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Edward's POV - Chapter 14

Everything around me was spiraling in and out of focus as I walked down the sandy beach. Slowly everything blurred but a beautiful Mahogany haired girl standing at the edge of the water, the water lapping lazily against her feet. As I stepped closer I could feel my feet sinking into the sand, with a terrified yelp I looked down to see quicksand reaching my knees. The girl turned around and her brown eyes met mine. Bella looked on in confusion before running to my side, walking on the quicksand without falling.

"Take my hand." She whispered her voice floating on the air. Looking up I saw the sun break through the clouds and Bella illuminated under its rays. In a blink of an eye I was out of the quick sand, Bella by my side. Looking down at her I saw a ring of light that surrounded her whole body and I smiled knowing this was what an angel looked like.

The soft sound of giggles floated into my room and I lazily opened my eyes wondering what was going on and wishing I didn't have to wake from my dream. Stretching my arm out I searched for the warm body I thought was beside me. My hand hit the soft mattress and opening my eyes I saw my hand was touching nothing and Bella was gone. A dulled panic rose in my chest and I immediately jumped out of bed, looking around to see if Bella was in my bathroom. When I found the bathroom empty I walked down and followed the sound of the giggles emanating from Alice's room. I walked slowly towards Alice's room so they wouldn't hear me approaching. As I got closer I heard Alice laughing her head off, her giggles nothing but bells.

"I remember, you and Edward thought you used the blender not the mixers." Alice said when she caught her breath. "I came home and saw you two trying desperately to clean up, but you were laughing too hard to get anything done." I instantly remembered what the girls were talking about. Bella thought making cookies would be the best way to pass the afternoon and she thought Esme deserved homemade chocolate chip cookies. One disaster faded into the next and soon everything in the kitchen held pieces of our chocolate chip cookies.

"I can even remember what Edward said to your mom." Bella said in a wistful voice, as if she was deep in thought. I decided now would be the best time to make my appearance known.

"We wanted to make you cookies mommy." I said as I leaned against the door frame, remembering that one line. Bella's head shot up and she smiled warmly at me, her eyes twinkling. Alice looked quickly between us before standing up and straightening her shirt.

"Well, I'm going to Jasper." Alice announced grinning at me. As she passed me on her way to the door she muttered something under her breath that sounded oddly like "I know you love her". I turned my head back around and placed all my attention on Bella, not wanting to listen to Alice and her crazy thoughts, hoping Alice hadn't said anything to Bella. I walked forward and sat down beside Bella, letting her place half of the scrapbook on my leg.

"I remember you couldn't keep a straight face and started laughing as soon as I said that." Bella smiled and shifted on the bed.

"I couldn't help it; look how funny you look covered in flour." She said pointing at the picture. I looked down at the picture and rolled my eyes when I saw how young and strange we looked, Bella's hair looking like a haystack and mine as messy as ever. I flipped the page and we skimmed through years and years of photos, passing over some of my favorites. I watched as Bella struggled for breath when we came across a picture of us sleeping together on a floatation device in the pool, our limbs were flailed out ever where but we still managed to sleep.

The last picture in the scrapbook was the most recent my mother took of us and it was the one Bella paused at and stared. I didn't pay attention to the picture; I was more focused on Bella's reaction to the picture. I watched as a faint pink blush rose onto her cheeks and a small private smile escaped across her pale strawberry lips. Not wanting to get caught staring at her I ripped my eyes from her face and looked down at the picture of her and me laying on the grass, hand in hand. Strange feelings surfaced as I stared at the picture, all I wanted to do was reach out and touch Bella's cheek… her lips… her hair. Abruptly I slammed the book shut, the feelings becoming too overpowering and looked over at Bella, she looked slightly flustered and I knew it would be rude to pry. Staring into Bella's eyes I felt a wave of sadness hit me, I had two more weeks with her, two weeks with my best friend. Part of my mind couldn't comprehend that, while the other could not even think about it.

"Let's go get something to eat."I said grabbing her small, smooth hand in mine and pulling her easily off the bed. I felt Bella hesitate at my side and I turned to look at her. Catching her expression I stayed still and waited for her to speak.

"Edward, I'm going to miss you like a drug addict misses heroin." She told me bluntly squeezing my hand.

"It's strange how you can sum up both our feelings in words." I told her before pulling her closer to my body and walking down to fetch ourselves some breakfast. The rest of my family was already down stairs talking happily about cars, something only my family could truly have an hour long discussion about. I watched as Bella grabbed a slice of buttered toast and took a huge bite of it. I smiled and put together a plate of eggs and bacon for her in the form of a happy face, hoping to get a smile out of her. Bella laughed when she looked down at her plate, a laugh made of the sweetest notes,and I couldn't stop the smile that spread across my lips.

"What's on the agenda for today?" My mother asked looking out at the weather.

"Rosalie and I are going to play some online Halo 3." Emmett said smiling hugely, before looking at the blond beauty and smiling wider, something I didn't think was possible.

"I'm going to Jasper's house." Alice piped up and I quickly turned my head and raised my eyebrows at her, when Alice's cheeks turned pink, I shuddered at the thought of her and Jasper alone in a house.

"Edward, Bella, what about you two?"My mother asked looking at us.

"I'm going to get Edward to come back home with me and he's going to help me with my Calculus." Bella said smiling evilly at me, before turning back to look at Esme. I frowned, not wanting to spend some of my last days with her doing homework. Picking up the piece of bacon on her plate I flipped it around do it was frowning at her. Bella noticed the change in her food, picking up the bacon she ate it in three bites.

"You can play Halo if you would like Edward." Emmett offered.

"No, its okay Emmett, Bella needs as much help as she can get." I said in a teasing tone.

"No, I'm sure Edward wants to go to my house so he can see Lacey." Bella said harshly, her voice whipping out at me. I cringed back slightly from her tone and instantly became annoyed, how could Bella be so stupid? Wasn't it obvious I did not care for Lacey, couldn't Bella see who my heart belonged too.

"No, I'm going to your house because it's where you will be." I told her calmly before standing up, not wanting her to see me right now. I moved slowly from the kitchen and up the stairs, my feet carrying me towards my room. Once in my room, I flung open the window and screamed, needing the release of pent up emotions. There was no denying it any more; I was in love with Bella. It was a pure feeling that ran through my veins whenever she was near, a hateful feeling when she was near anyone else and a disorienting feeling when everything was falling apart.

Closing the window I walked into my closet and picked out my clothes for the day, the always comfortable jeans and a T-shirt. I sat heavily on my bed and reached into my nightstand where the black velvet box lay. Pulling out the box I flipped it open to see the silver promise ring glinting back at me. It was an impulse buy nearly six months ago, I could never pluck up the courage to give it to her and I could not bring myself to return it. Placing the box back in the drawer I walked to Alice's room and grabbed the scrapbook. I could hear Bella's soft footsteps coming up the stairs and I swiftly moved back to my room knowing that's where she was headed.

"You can come in Bella." I called out when she knocked softly on my door. The scrapbook lay open on my lap and I pointed to the picture that was in front of me.

"This picture is one of my favorites." It was the picture of the pivotal point in my life, the time in my life where everything changed for the better. I would always remember that piano key chain and Mrs. Whites grade three class.

"I love that picture; I think I love all the pictures but the one of me crying on my tenth birthday because I thought you weren't coming." I laughed quietly when Bella flipped to the picture and grimaced. The rest of the morning was spent flipping through pages and pages of our documented time together. Everything was so bitter sweet it no longer seemed real. So many happy memories flipped past me, only making me want to handcuff Bella to my wrist so she would always be with me.

"Come on; time to go to my house." Bella said when we were done.

"Do we have to?" I whined, not wanting to give her up just yet.

"Edward acting like the seven year old I fell in love with isn't going to work." Bella said, rolling her brown eyes. My eyes widened a minuscule amount at her words and my heart beat erratically. I was so shocked it took me a couple of seconds to find words.

"You love me?" I asked standing up so I could walk closer to her, trying to keep my voice light, not wanting the true feelings to seep through.

"Of course I love you, you dough head. I've spent ten years with you. Now come on I have calculus that needs to be done." Bella said quickly before grabbing the scrapbook and turning around to head out the door. I stood stock still, unable to move, rejection flooding over me true and strong. Grabbing the Volvo's keys I headed after Bella, trying to play it off like her words didn't tear apart my heart.

"Bye Esme." Bella said as we walked passed my mother. I tried to smile at her but my face wouldn't form the smile. My mom looked at me with a concerned expression before looking at Bella.

"See you for dinner Bella; I'm trying a new recipe out." My mom said excitement leaking into her tone at the thought of a new recipe. The ride to Bella's house was spent in an awkward silence, the first awkward silence we've ever had. My heart tearing open even more as Bella fiddled with the hem of her shirt. Going over Bella's Calculus was easy enough, but it didn't keep my mind off her, her smell, her eyes, her voice, everything about her was drawing me in and I was falling deeper and deeper. To top my mood off Lacey wouldn't leave me alone asking annoying and unimportant questions. By the time supper rolled around I was happy that we would finally be able to go back to where home was.

"Bella, you are not going to the Cullen's for a second night and anyways this is a school night, now say good-bye to Edward and get back into this house." I heard Bella's aunt say to her in the kitchen. With a sad sigh I moved into the kitchen and put on my coat.

"Tell Esme I'm sorry." Bella whispered to me as I walked towards the door.

"I will," I replied not wanting to leave Bella. I slide easily into the Volvo and watched as Bella waved sadly at me as I drove away. I tried my hardest not to look back at her, not wanting to see the pained expression on her face or her soft brown hair moving in the wind. For the next two weeks I was going to have to act like my life depended on it, I would try my hardest to keep the next weeks light hearted and easy for Bella to get through, but I knew I couldn't hide my breaking heart from Bella much longer.

I Hope you liked this chapter, it took longer to write then I thought it would.