What's With Jaden?

"Jaden! Where are you?" Syrus called. He had been searching with all of Jaden's other friends for a while now. He had just disappeared one day and never came back. Everyone was getting worried.

"I can't find him anywhere!" Alexis yelled to Bastion.

"Neither can I!" Bastion called to Chazz.

"I don't care what that slacker's doing!" Chazz shouted at whoever was listening.

Just then, Zane came in. "What's going on?"

"Zane, it's awful! Jaden's disappeared!" Syrus cried.

Zane thought to himself, 'Hmm. I wonder if it's that phase.'

Suddenly, the door opened and in walked Jaden. Only, he wasn't looking normal. He staggered and tripped and was saying these really weird things.

"God knows why I cry for my lost puppy! I love the numbers from 5 to 67! Dreams just end when you wake up, but what starts them?" Jaden wailed.

Everyone stared at him, hoping it was some sort of joke. But, Jaden just kept ranting.

"My love's gone because I forgot a promise! I was three when the teddies took my parents away! Guys are so much sexier than girls!"

This ended when Zane dove in and restrained Jaden. "Okay, here's the deal. Jaden is usually immature and childish, right?" Everyone nodded. "So, now he's acting like a psycho gay maniac, right?" More nods. "This is something called Duelist Puberty. All great duelists go through it at some point in their lives. It changes their personalities until it finds one that fits them when they become adults. Basically, Jaden will keep having mood swings until his hormones decide it's time for him to grow up."

Everyone stared at Zane until Syrus spoke. "Did you go through it, Zane?"

"Of course I have. How else do you think I became as serious and straightforward as I am today?"

"More like BOR-ING to me, Zaney-kins! You need to lighten up, baby. I know! We can drive a boat back to the mainland and have a romantic dinner together! Won't that be fun?" Jaden spoke up.

"It looks like he's in the romantic mood. It usually starts with crazy, drunken acts. Next, comes the romantic concepts. Later, he'll be suicidal and emotional. I think happy-go-lucky comes next. Sadness and grief would be next, usually for a loved one. After that, you can expect more drunken acts and lots of suicidal attempts. Try to keep him restrained most of the time." Zane explained.

Everyone just stood still, hoping it was all a really well-played joke. Jaden didn't do so well with suicide or drunkenness!

"My mother's going to make some casserole today. Would you like to come over? I would very much appreciate it if you could spare some time." Jaden said.

"This isn't one of the feelings you mentioned, Zane." Alexis said.

"Well, he might be different from me. Maybe he's the type to be mature then back to childish and back and forth. He could be in a polite mood, only to change suddenly, into a sugar-induced frenzy." Zane explained.

"Well, I guess we should just take care of him until it passes, right?" Bastion asked.

"Actually, he could be like this for a few years. It ranges from a few days to 5 years. It took me 2 weeks. I still have the scars from cutting and headaches from drugs." Zane scowled.

"I hope Jaden turns out okay!" Syrus cried.

"I'm sure he'll be fine." Alexis tried to soothe him.

"I wonder if the slacker will get horny." Chazz half-mused to himself.

"That's not funny, Chazz." Bastion scolded.

"Have you ever wondered what life is about?

You could search the world and never figure it out!

You don't have to sail the oceans!

No, no, no!

Happiness is no mystery…" Jaden started singing and dancing like Hilary Duff.

"He might be in a pop star mood." Chazz smirked.

"Finally! Someone who appreciates music!" Atticus randomly sang along.

"Then I see you smiling, I go

Oh, oh, oh!

Yesterday, my life was duller.

Now everything's Technicolor!"

Everyone just let Atticus have his fun and waited for it to pass. Besides, Jaden sang pretty well!