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Chapter 16 - Fire-in-the-hole


Riddle Manor

'So the brat is back…' Voldemort thought smiling evilly, as he flexed his arm, letting a sinister black aura bleed out. He was in his personal chamber, sitting in his throne like chair, reading the Daily Prophet.

He was brought out of his musings when someone knocked on his door. He wandlessly unlocked the door and let the person in.

Bellatrix Lestrange took in deep breaths as she mentally prepared herself. Her master have been giving arduous punishments lately, and she wouldn't want to be at the receiving end of his Crucio.

She noticed that her master have changed after the Malfoy Manor incident. His magical strength has increased tremendously, not to say that he wasn't strong before, but his magic seems more potent. His patience and temperament have decreased drastically. However, the most noticeable change was her master's facial features. Lord Voldemort looked more… Human.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts. She needed to be focused if she's going to talk to her master. She took another deep breath and knock twice. The door unsurprisingly opened quietly and a strong magical pressure hit her like a punch in the gut.

Voldemort sneered as his most trusted servant struggled to breathe as soon as she walked in the room. He stopped his leaking aura before standing up.

"Bella, what news do you bring?" He asked curiously.

"Our new recruits are doing well with their training. We'll have half our forces back before this year ends." She replied kneeling on one knee on the floor.

"That's good news then." The dark lord muttered as he turned around. 'My plans can begin soon.' He thought as he walked towards his seat. After a while, he noticed that LeStrange was still knelt on the floor, so he addressed her. "Bella, why are you still here?" He asked, impatience leaking in his tone.

She flinched before answering, "My Lord, it's about the dark lady Violet Deux of France."

"What about her?" He asked.

"My Lord, I think it'll be fruitful if we invited her to be an ally to our cause. She's strong, not as strong as you, but she's very capable. Also, she has resources that we don't have access too." Bellatrix answered, still kneeling and looking at the ground.

"Oh? And what kind of resources are these?" Voldemort asked; his curiosity peaked.

She hesitated, "She's… Muggle resources my lord."

Voldemort suddenly stood up, "Bella, are you suggesting that I need help dealing with muggles?" He asked in a dangerous voice.

"No! Of course not my lord." She answered, her voice panicky. "I just meant that our enemies are utilizing muggle technology, and I thought it would be useful if we knew about such techno – ARRRRRGGGHHH!" Bellatrix screamed as she dropped on the floor convulsing from the Cruciatus of her master.

"Lord Voldemort doesn't need to know about what muggles do!" He yelled. "They are nothing! They are less than the dirt under my feet. So tell me, why would I bother to waste a single space in my mind, learning about what they do?" He asked, holding the curse steady, smiling twistedly as he watched the woman's liquids released from her convulsing body.

"I'm s-s-sorry m-my l-lord." She said through clenched teeth, blood dripping from the side of her mouth.

Voldemort stopped the curse and sighed, "Bella, you are my most trusted servant. I hate doing these things to you the most." He said caressing the twitching woman's face. He grabbed her by the neck and pulled her up. "Never assume things for me again." He whispered, holding her by the neck.

The hurting witch couldn't do anything else but nod slightly. She gasped when the dark lord released her neck, taking in big gulps of air as she collapsed on her knees.

"Now get out of here." Voldemort commanded as he sat in his throne like seat. "And tell the young Malfoy, to come here. I have something to ask him."

"Y-Yes my l-lord." Bellatrix answered, getting up. She looked at the puddle formed around her feet, which quickly vanished after a swipe of her master's hand, and limped out of the room.

She silently closed the door before collapsing on the floor – sobbing, hugging herself. 'I'd hate to be the one to tell him the news that Pettigrew's been captured…'

DADA Professor quarters, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry slowly woke up from sleep. He smiled contently as he looked down at his girls sleeping on his chest, not caring about the drool dripping from their mouths to his hairless chest. He gently wrapped his arms around them and closed his eyes enjoying the moment as they snuggled deeper into his sides. Add the fact that there was nothing in-between them made it so much better.

He kept his eyes closed even as he felt someone's presence in the room. "What is it Dobby?"

The house elf squeaked, startled by his master. "Dobby is so very sorry Master Harry Potter sir. Dobby didn't want to do the sneaky, but Dobby wasn't sure if Master and his Mistresses were awake. The great Harry Potter looked very happy and Dobby didn't want to disturb you." The little elf babbled, pulling his ears down.

He felt both his ladies waking up anyways so he gave them both a kiss on the top of their heads before getting up. "It's okay Dobby, now what is it?"

The elf still wearing his pinstriped suit and hat looked at the floor and started to fidget. "Ummm... Dobby is just wondering if he can accompany you today to watch over the kiddies at Hogsmeade. Dobby wishes to be the great Harry Potter's bodyguard for the day. Dobby has been doing the training Mistress Nymphy taught Dobby. Now Dobby can use two guns." The elf finished proudly making Harry smile both at his house elf and his girlfriend's antics.

'Teaching a house elf how to use a gun?' He asked Nym through their mind link.

'Yes love. He has this idea that he would be the best bodyguard for "The Great Harry Potter", and I think it'll be safer for everyone if he knew how to actually use it. So I showed him how to properly and safely use the gun.' Nym explained.

'Now he can use two?' Harry asked.

'Well I showed him how to aim and shoot more efficiently. Using two guns? That's all Dobby.' The metamorphagus replied.

'I think it's cute love.' Fleur said. 'He really wants to protect you. If anything, blame Sirius for putting that idea in his head… or Moony for letting them watch gangster movies.'

Harry smiled as he remembered it was a week ago, the night Ron tried to attack him at the Great Hall, when Dobby appeared and stopped the boy. The explanation they got was both hilarious and a little bit disturbing. It seems that the Marauders can still pull off pranks dead or alive…


"Dobby why are you dressed like that?" Harry asked, sitting in the DADA's office with Nym and Fleur.

"Dobby is wanting to." The house elf answered.

"Why?" He asked, genuinely curious for this is the first time the little creature chose to wear something other than rags and awful mismatched socks.

Dobby smiled before answering, "Because Dobby wants to be Harry Potter's bodyguard"

This shocked Harry and his two girls. "Why do you want to be my bodyguard? Being my house elf is good enough Dobby."

"Well Mr. Padfoot's painting told Dobby that Harry Potter always gets into trouble and that I should become your bodyguard and be the caporegime of the family." Answered the little elf.

"Caporegime? Like in the mafia?" Nym asked.

"Yes! Yes! Mr. Moony showed us what a TV is and we watched "The Godfather" with my old mistress. She's the one who picked out Dobby's suit." Dobby answered as he turned towards the now pink haired metamorph.

"Narcissa? So, Moony showed you the movie "The Godfather", Sirius then tells you that you should be my gangster bodyguard and Narcissa got you your outfit?" Harry repeated.

"Does Master Harry Potter not like Dobby's suit? Look It even has the Potter crest on it." Dobby asked sadly as he the little elf looked at the ground.

"Well, it's a lot better than the rags you used to wear… and those mismatched socks. Alright, where and how did you get a gun?" Harry asked.

"You mean these guns?" The house elf asked, showing the array of guns hidden inside his jacket, much to the shock of everyone in the room. "The queensy came by to visit but the great Harry Potter was in Hogwarts to teach the kiddies. She saw what I was wearing and she asked Dobby what I was supposed to be. So Dobby said Dobby is going to be Harry Potter's bodyguard, and she told her bodyguards to give me their guns. So thanks to the queensy, Dobby now has a lot of guns. The big ones Dobby keeps in his room. Dobby wanted to carry the missile launcher with him, but it didn't fit in his suit." Dobby answered embarrassed that he couldn't carry all the guns with him.

"The queensy? You mean the queen? Alex? She's a part of this too?" Harry asked rubbing his forehead, while both his girls were laughing through their mind link.

"This is too funny... The-boy-who-lived has a house elf as a bodyguard." Fleur laughed aloud.

"Dobby has been practicing how to shoot too. The queensy's bodyguard and Mr. Moony made Dobby targets to practice at. Mr. Padfoot and Mistress Narcissy said that I was good." The elf said proudly.

"You were good?" Harry asked incredulity. "Show me." He said as he conjured three human sized paper targets and charmed the classroom not to be damaged and the three stepped behind the elf for safety.

Dobby took out a handgun and emptied a clip, before smiling. He turned around towards his master and his mistresses only to find their jaws hanging from shock.

Tonks was the first to snap out of it, "Y-Yes Dobby. I also t-think you're good."

"Oui oui. I think so as well." Fleur added.

"Yes Dobby. You are good." Harry said as absentmindedly fixed his belt, much to the delight of the little creature.

The three occupants of the room flinched as they looked at the still smoking paper targets. Dobby didn't hit any headshots or any fatal shots at the heart at all, but the little elf wasn't aiming for those. Dobby very efficiently, have castrated the three targets with a gun.

'They've created a monster…' Harry thought and laughed in his head imagining how Sirius "The half-elephant" Black would've reacted to this.

"So, can Dobby become the great Harry Potter's bodyguard?" Asked the elf.

Harry looked at the hopeful expression on Dobby's face and just didn't have the heart to refuse. "Fine…" He sighed. "You can be my bodyguard."

Dobby's face lit up and he started to do a weird happy dance, making the occupants of the room smile. Dobby suddenly froze and slowly turned towards Harry, looking down on the floor again and mumbled something.

"I'm sorry Dobby. I didn't hear that. What did you say?" He asked.

Dobby blushed before clearing his throat. "Dobby wants to know if he can still take care of Harry Potter and his mistresses as his house elf."

This confused the young wizard. "Of course Dobby. Why not? As long as you're able to do both." He was suddenly tackled to the ground by a crying house elf.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Harry Potter truly is the greatest wizard in the world." Dobby cried.

'Sirius, Remus, Narcissa and the Queen? That's dirty… I wonder who came up with the idea to aim at people's crotches?' Harry thought as he flinched again, making him grab his crotch for no reason.


"Alright Dobby, Just let us prepare and you can accompany us to Hogsmeade." Harry said.

"Dobby has made breakfast for you. It's in the kitchen." The house elf said before popping away.

"You ladies coming to the shower with me?" Harry asked the two very beautiful women still lying on the bed.

"Yes dear." Both answered before getting out of the sheets.

'Make that two very beautiful and very naked women.' Harry thought smiling as both girls wrapped their arms around him. They took their time making their way to the bathroom.

Unknown inn, Knockturn Alley

Gabby was getting frustrated as she laid down in her room at an inconspicuous inn somewhere in Knockturn alley.

'Where the fuck is Master Jefferson? I bet that lecherous man is with a bunch of busty young women… sluts.' She thought angrily as she tried to wandlessly float a feather sitting on a occlumency book which was on a table beside her bed, an exercise her master told her to do as she waited for him to return.

However, she just couldn't muster up enough concentration, wandless magic needed in order to work. She was too worried about her USB flash drive. 'I won't be able to face them if I can't get it back.' She thought as she brandished her wand and burned the feather out of frustration.

She suddenly sat up and started putting on her gear. 'I'd rather go socks shopping with Dobby than stay here a minute longer.' She thought as she strapped on her wand holster. 'Carpe Diem Gabby, Carpe Diem'. She told herself. So she took out a small ball tapped on it with her wand and said. "Athena to Water boy."

The small glowed, before the face of the boy she met on the bus on the first day appeared. "What is it Gabrielle?"

"Jack, I need a favor. You're stationed in Diagon Alley right?" The young veela asked.

"Yes, I was assigned to do a research on how many non-humans come in and out of the alley." Jack Walter replied.

"Sounds fun. Meet me at the entrance of Knockturn." Gabby ordered through the communication ball.

"Wait, what do you want to do?" Her fellow Mi6 agent asked skeptically.

"I just need backup to do something real quick." She replied smiling.

"Backup? Gabrielle, you do know I haven't even gone through a quarter of my training. What kind of a backup would I be?" The young man said shyly.

"You can use a gun right?" She asked, receiving an affirmative she added, "Then you're good. Just meet me there in 0 one hundred. Athena out." She said before tapping the ball again with her wand.

Jack was now in a predicament; either he stays put and be a good agent, or meet up with the girl he likes. 'Fuck' he thought before tapping the ball with his wand. "Ms. Granger, It's a slow day. May I pause my research and take a quick leave ma'am?" He asked his boss.

Gates of Hogsmeade Village

Harry, Fleur and Nym, along with Dobby dressed up as the Potter family's bodyguard, led the third years and up into Hogsmeade village.

He noticed that Ron and Ginny weren't with the group, remembering that his 2 former friends lost all privileges for insulting and attacking a teacher.

"Alright, you all have received permission from your parents to be here. However, as you know, it's a privilege given to you by Hogwarts. If you break any rules, you'll lose this privilege and would have to stay in the castle with the first and second years for the next village visits. Is that clear?" Harry asked looking at the Slytherin students, Malfoy to be specific.

"Yes Professor Potter." Chorused the assembled students in front of the village gate.

Harry smiled, "Then go ahead and have fun." He said as he let them pass through.

"Enjoying playing Professor eh Potter? But if I were you, I'd be worried. You're leaving the castle walls? You won't be protected by the old fool out here." Draco warned dangerously as he passed them.

Harry's eyes flashed dangerously as he remembered what this boy did to his mother. He locked his occlumency shields in place to keep his emotions in check, but felt something was off. He put that thought away for later before answering. "You're mistaken Mr. Malfoy. It's you who should worry that the old fool isn't here to protect you." He said, letting off some of his veela aura, quickly intimidating the Malfoy scion.

"B-be c-careful who you're threatening Potter" The blonde boy sputtered.

*Click* "It is YOU who better be careful with who YOU'RE threatening Mr. Drakey" Dobby said, his hands occupied by two guns.

"Mr. Drakey?! Dobby that's hilarious! You used to call the Malfoy heir, Mr. Drakey? He sounds a like little bitch just like his father and their master." Nym said, through her laughter.

It was a furious and red-faced Draco who stomped away, muttering 'We shall see and I'll kill them' under his breath followed by his two cronies and the rest of the glaring slytherin contingent.

Knockturn Alley

The two agent's pretending to be a couple, perusing through the dark alley, found their target. It was the young girl named Astoria. At first glance, you'd think she's a cute kid who would certainly become a fine looker when she grows up. However, this all changes when you get to know who she really is. She's a magical child prodigy, who happens to know more fatal curses than the all the aurors of the DMLE. Add the fact that she's the right hand witch of the Dark Lady, Violet Deux, and is currently looking at and planning to purchase dangerous weapons, and 'cute' isn't the first thing that pops into your head when describing her anymore.

Gabrielle and Jack followed their mark as she exited the store holding two katana swords over her shoulders, oblivious to the incredulous looks she was getting as she passed people by. She was very good, for she knew she was being followed even if she didn't know who it was.

The couple followed her through a wild goose chase, as she took them on a tour of the alley, the long version. Several times they almost were caught, if it wasn't for Jack's incredible, almost scary, stalking senses.

She stopped in front of the exit that lead to Diagon Alley and openly looked around, looking for her followers. Spotting no one in particular, she sighed, shook her head and apparated away.

"Shit! Where did she go?" Gabrielle asked no one in particular. "I thought we'd be able to follow her to their base since her 'Mommy' wasn't here. Fuck!"

"Athena calm down." Jack tried to placate the frustrated girl.

"Calm down? Do you know how long I've been following this girl? I need to get that USB out of their hands!" She yelled in frustration as she pulled on her hair.

"It's okay –"

"What do you mean it's okay? It's definitely not okay. First, Master Jefferson left me, and now the first ever good lead we had is gone. It's definitely not okay –"

"I know where she is!" Jack yelled over the babbling veela.

"What? You do? How?" Gabrielle asked.

"I have several tracking charms on her?" The boy answered.

"But how? When?" She asked. She was with him the whole time, and she never saw him cast any spell.

"Twice in the store on both swords, another on her left shoe when she stopped to tie it and another on her bow, as soon as she tried to apparate." He explained.

"How? I didn't even see you." Gabrielle asked amazed.

"Can't tell you… It's a trade secret. Although, if you give me a kiss, it might just slip out of my mouth." He smiling.

"Just go ahead and tell me where she is." Gabrielle replied.

"Psh. Fine, hold on." He said before apparating both of em.

They appeared infront of the store where Astoria bought her swords.

"What the fuck? You messed up." Gabrielle said coldly.

"What do you mean, she's definitely in there somewhere." The boy said blushing, as he thought that he might've also messed up.

Gabby walked in and he followed, only to find the store empty besides the store clerk. They both looked around and searched the store in a futile attempt to find any clues. Gabrielle sunk to the ground, tired and frustrated, "She's gone."

Jack felt horrible for letting his crush down. So he took out his wand and waved it in intricate patterns and a ghost image of a map appeared out of thin air. "All the tracking charms have disappeared… except for one." He said excitedly. This got Gabrielle's attention and she quickly rose and looked over the boy's shoulder. The boy smiled and casted a point me to spell, and followed his wand. They ended up in an aisle between great swords and battle-axes. The duo scoured the area and found nothing.

"What?" Jack asked confused. "Where is it?"

They were both about to walk out of the aisle, until Gabrielle spotted something sticking out of the floor. It was a piece of a ribbon.

"Isn't that the ribbon that was tied in her hair?" Gabrielle asked as she quickly inspected the silk accessory. "It is. Why is it sticking out of the ground?"

"Hey, What are you two doing?" The store clerk yelled from behind.

"Oh, don't worry sir. We're just looking around." Jack explained. "My girlfriend over there can't decide if she wants a sword or an axe for our boring living room wall."

The two men suddenly turned around when the floor lit up. Gabrielle had her wand out drawing intricate patterns in the air, and said patterns were being drawn on the floor, making it glow.

"Hey what is she doing? Make her stop! Hey little girl, Stop!" The store clerk yelled. He tried to grab her, but was held back by Agent Walter.

Finally, the lights stopped, and a large spiraling staircase formed. She smiled and looked up at her would be partner, before she quickly jumped and let off a series of stunners.

Jack was so engrossed watching the spiraling staircase appear and didn't notice that the store clerk have taken out his wand and was about to shoot a curse at Gabrielle. He only realized something was off, when Gabrielle suddenly jumped and shot off a series of stunners, before his vision darkened.

He gasped for air, before brandishing his wand in panic, only to find their attacker on the floor with his limbs bent in awkward angles.

"Hey water boy, you alright?" The veela asked after she ennervated him.

"Yeah… Yeah. I'm fine." He said, loosening his black skinny tie.

"Alright, I want you to secure this area. No one gets in or out. Always have the communication ball open at all times, just in case I need back up. Okay?" Gabrielle asked as she grabbed a katana off one of the shelves.

"Wait, shouldn't we call for back up? If this is their hide-out, this could be really dangerous." The boy said, taking out his commissioned handgun before getting up and putting up spell after spell to secure the area.

"I just want to check it out first. What if it turns out that it's only the loo? Do you really want to deal with Miss "I-will-rip-out-your-testicles-if-you-fuck-up" Granger? I mean you just abandoned your post and everything…" The French girl said smirking.

"What? It was all because of you!" Jack countered. "Damn, why am I such a sucker for beautiful girls?"

"Keep the line open, alright?" Gabrielle repeated, before going down the stairs.

"Gabrielle!" Jack yelled out, making the girl pause on her descent. "Just… be careful okay?"

"I will Jack." She replied smiling.

Japan's Department of Mysteries, Unspeakable Research Wing, Conference room

The three masters were sitting around a table with very serious expressions on their faces.

"From what I've seen from the memory, It seemed Voldemort's power level increased by at least 50% when he absorbed a piece of his soul from Harry." Master Jefferson said.

"I agree. He quickly overpowered the boy, who was I would say, on par in terms of power level with the dark lord before the soul transfer happened." Master Fujiwara added.

"Have you ever seen anything like this before Grant?" Mistress Sofie asked. "Because I've never encountered a situation like this before. Never have I seen a horcrux souls recombine. I didn't know that you could increase your magical potential by recombining split souls."

"Neither have I Marie." The American replied. "I believe it's almost like resistance training. Since your magic is tied to your soul, you lose some of your magical core with the soul when you split it. And the still living part that is left behind, now has to deal with the loss of power. Therefore, you're body works harder to catch up and eventually, restore your magical power to the same level before the split. Getting back the split soul, not only makes your soul whole again, but also your magical core, increasing the magical potential of the being."

"Fujiwara-san, how many horcruxes did you estimate Voldemort created?" The French mistress asked.

"I believe he created at least six, Harry was one of them." Answered the Japanese man.

"Six? If he pieces all his soul together that would give him… at least a 300% boost in magical energy." She whispered in awe. "at which point, I don't think all three of us would even be able to deal with him then."

"I don't know about its validity, but I thought Harry had to deal with him, according to the prophecy." Fujiwara reminded them.

This made everyone pause and think about the situation their young apprentices are getting into. "I will call team 2 into an emergency meeting next week so we can lay it on the table for them." The head of the Japanese Unspeakables said.

"Alright, we'll convene til' next week. I've got to get back to Gabrielle. Lord knows what that little girl is doing now." Master Jefferson said making everyone laugh.

Dark Lady, Violet Deux's underground Hideout, Knockturn Alley

"Shit!" Gabrielle yelled as she dove out of the way of a series of nasty looking curses flying at her. Dust and small debris rained around her as the spells made contact with the wall behind her. "Athena to Water boy!" She yelled at the small ball on her hand. "I need you to call in reinforcement for a level 4 mission!"

"Alright!" The boy on the other line replied.

She stuffed the communication ball in her pocket before rolling out of the spell battered pillar she was hiding behind and let off a series of chained spells, incapacitating five of her attackers. She dodged most of the curses raining down on her as she tried to get close to them. The hideout of the Dark Lady Violet Duex, was huge. It was a huge warehouse filled with crates of weapons and computer devices.

Gabrielle incendio'd a crate filled with grenades and flung it towards Violet's men. The explosion that ensued rocked the ground and blew out most of the lights and windows. Gabrielle quickly ducked and hid behind another pillar as she caught her breath.

"Shit. I'm surrounded." She whispered to herself. "Luckily, the dark lady isn't here or I would've been toast."

*BOOM* Another explosion.

'At least the darkness will give me some cover. If only I could shadow stalk like Nym.' She thought. 'The supercomputer is probably somewhere in the middle. I need to get there and grab my flashdrive. I just need to avoid an encounter with Astoria before reinforcements get here.' She looked around and saw toppled crate of mp5 navies. 'Those will do.' She thought evilly.

Mi6 Headquarters, North London

"Athena did what?" Hermione yelled at a bigger communication ball in her office.

"She went down their hideout by herself." The scared voice of Jack Walter replied, before Hermione heard another huge explosion through the ball.

"Where's 'Big Daddy'?" The former Gryffindor asked.

"Who's Big Daddy?" The boy asked.

"Fuck! Nevermind, go down there and help her out!" Hermione ordered.

"But, she said not to–"

"Agent Walter, I will not repeat myself again! Go down there and help Agent Delacour right now or so help me God when I get there!" The youngest head of the British Mi6 yelled.

An audible gulp was heard before the boy replied, "Yes ma'am!" and the boy's face blinked out.

Hermione quickly tapped the ball once again, "This is Director Granger speaking. May all available agents please prepare for a level 4 extraction mission, which will be led by me. Head to the briefing room in one minute to be briefed of the mission. I repeat all available agents please prepare for a level 4 extraction mission." She quickly grabbed her jacket from a coat rack, before leaving her office, slamming the door shut in the process. 'Fuck! Harry's going to kill me.' Is the thought repeating in her head.

Hogsmeade Village

Harry, Fleur and Nym were enjoying their day at Hogsmeade. Other than a bunch of 3rd years turning into canaries for eating canary creams from Zonko's joke shop, nothing big has happened yet, which was how they liked it.

This meant they could enjoy their Hogsmeade visit in peace. Even acting as strictly professionals for now, they were still able to enjoy each other's company. They reminisced the moments they shared in Harry's fourth year in Hogwarts.

"Remember when I snuck you out of Hogwarts after the second task and got you wasted with Firewhisky at the Three Broomsticks?" Nym asked him. "That was the first time you kissed me."

"Really?" Harry asked, shocked. "I don't remember that at all."

"Yep, you kissed me." She then whispered in his ear seductively, "And you were such a good kisser even back then, you made my knicker's wet. Were you practicing with Fleur the whole time?"

This made Fleur laugh as Harry said no, blushing. "Not that I didn't want to, god knows she was the most beautiful girl in the castle."

"You do know I would've let you do anything with me after the second task Monsieur Potter." Fleur whispered, before nibbling his ear when no one was looking.

"Even if I asked you to do what we did this morning?" Harry countered, some of his veela allure coming out.

"You mean you fucking me hard in the ass while Nym was fisting me at the same time?" She asked. "That and so much more." She whispered before licking his ear and then linking arms with the giggling Nym and walking ahead.

Harry was frozen on the spot, smiling, as he imagined his 14 year old self, with both Fleur and Tonks back then.

"Harry! You coming?" Nym asked, before laughing at the double meaning of her question.

This snapped him out of his daydream. "Damn it! You minx! I'm going to get you for that!" He yelled after them. Just as he was about to round the corner where the girls turned, he was roughly grabbed and thrown on the ground. He was about to fight back, before recognition flashed in his eyes.

"Nym?" He asked, only to receive a hush sign. Nym pointed towards the window of the abandoned store they were in, where Fleur was slightly crouching, waving her wand around, putting up silencing spells around them.

Harry looked out the window and saw Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape arguing.

"Albus, this is dangerous! He won't just leave them without protection." The potions master said.

"I know that's why I need you to come with me. With you there, I'm pretty sure we could handle whatever trap he has put in place." The old headmaster replied.

Snape thought for a moment before nodding, "When will we go?"

"Tomorrow night." Albus answered.

"Alright, I'll accompany you. If this succeeds, it'll take care of Potter as well." The potions master said evilly.

"Sadly yes, but sacrifices are needed for the greater good." Albus softly said.

"Yes, yes, whatever, let's go. I don't feel safe talking about this here." Snape said looking around.

The trio waited for both men to disappear, before coming out of their hiding spot. They walked towards the main part of the village to meet up with the students, as the Hogsmeade weekend was finally ending.

"What do you think that was all about?" Nym asked.

"I don't know mon ami." Fleur answered. "Whatever it is, I don't like the part about sacrificing Arry."

They were right in front of the fountain, in the middle of the village, where the students were to meet at the end of the day, where Nym and Fleur noticed that Harry's face was scrunched up, and magical pressure was building around him.

"Arry! What's wrong?" Fleur asked, as she shook him.

He could feel the students gathering around him and Fleur and Nym yelling his name, but he felt disconnected from the world. He felt far away from his body, and he could hear someone else yelling his name. Someone scared, someone desperate and someone… he loved.

The students were in an uproar as their DADA professor suddenly collapsed in the middle of Hogsmeade village. Everyone suddenly stepped back, frightened and amazed, as Harry Potter, the-boy-who-lived, stood up, eyes blazing and waves of magic were rolling off of him.

"Dobby!" He yelled, and the elf appeared instantly beside him, wearing his suit and hat, with guns drawn. "You're coming with me!" He commanded the elf who nodded. He then turned to his girls. "Nym, Fleur, escort the students back to the castle and then follow me."

"What is it Harry?" They both asked.

"It's Gabby…" He whispered. "Fawkes!" Harry yelled and the bird appeared, and Harry and Dobby disappeared in a flash of fire.

Dark Lady, Violet Deux's underground Hideout, Knockturn Alley

A huge crowd of armed men and some women were gathered, laughing in the dimly lit warehouse littered with splintered wood, burning embers and scattered bodies.

"Serves the little shit right." One of the hooded women said. "Thinking she could just come here and take us all on."

"Who the fuck did she think she was?" One of the men asked as he pressed a button and a chilling scream reverberated through the walls, echoing. This produced another bout of laughter among the crowd, as they jeered and laughed at a bloody, naked, young, blonde girl, her body riddled with cuts and bruises, chained and hanging from the ceiling from her wrists. A whole array of wires were attached to her body with alligator clips. Two of which, were clamped on her nipples, which were connected to a series of car batteries and connected to a device of some sort.

The man pressed the button again and the electricity stopped flowing, making the screaming stop, but the girl's body continued convulsing. He smiled evilly as the girl's bodily functions gave out, and the young girl's pee came pouring out. He was about to press the button again when an explosion suddenly erupted and everyone was thrown to the ground, dazed and confused. "Aahhhh! My balls!" The man yelled out, clutching his bleeding crotch, the controller for the electrocution device forgotten beside him.

"Fuck! Where's the healer!"

"It hurts!"

"Oh god! Someone stop the bleeding!"

Groans of pain echoed everywhere, whimpering and wailing about the gunshots to their genitals.

The rest of the unharmed people, slowly stood up, their weapons and wands drawn as they looked for the attacker.

The dust was instantly cleared by a surge of magical pressure that made it hard to breathe. What they saw made everyone's ugly, despicable and evil lives, flash before their eyes because they knew they were about to die.

There, in front of their captive, stood wrapped in an enormous sinister gray aura, was the grim reaper himself, holding a white scythe with emerald glowing eyes, blazing with unbridled fury. He appeared with a small creature wearing a suit and hat, holding two smoking guns, its eyes sharp and holding a dangerous glint.

Even though he whispered, everyone heard him loud and clear, "You're all going to die." There was a flash of blinding light, before everything went black.

Gates of Knockturn Alley, Diagon Alley

Hermione and her team were at the gate of Knockturn Alley when they were all thrown to the ground by a massive explosion, that produced an immense earthquake. Shattered glass from blown out windows rained down on them, and screams and cries were heard everywhere, as several establishments collapsed.

They all slowly got up, and watched in morbid fascination as an imposing mushroom cloud of fire, originating somewhere deep into the dark alley, illuminated the night sky as if it was daylight.

A chill went through her body as Hermione's knees suddenly buckled and she dropped on the floor, before whispering. "Merlin help us…"

A/N: These bastards will get whats coming for them.