Final Fantasy IX: A Kuja Fanfic, Kuja lives?

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Saying I took my time with this is one hell of an understatement, but it's finally complete.

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Chapter Six: The silent angel has awoken.

"Another dream?"…."Why won't you just tell me?"…."But how could he still be?"….."What about Zidane?"….."Your telling me I'm all alone?"….."Tell me who you REALLY are!"

Before I knew it I was lying on a stone slab not far away from the Lifa tree's entrance, the only conclusion that I could come to was that I fell asleep from exhaustion.

I quickly remembered about what I saw at Mara Safi…? Mari…..? Urrgh what was that town called again…Madain Sari! That's it. I looked up to where the ruined town once stood….

There was nothing left, I noticed as I walked up a small hill to get a better view.

Though I didn't understand why anyone would do such a thing as Madain Sari held no value to anyone, at least not anymore. It was just an abandoned and run down town…..right?

Could this be what the dream meant? It couldn't just be a coincidence, could it?

I decided to teleport over there, as it would take a good ten minutes to walk.

Upon reaching the remains of the town I slowly looked around, looking for anything that stood out. Most of the building remains didn't stand up more then 3 bricks high still burning with intense flames.

The burning flames producing a think black smog that had spread everywhere, fully surrounding the town which made seeing beyond a few meters difficult.

The floor of the town was covered with craters almost like it had been bombarded.

I was surprised to see corpses among the remains, quite a lot of moogle corpses. Considering the extent of the damage its surprising they weren't vaporised.

As I slowly walked past the moogle corpses, still looking for any signs of why the town was attacked I found, to my disappointment, absolutely noting.

I walked deeper into the ruins observing every little detail about the town and committing it to memory until I saw a single survivor, I could see a silhouette in the intense smokescreen.

Suddenly I froze with my eyes fixed on the mysterious figure who seemed not to move an inch, but I couldn't make out who it was… not at this range.

Moving forward cautiously I could sense something…. illusive and…. malevolent about this individual, yet it was familiar somehow.

Before I had time to dwell on it the sound of laughter filled the air, I stopped in my tracks trying to make sense of it. Suddenly the fumes of the fire seemed to dissipate around him almost as if scared and fleeing for their lives. As the thick cloud surrounding the town cleared the features of the individual became clearer….

She/He was short….. had light brown boots and a….. "A TAIL!?"

It was unmistakeable now that this person had a tail and it was swinging slowly as if this person was content…. a genome?

I wondered what one of those inferior genomes was doing here, that blonde hair and that tail…. how I hate them all….. constantly reminding me of my true existence and nature, constantly reminding me of Garland.

I could feel my hate swelling up inside me just like when I was on Terra and thought I killed them all, although that feeling soon dispelled as the genome began to turn around. I thought about saying something to him, as it was now apparent this genome was a male, or even simpler killing him.

"You wish to kill me again, Kuja?" the genome said half turned around with his hair covering his face.

I wondered briefly 'Kill me again'? I was thinking of an appropriate sarcastic come back to his statement…..

"Let me guess… time for some sarcasm, right Kuja?" the smaller, inferior genome interrupted.

Shocked and speechless no come back came to mind, I could only contemplate on how this lower life form knew exactly what I was going to say. Damn it! Did Garland make ANOTHER angel of death that I didn't know about? powers does he have? How strong is he? Is he following one of Garland's plans? So many questions that I didn't know the answers to raced through my mind.

Determined not to look to confused and off-guard I decided to say… something.

Still wondering to this boys purpose and identity I said "Just who are you? No-no let me guess.. just another of Garlands lackeys?" the child seemed to contemplate on this for a short while…..

"Ha"…."Haha"…."Emmmm-Hahhahahahahaha!" the boy begun laughing deliriously. "What's wrong little Kuja? I guess your not as smart as you think…… ha-ha-ha-ha can't you figure it out?"

'Little Kuja'? Who does this little midget think he is!? If I had it my way I would kill this little-

"As much as I would LOVE to stay and chat… I have things to attend to, maybe we'll meet again soon."

"Why you…" I responded.

"Yes, my mission here is now complete" he said as he turned the rest of the way around.

"Mission? What mis…. Oh my…..ZIDANE!?"

With a cold grin on his face he snarled and cryptically said "Not exactly."

I didn't even have time to have a single thought before a flash of light appeared in his hand.

"Stop me if you've heard this one before… ULTIMA!"

At that instant my eye widened as I saw his hand outstretched towards me. The attack was a direct hit and threw me meters back until I was slammed into probably the only wall still standing on the far side of the town. The walls integrity was already severely crippled as I crashed straight through it and onto the ground.

With my eyes barely open I saw Zidane teleport, but to where I could only guess.

With my last ounce of energy I whispered to myself "That's…..that's n-n-not Zidane." and passed out.

Made by: UltimaKuja

Time Taken: I don't want to tell you

Date: 28/07/08