U.S., or like the MI-6 in Britain. The 'other' group handle cases that the DMLE's aurors can't. These are usually highly sensitive cases that involve other countries and /or require stealth, speed and efficiency. There are normally 10-12 teams in a department and each team are composed of some of the strongest, smartest and most skilled wizards and witches in the world. The teams are numbered from the ranking of the team members, so the higher that ranking of the members, the lower the team number.

The three people, one woman and two men, are silently sitting in the Head of the Unspeakables office sipping their tea, whispering with each other occasionally. All of a sudden, a flash of fire erupted in front of them and three hooded individuals appeared amongst them with a phoenix on one of the person's shoulder.

The sudden appearance caused the woman sitting in the room, to yelp and drop her teacup causing it to shatter on the floor. One of the hooded individuals waved his hand and the teacup repaired itself and flew on the table.

"T-thank you." The woman who dropped the tea said. She cleared her throat and continued, "and thank you for coming on such short notice. I am Amelia Bones, Britain's Minister of Magic. These are Kingsley Shacklebolt, Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and John Handel, Head of this Ministry's Unspeakables."

The three hooded people just nodded, while the phoenix took off and disappeared in a flash of fire. Amelia Bones continued, "This room is magically sealed and is impenetrable. Following Unspeakable protocol #7, no information discussed here will ever be repeated again. With that, Can I have your Unspeakable Informations and qualifications?"

As soon as she outstretched her hand, the phoenix appeared again with three sealed envelopes in its mouth. She landed on the table and dropped the envelopes in front of the minister. She trilled happily and took and landed on one of the hooded person's shoulder.

Amelia tapped the seal of each envelope which sizzled and slowly disappeared. She then took out the parchments and laid them in front of her and her colleagues to study them. The three hooded ones just stood across the desk silently, as they watched them read their backgrounds, citations and accomplishments.

"I-is t-this true?" She mused out loud, as she reread the three parchments in front of her.

Japanese Ministry Of Magic – Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Unspeakable Team 2

Unspeakable: Chameleon – Team 2's scout



-Offence: 9

-Defense: 9


-Camouflage: 13

-Tracking: 9

-Transportation: 10 (Able to Shadow Stalk – Shadow Mage)


-Healing: 8

-Wards: 8

Tactical Intelligence

-Adaptability: 9

-Leadership: 7

Personal Information

Sex: Female



Age: 23

Eye Color?

Shadow Mage Class 3

-under Master Fujiwara – Japan


Defence – Master

Transfiguration – Master

Charms – O

Potions – O

Herbology – A

Healing – O

History of Magic – A

Care for Magical Creatures – A

Astrology – A






-Shadow Mage

Unspeakable: Talons – Team 2's support specialist



-Offence: 10

-Defense: 10


-Camouflage: 7

-Tracking: 8

-Transportation: 10 (Silent Apparition)


-Healing: 15

-Wards: 11

Tactical Intelligence

-Adaptability: 9

-Leadership: 8

Personal Information

Sex: Female


Weight:130 pounds

Age: 20

Eye Color: Pale Blue

Light Mage Class 2

-under Mistress S. Marie – France


Defence – Master

Transfiguration – O

Charms – O

Potions – Master

Herbology – O

Healing – Master

History of Magic – O

Care for Magical Creatures – O

Astrology – O






-Light Mage

Japan Unspeakable Team 2 - Leader

Unspeakable: Noxious – Team 2's Tactical Commander



-Offence: 11

-Defense: 11


-Camouflage: 10

-Tracking: 9

-Transportation: 11 (Silent Apparition)


-Healing: 6

-Wards: 10

Tactical Intelligence

-Adaptability: 11

-Leadership: 13

Personal Information

Sex: Male

Height: 5'11

Weight:150 pounds

Age: 16

Eye Color: Emerald Green

War Mage Class 1

-under Master G.Jefferson – North American Alliance


Defence – Master

Transfiguration – Master

Charms – Master

Potions – O

Herbology – A

Healing – O

History of Magic – P

Care for Magical Creatures – O

Astrology – A





-Battlestaff Warrior

-War Mage

Team 2 additional information

-Multi-lingual (English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian and Gobbledegook)

-Youngest Unspeakable Team in history.

-Any additional information – optional for individuals


Italy: Capture of Italian Dark Wizard (Montacelli)

Spain: Stopped the Spanish Civil war. Captured opposing leader (Bastardo)

France: Killed French Dark Wizard (Jacque Duex) and his minions.

United States: Killed Vampire Lord (Vincent)

Japan: Stopped the invasion of the South East Asia's werewolf colony in the battle of Osaka.

The three were speechless for a while. John Handel was the one that recovered first. "S-s-sixteen? And a tactical c-c-commander?"

"Yes sir." One of the hooded people answered.

The Head of the Unspeakables stood up and went around the desk to stand infront of Team 2. "Can I see your badges?"

They nodded and waved their hands over their cloaks. Their badges appeared with their names, along with different colored bars, 3 stars and a French Legion of Honor medal on their cloaks. This left the three onlookers speechless again.

"Y-you all received the French L-l-legion of Honors?" Kingsley asked.

The person that has 'Nox' above his badge stepped forward, "Yes sir. We each received one after Killing the French Dark Wizard, Jacque Duex and his followers."

"What about the stars?" John asked as his surprised was replaced by curiosity.

The next hooded person that has 'Tal' on her badge stepped forward and stood beside 'Nox', "Zat is the Japanese version of ze Order of Merlin. However, there are no 1st, 2nd or 3rd class."

"I see… I guess it's understandable… you did study under the tutelage of legendary individuals… Japan's national hero, Master Fujiwara and his infamous shadow mage abilities… France's Mistress Sofie Marie, 5 time winner of the Legion of Honor medal herself… and Legend himself, Master Grant Jefferson from the North American Alliance..." John mused out loud, as he scratched his chin.

Minister Amelia Bones cleared her throat to gain everyone's attention. "Now, that we have seen your qualifications, tell us about your mission here." She said, as she tried to get everyone in track.

The hooded person named 'Cami' stepped up to the table and produced a folder. She handed it to the minister. She then stepped back and stood with the rest of Team 2.

The minister, Kingsley and Handel crowded around the file and started to read the report. They read through it and then frowned. "I see the extensive report you have on v-vol… you-know-who and his death eaters and their children, but why are there reports on Headmaster Dumbledore here too?" Amelia asked.

"We have reasons to believe that we should watch out for the headmaster. We don't know where his loyalties are. I believe that he is playing a dangerous game with voldemort that may put the students in the school in danger." 'Nox' answered.

"And what reasons are those?" Kingsley Shacklebolt asked, outraged.

"I can't discuss these reasons right now… for now I will explain our plan." He answered. "We have intelligence reports that tell us that Voldemort's forces are getting bigger and bigger. We believe that he is planning a massive attack on Hogwarts to show the world that no one can stand up against him. Not even the so called 'Leader of the Light'." He paused and watched the three people sit in contemplation. Amelia nodded and waved her hand towards him telling him to continue. "We will infiltrate the school as professors, this way we can watch Dumbledore and provide extra protection to the school when Voldemort does decide to attack."

"Looking at your N.E.W.T.S. here, you three can teach almost all the classes in the school, so which classes do you plan on teaching? I don't believe they have a lot of open positions right now in Hogwarts." The minister asked, looking down at their NEWTS.

"We'll be teaching DADA… that school never really had a decent professor. Lockhart… a death eater that just kept showing the students how to cast the unforgivables… and last year I heard some toad faced woman who tortured the students with a blood quill… only decent one I can remember was Professor Lupin. " 'Nox' answered.

"How do you know so much about the school?" Kingsley asked.

'Nox' laughed and answered, "From personal experience…" He paused and then continued. "I will become the professor and 'Cami' and 'Tal' will be my assistant professors."

Amelia opened a drawer, pulled out some parchments and turned towards the three. "I have the employment contracts here. What aliases are you going to use?" She asked.

"We won't be using aliases. We will use our real names." 'Cami' answered.

"Okay, so what is your name so I can process these tonight." Amelia asked as she dipped her quill in ink.

"Before we tell our names, we will add to our personal information." She said. "I'm a metamorphagus, that's why most of my personal info are ? because they were not sure and was assigned my call name 'Chameleon'. I was also an ex-auror of the DMLE under the former head, Madame Amelia Bones and was trained by ex-auror 'Mad-eye' Moody."

Amelia and Kingsley was looking at her with strange expressions. She started to laugh and lowered her hood, showing off her shoulder length, bubblegum pink hair, her cute, heart-shaped face and pink eyes. " Nymphadora Tonks, well just Tonks." She said.

The quill dropped from Amelia's trembling hand. Kingsley fell off his chair, while John was sitting there with an amused expression on his face.

"T-t-tonks?" Kingsley asked, his voice trembling, not believing what he was seeing.

She smiled at him and nodded. "Hey shack, how have you been?"

"Oh Tonks!" Amelia yelled as she crossed around the table and hugged the metamorphagus, with tears in her eyes.

She patted the minister's back "Hey Madame Bones. I missed you too." After a while she pushed her back a little, "We need to finish this meeting ma'am."

Amelia gave her a weak smile, nodded and went back to her seat across the table. She picked up the quill on the floor and happily wrote Tonk's information on the contract. She stamped it and put it away. She then turned back to the group and nodded.

'Tal' stepped forward. "I'm the Under 18 duel champion of Beauxbatons. I was also their tri-wizard champion. And I'm part veela and was assigned my call name 'Talons' by Mistress Marie – since I transform to a giant bird of prey." She said as she took off her hood, showing off her long and flowing, platinum blond hair, her beautiful face and pale blue eyes. "Fleur Delacour, support specialist of Team 2."

"Ms. D-D-Delacour?" Amelia asked.

"Oui." She smiled and nodded.

"Y-you disappeared that night… along with…" She stopped and stared at the only hooded person left, her heart beating fast. Kingsley looked at her and followed her gaze. He stared at the hooded person called 'Noxious', then understanding came to him and his heart also started to beat faster.

'Nox' laughed. "I'm the youngest seeker of the century. I faced Voldemort four times in my life already. I was Hogwart's 4th tri-wizard champion and the winner the tri-wizard tournament. I killed a basilisk in 2nd year with the sword of Gryffindor. I'm also part metamorphagus and part veela. I'm not really sure why Grant assigned me with 'Noxious'…" He said as he slowly took off his hood. For the three people watching him the time stopped.

'There he is… Black messy hair… Bright green eyes… and the… the… scar!' Amelia thought.

"Harry James Potter." He finished.

Amelia fainted, along with Kingsley. John fell off his chair and stared at the three people standing before him. His face was white and his breathing was fast and shallow. Harry stepped up to him and pulled him up to his chair, while Tonks and Fleur 'Ennervated' Kingsley and Amelia.

"You lot okay?" Harry asked.

The three stared at him blankly and nodded, with their mouths still open. Harry, Fleur and Tonks laughed before conjuring chairs for themselves and sat down. Harry lazily waved his hand and three cups of tea appeared in front of them. They each grabbed one and started to drink them, waiting for the three 'adults' to compose themselves.

"H-Ha… Mr. Potter?" Amelia asked still lightheaded.

"Mmmhmmm." He answered as he drank his tea. "Please call me Harry."

"Ha-Harry… What happened… W-where…" She tried but couldn't finish her questions.

"Madame Bones, once again I'm sorry, but that story is for another time." He stared directly in her eyes, waiting. She then reluctantly nodded her head. "Now, I have to go to Gringotts, and meet with Ragnok. He invited us for tea, when we told him we're coming."

"But, goblins don't drink tea." Kingsley pointed out.

"Well, yeah… but I kind of introduced him to it and it turned out that he liked it." He said as he absentmindedly scratched his head.

John, Amelia and Kingsley all laughed and nodded at them. "Alright, we'll meet again tomorrow and discuss your employment requirements." Amelia said.

"Alright, just owl me the time and the place tonight. Fleur, Nym." He said as he offered the girls his hands, they take took instantly. He wrapped his arms around their shoulders and they snuggled at his sides.

Kingsley raised his eyebrow at this and asked, "Nym?"

Harry chuckled as he paused just before walking out of the room, "Well I gave her that nickname after the three of us went on our first date." With that, he walked out the door and left.

Amelia looked at him, "I thought she hated nicknames as much as her actual name?"

Kingsley laughed at her, "Well, I thought you should only date one girl at a time." After this the three in the room erupted in laughter.

'I can't believe it… The wizarding world's only hope just walked in and out of this room.' Amelia thought as she wiped some tears of laughter from her eyes.

"To think that a 16 year old could accomplish so much… our fates are resting on that young man's shoulder." John Handel, head of Britain's 'other' unspeakables, mused out loud.

A/N: I got the name Chameleon, Cami, from Lorddwar's amazing fic, The Summer of Change.