Title: stolen

Author: endiahna

A/N: Just a little drabblish thing in Tachibana's POV.

I took some liberties I guess, but hey I own nothing. This is fan fic so I think that is okay.

I have been forgetting to include a disclaimer on most of my fan fics so to clear it up I have posted one on my profile!

You touched me, in my dreams can feel your skin brushing mine.

I can taste the sweet sugar upon my lips even now.

You've made it hard for me to let anyone near.

I can't remember a thing yet I get fleeting feelings whenever you look at e, whenever I dream.

I know you took something from me more than just the memories I have lost.

Perhaps loosing them was a blessing, my nightmares are horrifying enough.

I seem shallow and uncaring to the outside world, but most wouldn't understand me. What les beneath the surface, the reasons behind my unapproachable stance.

Even I can not know for sure why I am the way I am.

But you do, you that has stolen something from me.

But I'll be damned if I let any one steal from me again.