'I owe you for what happened

'I owe you for what happened
At Castle Oblivion I mean.
That place now lay empty
Inside my memory.'

A blindfolded eye scanned the place
Looking directly into the fire
As it says
'My body feels lust for friendship
so sweet,
It was like chocolate, rich and smooth.
Why don't you kill us?
What's done is done.'

Raven colored robes moving slow
Invisible, he stares into her soul.
He takes out his blade
Dark and colorful;
They wait for it to strike.

Red blood, dripping down;
Just missing her white silk gown.
'I have places to go
And I hunger
For the love I never had
I wonder what he would say
now if he saw me
Tattered and ruined;
I'm tired of running
Out of time and out of luck.'
she says.

If only she could see his face
He saw her tears and felt her
He just wanted to find
Her a piece, a piece of mind.
'You, I won't …
I won't take your last breath
Go, go the portal awaits.'
He gives a wink beneath
His blindfolded face.

From the end of his arm
The portal makes
A vehicle of travel,
A car of sorts
To take them

Far, far away they go
Leaving him behind
Standing there in that
Spot on Sunset Hill
On high.