Waiting for You

Waiting for You

Chrysolite Heart


The wedding was brilliant, many flashes of white. Sesshomaru had even had Kagome come to attend the wedding. Rin had also taken a special liking to Kagome so Kikyou didn't object, besides, Kikyou had too, and Sesshomaru remained neutral on the subject. When Kikyou tossed her bouquet of flowers back, Kagome caught them. Kikyou smiled at her.

Afterwards, Kikyou moved into Sesshomaru's house along with Rin. She taught Rin how to cook, play the piano and unfortunately also taught Rin how to clean up. She and Sesshomaru also eventually learned of Rin's birthday wish as it had now come true, it had been extremely flattering.

She constantly took Rin to visit the children at the orphanage who many of which were being adopted by several people. Shippou had been adopted by Kagome; Kohaku had been adopted by the officer Sango and many other children as well. Kikyou was thinking of adopting one of the children as her own as well. Sayo. The girl needed parents and she and Rin had been very close up to this point. After finishing the paperwork Sayo also moved in with Sesshomaru, Kikyou and Rin.

The house was always a loud ruckus after that but Kikyou didn't mind. Sayo and Rin were constantly playing vet around the house and the kitchen became a huge mess when they tried to make "medicine" but Kikyou only laughed at their antics and she and Sesshomaru cleaned up the mess afterwards. Christmas time rolled around, Kikyou was pregnant with what and looked to be a son but that didn't stop her from doing her Christmas shopping and Kikyou had an idea of what to get the family.

"What is it?" Rin cried as she stared at a neatly wrapped red and white box which Kikyou had set down under the Christmas tree. Even Sesshomaru didn't know what it was.

"Oh yes, what is it?" Sayo demanded.

"Well, why don't you open it and see," Kikyou suggested. Sesshomaru glanced at his wife curiously, also wondering what it was. The box rattled slightly. Sayo and Rin ripped it open, out jumped a boxer puppy with amber eyes.

"Oh, it's so cute!" Rin exclaimed.

"What's it's name?" Sayo asked eagerly. Kikyou smiled.

"Well, how about Inuyasha?" Kikyou suggested.

"I like it!" Sayo said.

"Me too!" Rin agreed, picking the puppy up and setting it in her lap. The puppy, now named Inuyasha, wagged it's tail and stared up happily at it's new family. And that's exactly what they were…a family.

She needed a mother, he needed a wife

They needed someone to brighten their life

When you walked in, everybody knew

That all this time

They were waiting for you


Liked it? So sorry Lady Hana the Kitsune, I really did want to add Inuyasha and Kagome in, I thought it would've been good but then I suddenly got this idea for having Inuyasha as a puppy. I hope you'll forgive me, I promise in my next Sesshomaru & Kikyou fiction I'll have Inuyasha and Kagome as a supporting couple. Promise! Hope you guys liked it and the poem too!

Thank-you over and over again to my reviewers, your reviews meant a lot to me. Just so you all know, there will be a sequel…well sort of, to Waiting for You if any of you are interested. It's going to be called Through It All, it'll be a story based on Rin and the paring will be Rin & Kohaku, but let me know if you guys think it's a good idea. And now's there only two words left other than 'review please' and they are:

The End

(LOL didn't you always hate cheesy endings like that? I did, but here I am ending my fic with one…no wonder my friends say I'm weird)

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And…yeah, that's it! So special thanks to all of you, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Your reviews meant a lot to me and really kept me going, I hope you were all happy and satisfied with this ending!