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The Jewel

Chapter One
Escaping to My New Home

I walked off the plane and into the airport terminal to see Charlie standing there in his tattered "chief of police" jacket. He looked a lot older than I remembered but he still had that same old fatherly grin that I loved so much.

I walked up to him, dragging my rolling suitcase along and the duffel bag on my shoulder.

"Bella!" he exclaimed warmly, embracing me in a hug. Charlie usually wasn't this friendly, he didn't know how to show his emotions properly without getting all embarrassed, but after that incident, he's changed a lot, just like me.

I used to be so carefree and relaxed but nowadays I was also cautious of my surroundings, practically invisible to everyone as well as slightly jumpy. My outgoing individuality was now changed by my quiet and mysterious demeanor. My once sociable life turned to shy and nervous.

I was changed, my entire personality. After the sights I saw, how could I not be like this?

But there were times where something would take over me. Instincts or something similar to it, that would put me on high alert to my surroundings, heighten my senses and fight to preserve my existence.

Charlie was probably the only person on the entire planet I could really trust.

"It's wonderful to see you again. How was your flight?"

"Fine dad, it was just a bit tiring though," I replied to him, yawning in the process.

Charlie chuckled lightly, "Well let's get you home then," turning around, but leaving his arm wrapped around my shoulders.

We walked out of the airport and he directed me to his police cruiser. When I was younger, I never liked to ride in that car because it had brought so much attention to the people in it, but now, it felt safe.

We drove out of Seattle and headed towards Forks.

Forks was a small, sunless, little town that my dad lived in. My mom, Renee, used to live here as well, but after a few years in the marriage she had me and a few years later she divorced with Charlie, thus moving to Phoenix, and I along with her. I didn't mind the sun, but Forks was quiet and peaceful, just very mucky and wet.

"By the way Bella, you'll be starting school in a couple of days. I figured to let you stay home, settle in, unpack and get acquainted with your surroundings right now,"

I gave him a small smile in return and things went back to a comfortable silence in the car.

I don't know how long it's been but all of a sudden I was being jerked awake by Charlie.

"Bella, wake up, we're home," he announced.

I opened my eyes and groggily sat up. My eyes took a while to adjust until I realized that my door was open and Charlie was holding his hand out for me to take it so he could lead me out.

"Oh," I said softly. I took his hand and he helped me out of the cruiser.

"By the way Bella, turn around," he told me.

I stared at him questioningly but I did what he told me to do anyway.

My gasps filled the air at the sight I saw. There was a red truck sitting beside Charlie's cruiser, a little beat up, but all in all, it was fantastic.

I turned around and gave Charlie a hug, "Thank you so much dad, it's great,"

Charlie chuckled, "No problem Bells, you're going to need to get around town somehow,"

I smiled at him then yawned, "C'mon Bella, let's get you to your room and you can some rest,"

I nodded and walked behind him into my old, small home. I stepped inside and it was exactly how I remembered it.

I used to think this place was boring and too dark but I see it now as a place that's really cozy and warm. It's weird what a horrific event can do to you.

My room was still the same, the light, faded blue walls, the wooden flooring, white curtains covering the one lone window that revealed green scenery. My bed was situated in the middle against the wall with a plain blue comforter and two white pillows on it and also there was a bed stand with a desk lamp that was beside it. My desk was across from my bed, in the corner with my dresser a couple feet away from it. And then there was the old rocking chair from my baby days, sitting in the corner behind my door frame.

I smiled, this was perfect. Dragging in my suitcase, I walked into my room and began to unpack. Filling half the closet with the small amount of clothing I had. Not very much, but I'll survive.

I took out a few things from my duffel bag, taking out my favourite books I had, such as Pride and Prejudice, Withering Heights, and Romeo and Juliet and placed them in my top drawer of my dresser. I filled the other half of that drawer with a couple of classical CDs and movies. Also I didn't have very many, probably about two CDs, and three movies at the most.

I left my last two drawers empty; I had nothing to fill them up with that I needed to hide discreetly.

I took out more of my belongings I had in my duffel bag, an alarm clock, a few water bottles I brought along for the flight, and my toiletries and towel.

In the bottom of my bag, I took out a photographed picture in a black bordered frame.

Tears were pricking my eyes slightly and I wiped them away as I stared down at this picture. It was me, Renee and Charlie at the beach when I was younger. We had gone down to California for a family vacation back when we were still a family, but I sighed; those days were of the past, they were gone.

I set the picture on my bed stand beside my alarm clock and I took out the last two items in my bag. The first item was a huge wad of money, estimated about half a million, all of it that I inherited from Renee. I felt it was only safe with me.

The second item was two long daggers. The black handle was decorated by a blood red rose with thorny vines going around the hilt and handle while the long, sharp silver blade protruded from the end. A quiet and deadly weapon I kept for protection.

I hid the money underneath a loose floorboard under my bed and I kept my daggers hidden between my mattresses; discreet but delivered easy access if I ever needed it.

My now empty suitcase and duffel bag was thrown into my closet and I glanced at the alarm. It looked like it took a lot longer than I expected to unpack; it was nearing 7:00.

"Bella you hungry?" Charlie shouted out to me.

My stomach growled slightly, "Just a bit dad, I can make something if you want,"

"That's alright Bella, you just relax and I'll order some pizza for tonight,"

I smiled slightly, "Thanks dad!" I yelled.

I grabbed my towel and some pajamas then headed to the bathroom for a nice relaxing shower. The next couple of days were going to be tiring and I needed to relax now or I won't have a chance to in a long while.

I looked into the bathroom mirror and I studied my appearance. I had long straight brown hair, my skin was an unusual pale and my brown eyes and full red lips stuck out in all the paleness. I just sighed, turning away from the mirror.

About half an hour later I came out of the bathroom, wearing long red comfy pants and a baggy white t-shirt with a red heart in the middle. My hair wet and braided into a long plait.

I headed downstairs to the smell of pizza, "Mmm dad, smells delicious," I commented.

I sat down in the kitchen chair across from him, grabbing a slice of pepperoni pizza. I was uncommonly hungry.

"So do you have any plans for tomorrow Bella?"

I swallowed the piece of food in my mouth and looked up, "I thought I'd go down to Port Angeles to shop for some school supplies, seeing as a lot of mine was burned,"

Charlie sighed, "Oh that's right. Well that's a good idea Bella. Do you need me to go with you?"

"No thanks dad," I replied, shaking my head slightly, "I'll be fine,"

"What about money?"

"I've gotten it taken care of dad,"

I finished the rest of my pizza and headed upstairs, "Going to bed now dad,"

"Night Bella," he yelled up to me

"You too!"

When I reached my room I collapsed on my bed and immediately fell asleep.

The bright light of the fire blinded and surrounded me. I was stuck, no where to go.

A broken body laid beside me as the fire licked at their flesh.

I screamed for help but no one heard me, and then I saw a figure moving towards me.

The closer and closer they got, the more of them I recognized. They had piercing red eyes, extremely pale skin and dark purple circles under their eyes to show the signs of their thirst, the thirst for my blood.

I cowered away from them but I couldn't get far with the fire all around me. The smoke in the air was filling my lungs and cutting my oxygen away. It was getting harder and harder to breathe.

The figure was in front of me now, the piercing eyes staring at me. He leaned closer, "Soon Bella, you'll know the true meaning of power," he whispered into my air.

Blackness was overcoming me, "Soon Bella, soon," he repeated again before I gave in to the comforting darkness.

I gasped and sat up. My breathes coming in heavy as I tried to control my racing heartbeat.

I looked at my clock, it was 8:00, and Charlie was probably gone for work already.

"Soon," I whispered out, repeating what my dreams had told me.

I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts. I threw off my covers and grabbed some clothes.

I quickly changed into a pair of black jeans, a red tank top and a plain, large black hoodie.

Heading to the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and fixed my tangle hair to the best of my ability. Then I headed back to my room, grabbing my wallet and that contained enough money to buy what I would need.

I headed downstairs and found a note beside a set of car keys. Picking up the keys, I read the note:


Have fun in Port Angeles Bella, be safe alright? And I expect you home around 8:00 by the latest, although I hope it won't take that long for you to come home.

Enjoy your day!

Love Charlie

P.S I forgot to give you your car keys for the truck.

Smiling down at the letter Charlie left; I turned around and headed out to my truck.

I slid into the car and turned it on and a loud roaring filled my ears which I winced at. I turned off the engine and lifted up the hood. Luckily for me, I found a wrench and made quick work of the engine and had it purring quietly.

'Great' I thought to myself, I would need to be quiet and inconspicuous here and the loud noise coming from the truck here would definitely give me away.

My trip to Port Angeles was quick and painless. I had bought all the necessary school supplies I needed; a red shoulder bag, pens, pencils, binders, papers, the whole shtick. Along with all that, I had also bought a black bounded sketch book and a couple of sketching pencils.

With all that, I made my way back home by 4:00.

Tomorrow would be my first day of school.

I hope you enjoyed it.
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