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Chapter 20
Happily Ever Afters

"Help me, please help me!" I cried softly, tears streaming down my cheeks. I don't know what happened but I was back in the warehouse again, the flames were everywhere. Did I pass out? Was all of that a dream?

I coughed; the fumes from the fire were choking my lungs while the burn of the fires licked at my skin. Everything is hurting me so much, "Help," I cried feebly, but no one could hear me, no one would come to rescue me anymore. I looked around, there was fire everywhere, and it emblazed everything in flames, including my poor mother's dead body.

I just sat there and cried, hugging my body close to me. This is it, I'm going to die.

I just sat there, feeling the pain and hurt within me, but I didn't move, I was completely still and about to accept my fate, my death.

Then something happened, someone calling out for me, "Bella! Bella!" the voice was so beautiful, so enchanting, but I couldn't see the person.

A calming wave of coolness washed over me, but it was gone quickly and replaced by a venomous burn, as if the fire was also within me, burning everything, tearing it all apart.

I screamed and fall on my hands and knees', ignoring it was impossible now as it was everywhere. I was being burned on the inside and out, I want the pain to stop, I need it to stop.

It kept on going and going until I could no longer bear it and I collapsed.


"Bella, wake up," a voice called to me. It sounded so beautiful, so angelic, so ethereal, so enchanting.

"Bella," the voice called for me again, and this time it sounded so familiar. I groggily opened my eyes to see white lights before me. I had to blink and rub my eyes for me to adjust to my new surroundings.

When things began to clear up, I realized that it was my mom who was calling out to me, we were sitting in large beautiful field, cover in beautiful wild flowers with the sun shining down at us.

I looked down to see that I was dressed in a white dress, spaghetti straps holding it up and it went down to my knee, although I was barefooted. My mother was wearing the beautiful dress she wore for the last time I saw her. A plain, creamy white sundress with a red sash ended in a box on the side. Spaghetti straps were holding up the dress while it went down to her knees with a few silver bangles on her left wrist, then she completed the look with hoop earrings and matching, white strapped sandals.

"Mom?" I asked, happy to see her face.

She simply nodded and I smiled widely, wrapping my arms around her neck to give her a big hug.

"Mom, what's going on? Where am I? What happened? Am I dead?"

Mom just laughed her voice beautiful as always as she motioned to sit down beside her on the ground.

"My little Bella," she spoke playfully, cupping my cheek with her hand, "Still as curious as ever. Always asking questions,"

She sighed, and dropped her hand from my cheek to grab my hand instead, "You've grown so much since then,"

I looked at mom questioningly; I was really confused as to what was going on, "Mom, what's going on? Am I dead?" all I remembered was the fire that was surrounding me before I passed out.

Mom looked up at me, staring directly into my eyes, "To a certain extent you are technically dead," she explained.

"To a certain extent? What?" I was really confused now.

Mom just laughed at my confusion, "Bella, breathe, relax," she ordered me and I complied. I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe in, then a deep breathe out, my body relaxed, my muscles loosened up and my breathing wasn't erratic.

"Now Bella, are you relax?" mom asked and I nodded, keeping my eyes closed.

"Good, now clear your mind," she commanded and I scrunched up my eyebrows in confusion, "Trust me Bella,"

I sighed and did what she told me too. Then everything came rushing back to me. Vampires, Steven, moving in with Charlie, Forks, the Cullen's, Edward!

My eyes snapped open and my mother smiled at me, "Do you remember?"

I nodded, smiling to myself, "Then it wasn't a dream, it was all real. So I am a vampire?"

Mom squeezed my hand, and nodded, "Yes you are Bella. My baby's grown up so fast," she cried.

I gave my mother a comforting hug,

"I'm so proud of you baby, my wonderful Bella. I'll miss you so much,"

I could feel the hot tears rolling down my cheek, "Yeah," I choked, "I'm going to miss you too,"

My mother leaned back to look into my eyes, "But you have Edward now Bella. And you're a strong girl, even stronger now that you are an official vampire,"

I grinned, I was a vampire. I would finally get to spend all of eternity with my Edward and my grinned grew even wider at that thought.

"Bella?" I heard a voice call out to me, it echoed all around the room.

I began to feel a little dizzy, "Mom, what's going on?"

Mom just smiled at me, "It's alright dear, everything will be fine. It's time for you to wake up,"

"What do you-," I never had a chance as the pain in my head increased even more.

My mother became a blurry figure as the room around me began to spin, "Goodbye Bella, I'll still be here for you baby, I love you," I heard her voice call out to me, sounding so far away and nothing but an echo.

Then my eyes closed


"Bella!" someone shouted frantically. I felt something warm holding my face and I groggily opened my eyes to come staring into a pair of golden ocher eyes.

"Edward?" I mumbled meekly and his face broke out into a wide smile. He hugged me tightly and I was a little disoriented to respond back.

"Unh, Edward, what happened?" I asked.

He leaned back at arm's length to look at me, surprised etched on his face, "Bella don-?"

"BELLA!" someone screamed. I was once again attacked into a fierce hug by a black and white pixie-like figure.

"BELLA'S AWAKE!" Alice shouted, and it really hurt my ears.

I just sat there, I was asleep? What happened?

Then the room I was in, which I realized was Edward's room, filed in with the Cullen family and two other figures, they appeared to be twins based on their physical similarities.

Everyone smiled when they saw me and began to attack me in hugs or handshakes as well.

I was really confused, what was going on?

When they all realized that I wasn't responding to their greetings, their smile began to fade and I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion. They just all stood there, except for Edward and Alice sitting on the edge of my bed, and stared disbelievingly at me.

I was about to open my mouth and ask what was going on until something caught my eye. It was long, silver and shiny. I got off the bed, feeling the stares of everyone else on my back, and strode over to the black sofa which it was laying on to pick it up.

I grabbed it by the handle and examined it carefully then I smiled. I remember everything now, what happened with Steven and his coven, the final battle, the last talk with my mom.

Then I remembered something else, something very important, I was a vampire. I broke the Jewel bloodline, being the last Vitalis warrior because I will not die and thus my soul will not be reincarnated.

I turned around to face the Cullen's and the twins who were staring at me curiously, examining my every move.

I flipped one of my blades in the air, it twirled and spun around the air and I caught it swiftly by the handle.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked, and their faces immediately broke out in smiles. Edward was the first one to come over to me, and wrap his arms tightly around me in a fierce hug, as he buried his nose in my hair.

"Bella," he whispered and I hugged him tightly back.

"I thought I'd lost you, I'm so sorry for what I did Bella,"

I leaned back, dropping the blades onto the floor and held Edward's face in my hands, "No!" I growled, "I love you, and this is what I wanted," I stepped up onto my toes and kissed him fervently in which he returned gratefully. He kissed me back with just as much love and passion, and probably more.

Our wonderful kiss was soon broken when someone tackled me from the side, and landing on Edward's comfy sofa.

"Bella, you're awake, you're finally awake!" Alice exclaimed as she hugged me tightly.

I chuckled and hugged her back, "Yup and its good to finally be awake! Oh I've missed you guys so much!"

Soon I was engulfed by almost everyone, excluding Chloe and Joey who wrapped their arms around me as a gesture of their love.

"Are you thirsty love?" Edward asked, wrapping his arm around my waist.

I pause for a moment to check if I was or not. My throat felt a little irritated, nothing that intense that it was burning, just a little scratchy.

I smiled sheepishly at Edward, and nodded.

"Wait!" Carlisle exclaimed, "What about human blood? Bella can you smell them?" he asked as he opened the window to let a strong smell come in.

I sniffed the air and everyone tensed as if they were waiting for me to attack or go into my bloodlust. I just smiled, "Human blood smells like a mix of fruit, darn, it's too bad I won't be able to eat strawberries anymore," I sighed dejectedly.

Everyone looked at me, shocked expressions written all over their face, "Bella are you serious?" Esme asked.

"About the blood or the strawberries?"

"About the blood, you're not going crazy or anything over it," Emmett stated, he looked at me like I had an extra head or something.

"Yeah, they smell nice, but it easy enough to resist," I did sort of stop eating so much food after a couple of years, I'd be able to fight the bloodlust.

Edward grinned widely and he took my hand, "We'll be back," he simply told his family before exiting his room, leaving me no time to change out my clothes, although I was content with just a t-shirt and sweatpants on.

"HEY I WANT TO GO!" Alice shouted, just as we were about to leave the front door.

I looked at Edward and frowned, I just wanted it to be just me and him for the first time. "Next time Alice," Edward explained for me, then we were off.

Mind you I was already a fast runner, but at vampire speed, it felt so…exhilarating. Nothing more could describe what I was feeling when I running hand in hand with Edward, although I could tell he was slowing his pace down to keep up with me and I was just satisfied with that.

Edward led me to a small forest around a mountain range, just on the outskirts of Seattle. A fast run, probably five minutes, ten minutes tops. It was so much more faster than driving.

We stopped just a couple feet away before entering the forest, Edward turned to look at me, "We've got just some forest animals, you know, deer, elk, rabbits, Emmett's all time personal favourite, the grizzlies and my favourite, the mountain lion.

"When we go in, you'll smell the blood, you could actually probably smell it now," I nodded, and he smiled, "just let your instincts control you and you'll know what to do,"

I nodded and we ran through the forest. Edward came with me to find my first prey; it was, to my immense luck and Edward's disappointment, a mountain lion. Something came over me, I knew it was instinct, quite similar to the feeling I would get in battle, something for survival and felt so natural, like I've been doing it for years.

After a couple of hours, Edward and I were satisfied and we headed back. My favourite was also the mountain lion.

When we came back to the Cullen household, it was around noon and everyone was sitting in the living room, waiting for me and Edward to come back from our trip and hear the details.

When I sat down on the last loveseat, Edward pulled me into his lap, the thrill of the hunt was fading and I began to feel like something was missing.

Jasper sensing my discomfort spoke up, silencing everyone else, "Bella, what's wrong?"

Everyone head in the room turned to look at me, "I don't know, something feels off," I sat there, trying to put my mind on it when I snapped my fingers in the air, surprising everyone else.

"My blades!" I announced, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world and I was stupid not to realize it in the first place. Also, at the moment I said it, the blades appeared in my hands.

I was surprised that I jumped in Edward's lap and dropped the blades. "What the hell just happened?" Emmett exclaimed.

I smiled, picking up the blades off the floor and placing them gently on my lap, making me feel a lot better, "Another secret discovered," I explained. Emmett looked at me confused, as well as everyone else, except for Edward whose face I couldn't see.

I just felt him kiss my neck, and I turned my head to see his crooked smile on his beautiful face, he knew what I was talking about.

He gripped my face in his hands to so I could give him a proper kiss on the lips. His lips felt so warm now, no longer cold since I changed into a vampire. I pulled back to see Edward's eyes glazed over with love. I smiled and give him a quick peck before turning back to face everyone else who also happened to be watching us intently.

Embarrassment washed right over me and I could feel the heat rising into my cheeks, on reflex I covered my cheeks. Wait, did that sound right, was I blushing?

I turned back to Edward, "Edward, do you see anything unusual?" I asked, lowering my hands so he could see my face.

His eyes widened in shock when he clearly saw the rosy tint visible on my cheeks, very noticeable because of my even more pale skin.

He lifted his hand to cup one of my cheeks and no doubt he could feel the radiating heat come from it. "Well Bella," Carlisle spoke up, "You're still full of surprises,"

"Why do you think this is Carlisle?" Jasper asked.

I answered that one, realizing the answer, "I've still got some Vitalis life in me, something that isn't planning to ever leave me," everyone nodded in my understanding.

Having my Vitalis blood within me meant that I would still need have human requirements, such as eating and sleeping, but I wouldn't age, I would have vampire senses and my blood, although I may still smell nice, I wouldn't know, my blood wouldn't attract Edward as much as it did when I was fully human. Guess I could still eat my strawberries then.

I smiled at him, then asked the question I've been yearning to know the answer, "What happened during my transformation? I mean after the fight with Steven and all of that,"

Alice answered for everyone, "After you blacked out, just after you killed off Steven, we rushed you back here, you were crying in pain. There were tears and everything, and you would murmur for help or cry out every so often, but you were completely still in your movements, well except for that death grip you had on Edward halfway through.

"While you were going through the transformation, Chloe and Joey here," she motioned towards the twins who were sitting quietly on the sofa to the left of her, just the right from Edward and myself, they were so still and looked so emotionless, but you could see the excitement and joy in their eyes.

"They came with us, and during the time you were in Edward's room, and mind you he never left your said at all," she pointed out and I turned to Edward to give him a quick kiss, "thanks," I murmured against this lips and I felt his smile.

"We've both decided to stay here with you Bella. You saved us and we wanted to learn your ways of feeding and to be able to live with humans," Chloe explained, her voice now carrying happiness and hope.

I smiled, "Of course, well if that's alright with the Cullen's here,"

"That's perfectly fine with us," Carlisle answered and my smiled widened.

Joey and Chloe nodded their heads and smiled appreciatively at me, which I returned.

"Continue," I urged them.

"Well we just waited for you to transform but you transformation lasted longer than three days," Alice continued, "After we heard your heartbeat stop, you were finally a full vampire, but you weren't moving at all. You were completely still, just lying there," if vampires could cry, Alice would certainly be doing so at this moment by the look on her face.

I looked down in shame, "I'm sorry," I whispered.

I felt Edward's grip tighten around my waist, "Whatever for Bella?" Esme asked in her motherly voice.

"For making you worry," I explained.

Edward just scoffed and I turned to look at him, anger in my eyes, "I'm sorry, did I offend you in any way?" I asked scathingly.

Edward simply rolled his eyes, "For all the things to be sorry about, you apologize for worrying us?"

I felt my face soften and a little ashamed at my outburst, but I simply nodded my head to his question.

"I should be sorry Bella. You were lying on that bed, so quiet and so still, I thought you were dead! If it wasn't for Carlisle in telling me to wait, I would've killed myself Bella…to be with you," he whispered the last part in my ear.

I could hardly contain the love I felt from him and from the corner of my eye, I could feel Jasper smirk, and grip Alice's hand tightly, rubbing circles on the back of her hand.

Edward was about to kiss me when Alice exclaimed a loud, "OH!" and stood up quickly.

"BELLA!" she shouted, and Edward growled for distracting me. I giggled slightly, and he was about to kiss me again when Alice grabbed my hand and dragged me away.

"Wait, Alice!" I tried to stop her but she kept her grip tightly on my arm. Alice stopped, "Alice, wha-,"

She cut me off when she placed me in front of a three sided, full-length mirror, of course it was upstairs in Alice's extremely large closet, and I gasped at the person before me. Was that actually me?

"Beautiful," Edward murmured behind me as he wrapped his arm around my waist and laid his chin on my shoulder to look at my appearance as well. All of the Cullen's, now including Joey and Chloe, were standing behind me as well and Alice stood there, arms crossed and smirking, but I was so shocked by my new look I could hardly register what was going on right now.

My once tangled hair was now smooth and glossy. The brown was more shiny, full of life and mixed with dark ocher highlights that made my hair look light. My cheekbones in my face no longer stuck out but blended in well with my face, my skin was smooth and my lips were full and a red rose tint.

I had my pale skin, but my body was definitely changed. I used to be skinny, but my body was beautifully proportionate, well rounded, and curvy. I was, dare I say it, actually gorgeous.

Then I noticed my eyes, they were a blood red colour, it somewhat frightened me, but then they started turning my regular shade of brown with specks of gold, probably from my feeding.

"Bella, your eyes," Edward whispered into my ear, "They're beautiful," and I turned to smile at him. This time he held my face firmly in place and bent down to give me a passionate kiss.

After what felt like forever, a blissful forever, we broke apart and my grin was so wide, my face was going to be sore later.

I could hardly contain my joy. I am a vampire and I was able to spend all of eternity with Edward.

I turned to face the mirror again, and I smiled inwardly on how much I've changed. I used to be such a quiet girl, so collected and timid from others. I always had to run, and wanted to be invisible. In a way, I sort of miss being invisible every once in a while when I wanted some alone time.

Then all of a sudden, my reflection disappeared from the mirror and Edward shouted out "BELLA!" behind me.

I jumped forward, startled at what was going on until I tripped over an ottoman beside the mirror and fell over, landing on my back with my legs rested atop of the tiny stool.

Edward's eyes soon flashed to mine and he sighed with relief. He quickly lifted me back up onto my feet and I murmured a thanks.

He smiled at me, "Still my clumsy Bella,"

I pouted, but he just smirked and I couldn't help smiling back. But soon his grin turned into a frown when he remembered, I as well, the previous event that happened.

"What was that?" I asked, "My reflection was gone, did you see that?"

"Not just you're reflection, but all of you Bella!" Emmett exclaimed, "It was so cool!" Edward shot a glare at his direction; I couldn't help but smile at that.

Alice immediately tackled me in a hug, "Wow Bella! That is so cool! You can be invisible!" she squealed happily. She was so bouncy that Jasper had to place a hand on her shoulder to calm her down, but I was beginning to feel some of her giddiness.

Carlisle on the other hand, had a contemplative look on his hand as he walked towards me, "I wonder what the extent of your ability is Bella,"

"What do you mean? She's either invisible or visible," Emmett stated bluntly.

Carlisle sighed and I saw Edward roll his eyes. I just smiled.

"He means you idiot," Rosalie growled at Edward's insult, "that he's wondering if Bella can turn anything else invisible as well and how it works. Does it just blend in like camouflage or can are you completely invisible, scent and all?"

Emmett had a look of comprehension on his face as Edward finished his explanation. Edward once again rolled his eyes and wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Well what do you think Bella?" Carlisle asked.

"Uh, I can try," I gulped. I closed my eyes and opened them up again, "am I still here?" I asked. Edward nodded, "Yes you are love," he kissed me on the temple for encouragement, "You can do it, just try again,"

I closed my eyes again, 'Think invisible Bella!' I opened my eyes again to see everyone's shocked faces and Edward's grip loosen from my waist. I turned around and I didn't see my reflection in the mirror, body and clothes. But when I looked down, I could see my hands, but it had somewhat of a blue glow to it.

"Wow, this is amazing!" I gasped. "Bella?" Edward asked, trying to find me by holding his hand out.

I smiled at his cute confusion and grabbed his hand, reappearing once more. Whenever I turned invisible or reappeared, I had this calming, rushing sensation flow through me, as if there was water in my veins that I could definitely feel.

"Hey," I smiled and he smiled back, gripping his arm around my waist once more.

"Interesting," Carlisle muttered, "Your scent disappears completely, as well as any sound you make, such as you're breathing and possibly you're footsteps,"

"It also felt weird, as if you were just air, but really cold air. More frigid than the regular temperature vampires possess," Edward commented.

"But when you speak, or purposely make noise, we can hear you," Carlisle also added in, "Well Bella, can we try disappearing something else? Edward perhaps?" Carlisle asked.

I nodded, and gripped Edward's hand. I thought of both me and Edward disappearing and I opened my eyes to once again see the shocked faces of my family.

I looked over to see Edward, and he could see me. I guess whenever I made something invisible, as well as myself; we could see one another, sort of like we were in another dimension, visible to those with us, but hidden from those not in here. A blue glow also surrounded around us.

Edward smiled, and I made us reappear in front of the Cullen's.

"That is so AWESOME!" Emmett shouted, "TURN ME INVISIBLE!" he yelled, raising his hand in the air, as if he was an eagerly waiting child. I smiled, "perhaps next time Emmett,"

"You're power is truly astounding Bella," Carlisle said, "Nothing like I've even seen or heard of before,"

"I guess in my past life I've always needed to stay hidden, to disappear from everyone. I suppose that wish of wanting invisible came true," then I scoffed, "not like I really need it now,"

We spent the rest of the afternoon learning about my power. And after several hours of experimenting, we discovered that not only could I turn myself invisible, others such as Edward or Emmett as well, but inanimate objects as well, all I have to do is think about it. Once invisible, it is like it is completely gone, no lingering scent or feeling to it, but unless a noise is made, such as hitting a box, making a sound, or the invisible touches the visible, that would be heard by those not in the 'Hidden World' as I liked to call it.

Anything I made invisible, all I would have to do is just think about it, would be like it never existed. I could make anything completely gone, but I wouldn't do that. As well, anything in the Hidden World could affect anything in the visible world, such as moving an object from the Hidden World, to a different area, and it would move as well in the visible world, it would just look like it's floating in mid-air.

I also discovered that I could keep any secret a secret. It was when Emmett accidentally broke a plate in the Esme's dining room, he was taking me outside to try making things more invisible, and when it smashed all over the floor and everyone came rushing down.

Emmett quickly gave me a pleading look not to tell them, more specifically Esme, about the cause of the noise and I agreed. When they asked what the noise was, I simply said it was nothing, they were suspicious. Though the evidence was gone, they wouldn't be able to discover the actual truth to it. Edward tried to read Emmett's mind, mind you, Emmett was thinking about it, but it was as if they certain secret he had was blocked and Edward wasn't able to penetrate that barrier.

I thought of myself as something like a 'secret keeper', such as Harry Potter. Only I would be able to tell the secret, though others may know and they can tell the secret if they wished (although I wouldn't know why they would if they were the ones keeping the secret) it would be that if someone out of the loop didn't know, they would have no way of ever discovering what it is unless someone in the loop disclosed it to someone else.

That meant I could keep the fact that our background of vampires secret from humans and they wouldn't ever be able to figure it out. Although we would have to move from time to time because of our non-aging because they would remain suspicious and it could drive them possibly mad or jump to other conclusions as well.

Finally Emmett decided to stop playing around and I got to relax. I was feeling a tad hungry.

I was in the kitchen with Esme making me some food, I was a little exhausted to make something myself, Edward sitting beside me on my right, and Alice and Jasper on my left. Carlisle was in his office, Rosalie and Emmett in their room doing god knows what, and Joey and Chloe out room shopping. Since they were staying with us, they also needed a room, they would both fine with sharing for now until they finished decorating and refurbishing.

Alice wanted to help, but she wanted to keep me company as well so they told her that she could help tomorrow while they searched for a few homely items.

A little earlier, just after finishing experimenting with my abilities, I talked to the twins and learned a little about them.

Joseph and Chloe Rouge were born in Paris in 1912. Though they were of French descent, they moved to New York in January 1919, just a couple months after the Great War, also known as WW1.

When they were bitten, it was when Chloe and Joey had turn 15 years old just a couple of days earlier and they were walking home from a quick shop of groceries. Of course it was Steven who bit them.

For their entire vampire life, (they were deemed missing by their parents, but never found) they lived with Steven Black and his coven and were the youngest members. For five years they lived with Steven, free to control their own will. Steven helped them live, get used to the ways of vampire life and help them control their manipulation abilities, but for the sixth year, that's when his schemes became horrendous in their eyes.

They had tried to leave, but Steven would not allow them, so he controlled their will, and for 80 years of their lives they were forced to watch Steven and follow his force, but they were not able to control their lives. They never enjoyed hunting humans for their blood but they couldn't do anything to stop it, no matter how hard they tried.

Now they both live with us, and they were truly happy and loving our lifestyle.

Esme set down a plate of waffles in front of me, along with some bacon and eggs, "Sorry Bella," she apologized, and "I haven't gone grocery shopping yet. I hope you don't mind,"

I shook my head, "No Esme, it's completely fine. Thank you so much,"

Esme gave me a motherly smile and turned back to clean up the oven. I would've protested, but Alice gave me a stern look as if she knew what I was about to say. I just ended up putting a piece of bacon in my open mouth.

"Well, at least I can still eat food then," I mumbled, eating my breakfast dinner.

I cut in the waffles, they were delicious, but they weren't like…

"CHARLIE!" I gasped. I've been gone for four days, he must be worried sick.

I was about to get up when Edward grabbed my arm and set me back down, "You don't have to worry Bella, Alice told Charlie that you would be staying with us then head with us to Seattle," I sighed and leaned back in my chair in relief.

"Thank God," I muttered. Charlie would believe Alice, he loved Alice, thinking she was a good influence on me and he wouldn't keep me away from making friends, especially since he knows of my… social-disability.

I dug back into my waffles, "I suppose I'll have to tell Charlie everything," I mumbled.

"Are you sure Bella?" Edward asked, his arm going around my waist.

"Yeah," I sighed.

"What's wrong Bella?" Jasper asked, "I'm sure it'll be fine,"

I smiled slightly in his directions, "Yeah, but I'm just worried about how he's going to take it. I mean I have to explain everything about me and mom, then tell him the vampire history,"

"You're father is a reasonable man," Esme comforted, "he stuck with you through the hard times, Charlie wouldn't leave you now,"

I smiled gratefully at Esme, and then stuffed the last bit of waffle in my mouth. "Alright, let's do this!"



It's been a ten years since I moved to Forks, Washington. I rekindled the bond with my father, Charlie, made wonderful friends with the Cullen's, and met the love of my life, Edward Cullen.

For seventeen years of my life, my true self has been a secret. I was the Jewel, the gift of the Vitalis bloodline where I was destined to fight and be strong, whether it would be against the good or the bad.

Then I came across Steven Black and his coven of vampires who hunted me down so they could dominate the world. But I was finally free from them when I met the Cullen's.

The Cullen's were a family of vampires, those who drink animal blood instead of humans. They were like the family I've yearned to have, always dreamed of having, and now my wish has finally come true.

I've lived with the Cullen's ever since I was turned into a vampire myself, there's Carlisle and Esme, my two wonderful parents, aside from Charlie, my real dad, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Chloe and Joey, my wonderful siblings and the last and best of them all, Edward Cullen, my love.

After meeting them, my life changed dramatically and I was free to be who I finally am, I was free to be me!

As of now, we are currently living in Vancouver. We had stayed in Forks until Edward, Alice and I had graduated, Jasper and Emmett graduated a year ahead of us.

Joey and Chloe stayed at home for the last year instead of enrolling in high school, they were already quite intelligent so they were alright with missing a year of school. Joey and Chloe were happy with us, and doing quite well with the vegetarian diet, Carlisle is so proud of them. No doubt that the twins treat Carlisle and Esme like their parents.

I loved living with Edward and his family, but I really missed Charlie. When I explained to him everything, he was completely silent through it all. He hadn't uttered a single word when I explained about mom, the vampires, the Vitalis bloodline. When I finished my story, he was still silent and sitting there in his armchair, still as a rock.

When I told him, I bought Edward with me, Carlisle and Jasper for precautions, just in case Charlie might've done something drastic, but they weren't needed. For that period of silence after my explanation, I thought he was going to disown me, but he just got up and gave me a hug.

I was so happy, and he was relieved that I was alright. Although he did ask questions, he said he was just glad that I was safe now and happy as well. Then for an hour, I showed Charlie all my abilities, the invisible world, my skills with a blade, and he acted just like a child, completely amused and awed.

I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me, catching me out of my musing. My nose was immediately assaulted with the scent of a musky aroma with a mix of honey in it. "Edward," I breathed out.

"Hey," he said, "Jasper said that he could feel that you were pretty down about something,"

Edward sat down behind me and dragged me into his lap where I was seated comfortably. At the moment, we were both outside on the sandy beaches of Vancouver. The sky was gray and cloudy, and we lived just in a small cliff area. The house was in an isolated spot away from humans, but in a big enough area of a large Victorian house, quite similar to the one back in Forks.

The water washed up on the shore, just a couple of inches away from wetting my feet, then retracted back to the ocean.

"I miss Charlie," I muttered, "I haven't seen him for a while, he must miss me terribly,"

Edward turned around to give me a kiss. I immediately melted into it, and wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen it.

"Well then how about we go visit him?" Edward mumbled against my lips when we broke apart.

I leaned back to look into his eyes, mine were so wide, "Really?" I asked, Edward nodded. I gave a small squeal and threw myself into Edward, knocking us down into the ground. I muttered thank-yous over and over again, smothering his face with kisses.

Edward chuckled and gave me a quick kiss before heaving me up on my feet.

"I love you so much Bella," he whispered in my ear.

I smiled lovingly at him, "I love you to Edward,"

We both ran home, hand-in-hand, tell let everyone else know that we were going back to visit Charlie. Alice came down and stole me away from Edward.

"Hey Alice! What are you doing?" I exclaimed. She was taking me away from Edward and taking up my precious time to see Charlie.

"Make-over Bella!" Alice explained as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

We made it into her room and she sat me down in the stool in front of her three-sided, full length mirror.

"ROSIE!" Alice yelled and Rosalie appeared by her side in an instant, carrying a hair straightener and curler in one hand, and a make-up bag in the other.

"Watch her," Alice commanded, before she disappeared.

"Why?" I complained, "Why do you do this now when I'm in a hurry,"

"Tsk, tsk Bella," Rosalie scolded, warming up the straightener and curler, "Patience is a virtue,"

I frowned but remained silent. There was no way I would be able to leave them so I just had to stay quiet until they were finished. It was already noon, by this rate; I won't be able to get to see Charlie until evening, just great….

Alice soon returned, a smug smile on her face, and she shouted, "LET'S BEGIN!"

For four hours they poked and prodded and straightened and curled and pinched and dabbed and pampered me. Rosalie worked on my makeup, adding who knows what while Alice fixed my hair. I wasn't facing the other way of the mirror because I wasn't allowed to see the 'masterpiece' as they called, until the very end.

After Rosalie finished my makeup, she painted my nails, then finally it came to the clothes. After an hour of trying on a different assortment of clothes, all semi-formal which I noticed, they finally found the perfect outfit and the 'masterpiece' was complete.

"Alright Bella, you are beautiful! You can turn around," Alice exclaimed with much enthusiasm.

I roiled my eyes but turned around. I gasped at what I saw. It was like the first time I saw myself as a vampire, like the person in front of me was someone extremely different.

My hair was half up, kept together with a beautiful, diamond studded, heart-shaped barrette, with my ocher highlights clearly visible and the bottom of my hair was twisted and wavy. My bangs also stuck out to frame my face while some were straight and natural and others were curled.

For my make-up, Rosalie gave me a streak of silver eye shadow, which really brought out my brown eyes, and a touch of mascara and blush, not that I really needed it, and my lips were a red rose colour. My nails were also painted a shimmering, red colour and manicured to perfection.

My clothes were simple but elegant, after much deliberation, Alice and Rosalie settled with a beautiful dress. It was in a black colour with a halter top. Just underneath my chest was a silver sequined border to support my bust and the bottom just flowed down to mid-thigh on the right into a sloped side to my left knee.

Rosalie and Alice had forced me into black strapped sandals and completed the look with white gold hoop earrings and a white gold, diamond studded bracelet that had stars on it (Edward bought it for me on our first anniversary, even though I loved it, I felt bad that he spent so much money on just me, he scolded me about it but gave me a kiss after).

I turned to Alice and Rosalie, "Wow," was all I could really say. It was beautiful but then a thought struck me, "What's all this about?" I asked.

All of a sudden everything was black; Alice snuck up behind me and wrapped a white blindfold in front of my eyes. Their laughter was my only answer.

"HEY!" I exclaimed, "You guys are going to kill me!"

I could practically feel Alice rolling her eyes, "C'mon Bella, Edward's waiting,"

I just crossed my arms over my chest, "and you expect me to walk downstairs, blindfolded and wearing heels?" sarcasm feeling my voice. Even with my wonderful vampire abilities, I wasn't as graceful as I thought I would've been, but a lot more graceful nonetheless.

I felt myself being lifted up into the air, an arm underneath my legs and shoulders. A low chuckled made its way into my ears and the smell of Edward filled my nose.

"Sarcasm doesn't become you Bella," he whispered into my ear. I gave an involuntarily shudder and soon I felt myself being seated down into the comfy seats of Edward's Volvo, the stupid blindfold covering my eyes.

"If I attempt to ask, you're not going to answer no matter what are you?" I asked Edward.

"Of course Bella. We're just taking a quick detour first," he replied.

I sighed, exasperated, "of course," I confirmed. I leaned back into the seat, planning to wait there patiently and in quiet until I got the surprise over with.

About ten minutes of silence had passed until we stopped. Edward was at my side in an instance and I was being lifted out of the car. I could feel the rush of air pass by me while Edward ran at full speed with me tucked safely in his arms while mine were around his neck.

After five minutes of running, I was set down on my feet, but feeling a little lightheaded from the run so I swayed. Edward caught me and I could feel the smirk radiating off of him.

"Edward?" I asked nervously.

"You can take off the blindfold Bella," he told me and I immediately complied. I unwrapped it from the back and it flew through the ground. When I let my eyes adjust to the light, what I saw surprised me.

I was in this perfectly circular meadow, filled with beautiful wildflowers everywhere. I realized it was night, and the stars were sparkling and the beautiful silver orb shone down on us.

Edward and I were in the middle with a few candle stands lit with red and white candles perched on top on the flames illuminating the area along with the moon. Red rose petals were also scattered on the floor in our circle.

But the best sight of all was Edward bent down on one knee with an open velvet ring box in his hand. In the box was the most beautiful ring I've even seen. The ring had a white gold band with a large round sapphire in the middle with two smaller diamonds on either side of it. The band was imbedded with diamonds all around it, making it sparkle when the flame reflected off of it.

"Bella, all my life I've been alone, that was until I met you. You made my life perfect, I love you so much," I could hardly hold in my tears when he began his speech.

"Isabella Marie Swan, will you marry me?"

I was stunned. I loved Edward all my life and I knew I would be with him always, but I was surprised when he asked me this questions. Of course I would say yes. He looked so nervous and worried, it was adorable.

Then I gasped, realizing I didn't answer him and he probably thought I would say no seeing as I didn't say anything. His forehead began to have crease lines and I thought it was so cute.

Well I better not keep him waiting any longer.

"YES!" I screamed. I tackled him down to the floor and once more, I smothered kisses all over his face, this time saying "yes" and "I love you" over and over again.

Edward wrapped his arm around my waist to hold me down and flipped us over so that he was on top of me this time.

"I love you too Bella Cullen,"

I couldn't help but smile at that, Bella Cullen, that sounds fantastic.

He lowered his head to crush his lips onto mine. They were so warm and soft; this kiss was full of passion, love, desire, a kiss that would mark the beginning of our new life.

And as cliché as this sound, I finally got my happily ever after.

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