Sweet Dreams

by Naglfar

(an: i wantied to make a bit SEXIER fic so here is my newest yur work!)

"good morning" said hether silently to enphenee as she stood over her sleping body. and then nephenee woke up with a star

"heeathr!" yelt nepehnee. "why are you here"

"easy. so that i can check out teh pretty girls" she said smiling and she started feeling nephenesss seicla place

"but...but!" but then heather kiss nehenee and she got into it. then the tookoff all their close and got onto a bed and start kissing. eahter got on to cuz shes dominant and then she starting feels nepheness breast and she moned. then she went lower and start liking nephness special place and she moned real big.

"raise your legs up hier" said heathe and nephens did so. then after a while she stoped

"and now its yo turn" said heahter and she let nepheneed get on top

"pleas can you do it just a little longer" say nephenee

"eventually but now it my turn" said heather and nephness then bgan suckign eather breasts.

"dopnt stop!" moned heather and nephenedd then finger her. and now heahter moned REAL BIG

"there...KEEP GOING OHHHHHH" and then heather starting panting!

and then nephee stopped

"here..now you do it again" and heather did it again. and then she stopped

"easy now...now its my turn!" and then nephenedd got on to again and heather was moaned.

"mpre...MORE!" yeled heather. nepheneed di it faster

"all right...now its my turn again"

"lets not b haste...i have had enough for one night. suddenly the sky went dark and nephnee and heather ask "what was that!"

lightning stuck outside as a dark shadwo apporaced the tent. the man moved slowly and calucatedly as he opened the tent. heather and nephneed screamed.

! and then there was screams


(authors note: what a suspecisous ending! i wondrw what happen [int there is a clue in the text just ook real hard at the beginings of sentence!)