Title: 24 Hours Later

Author: Janine

Fandom: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Pairing: Sarah/Cameron

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Summary: Part seven of the "Helping Hand" series


Sarah didn't turn around as she heard the door to her bedroom open. She knew it was Cameron and she wasn't quite prepared to deal with the girl yet. Actually, she didn't really feel like dealing with anything at the moment, but because her life sucked, shit kept piling up on her anyway.

A few seconds after Cameron entered the room, Sarah felt the girl's arms wrap around her waist, and a second after that she felt Cameron's lips press against her neck tenderly.

Sarah squeezed her eyes shut and took a deep fortifying breath.

Twenty-four hours before she would have wilted into Cameron's embrace.

Twenty-four hours before she would have tilted her neck to the side giving Cameron better access to her neck, while her free hand moved to cover Cameron's drawing it up towards her breast.

Twenty-four hours before In-Cameron would have been the best way to spend the next few hours, and Wrapped-In-Cameron's-Arms would have been the most perfect place to spend the rest of night.

But that was twenty-four hours before. Presently, Sarah was not in the mood for hugs.

Jaw clenching, Sarah muscled her way out of Cameron's arms and turned to face her.

Her gaze was as steely as Cameron's exoskeleton when their eyes met.

Cameron stared at her, blinking rhythmically for a few moments before she tilted her head to the side and continued to blink some more.

Sarah glared.

"You're mad," Cameron breathed out almost a full minute after Sarah had forced her way free.

"You're goddamn right I'm," Sarah began to respond, Cameron's mild response riling her up.

However, before she could get more than that out of her mouth, Cameron reached out, her hand moving to cup Sarah's jaw. Sarah breathed in sharply surprised by the touch. They were fighting, or at least were about to. There should have been no gentle caresses. It was underhanded, dirty and underhanded. Cameron didn't seem to see it that way, however, and Sarah didn't really know why she was surprised by that. Nothing ever went the way it was supposed to with Cameron.

Momentarily shocked into silence, Sarah looked at Cameron.

"She liked it when he touched her lips," Cameron said quietly, her voice little more than a whisper.

As the last syllable fell from her, Cameron's thumb brushed over Sarah's lips, tenderly stroking the plump flesh as she had seen Vick do. Barbara had been mad at Vick before he touched her this way, but afterwards her emotions had softened. She had become aroused and submitted eagerly to a more intimate embrace. Sarah was presently mad at her and Cameron hoped that her touch would have the same soothing effect on Sarah that Vick's touch had on Barbara.

Sarah trembled slightly as Cameron touched her, the intimate caress sending a shiver through her body. Her eyes fluttered shut, even though she willed herself to keep them open.

She remembered sucking on Cameron's fingers that morning before slipping the slim digits under her panties with a grin.

She remembered the way Cameron's fingers felt inside of her, moving insistently.

She remembered the delicious pleasure that tore through her that morning as Cameron brushed her thumb over her clit.

She remembered Cameron leaning down and pressing her lips against hers, kissing her eagerly as her fingers continued to pump inside of her. Her orgasm was foreplay for Cameron, heightening her arousal and driving her to bring Sarah pleasure again and again until the older woman could barely move, or think, or breathe.

Her body was reacting strongly to Cameron's touch. The memories of the morning, the look of longing and promise in Cameron's eyes, and the gentleness of her touch were all effecting Sarah greatly. She wanted to lean her head to the side. She wanted to let her lips part, and to nip at Cameron's thumb playfully. She wanted to watch Cameron's eyes hood. She wanted to see the veil of arousal fall over Cameron's perfect features.

Sarah took a shuddering breath, and tried to force herself to remember that what she had to do was talk to Cameron about what had happened at breakfast.

Cameron smiled as she sensed the changes in Sarah's body, her smile widening as Sarah's pulse jumped in response to her expression. She moved her thumb over Sarah's lips one last time and then leaned forward, her lips taking over the caress her thumb had started.

Sarah eyes fluttered shut, her hands automatically gripping Cameron's shoulders as the girl's tongue fluttered against her bottom lip. She could feel her sex throbbing in time with movement of Cameron's tongue. The girl had done little more than kiss her and she was already wet.

Sarah's hips bucked, canting towards Cameron's body, wanting.

The urgency of the movement startled her. The sudden thrust had taken her by surprise and adrenaline rushed through her, mercifully clearing her mind.

Sarah braced her hands on Cameron's shoulders, and shoved, ignoring the small, wanting sound that emerged from her as she pushed the young brunette away.

"You lied to me," Sarah said accusingly. Her voice wavered as she struggled to fight down her arousal, but her anger was palpable.

She took a step back from Cameron. And then another. She found it easier to think the more space there was between them. Distance was necessary. Close proximity to Cameron's body was not conducive to talking these days, unless the words were "yes", "fuck", "oh god" or "harder".

"You looked me dead in the eye and promised you would destroy it," Sarah continued frostily, now a safe distance away. "You told me I could trust you."

"You can," Cameron replied automatically, stepping forward as her hand reached out for Sarah. Sarah batted it away irritably.

"Don't," Sarah said warningly. "Don't touch me," she went on, pointing a menacing finger at Cameron as she spoke.

"Are you going to take me apart, piece by piece?" Cameron asked watching Sarah closely, her arms hanging uselessly at her sides. The last time she had seen Sarah look at her like that had been in the garage after Charley Dixon had run away from her.

"Are you trying to be funny?" Sarah asked irritably, her lips curling up a little as she stared at Cameron. "Is this funny joke time, to you?" she continued, anger lacing her tone.

"No," Cameron replied, her face a blank mask. "I didn't want to lie to you, but I was on your shit list and I didn't think that you would listen to me if I told you I wanted to keep the chip." Cameron's voice was soft, and her shoulders slumped. "I was going to tell you when you were calmer."

"Like I have been for days now," Sarah breathed out, her words a low hiss.

Cameron was probably right. She wouldn't have listened to her with an open mind if she had brought up the subject of keeping the chip in the garage. But she had more than calmed down in the past few days and the girl still hadn't brought the subject up.

"I know," Cameron said, her gaze moving behind Sarah to focus on the wall.

"That," Sarah relied glaring at Cameron even though the girl wasn't looking at her anymore, "is not an acceptable answer. Try again."

"I … didn't want to tell you after I kept it," Cameron said softly, her eyes still avoiding Sarah's though they were no longer focused on the wall. "I knew you'd be mad that I'd lied, and I didn't want you to be pissed at me," she finished sadly looking at the ground.

Sarah sighed and tilted her head up towards the ceiling beseechingly before she trained her gaze on Cameron again.

"Okay," Sarah said sighing again, the exhalation heavy as if she were preparing herself for battle. "You're right. I probably would have been pissed, and I realize that it's unpleasant to have people pissed at you. But," Sarah said reaching out and gripping Cameron's chin so that she could angle it up. "There are certain things you need to tell me, even if you think I won't like it," Sarah continued staring intently at Cameron. "In fact, especially if you think I won't like it. I need to be able to trust you."

"You can," Cameron stated emphatically. "I would never hurt you."

"It hurts me when you lie," Sarah responded, watching Cameron keenly. Cameron had called her out on being evasive in the past, and she knew that Cameron was being evasive with the response she had just given her. "You keep asking me to trust you. I am," she went on emphasizing her words. "I've trusted you with my son, with the future of humanity. I've trusted you with my life and with my body," she went on softly. "Now you need to trust me. You need to trust that I'll do the right thing, even if I do get pissed."

Cameron stared at her after she finished speaking, and Sarah could practically see the gears turning in her head.

Cameron nodded finally. "I will no longer be a candy ass."

Sarah was silent for a moment and then laughed, shaking her head, before she sobered a bit, her eyes returning to Cameron thoughtfully.

"Are you still mad at me?" Cameron asked hesitantly a few moments later.

"Yeah," Sarah replied, though her voice lacked the anger and irritation it had held when the conversation began.

"Can I still sex you up?" Cameron asked her eyes shining with hope though she sounded doubtful.

Sarah was quiet for a moment and then smiled. "Yeah," she said reaching out for Cameron's hand. "I'm not that mad," she continued tugging Cameron over to the bed.