Stolen Innocence and Lost voice

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Today was our senior field trip. I was so excited that I got to school an hour early. As I entered the doors of East High I was pulled by my arm and forced into a closet. He pushed my up against the hard doorknob and told me if I made a sound or told anyone I was going to get it. Here I was pushed up against the door silently crying as he took my innocence away. He threw me onto the floor and left me naked while he walked out and acted as if nothing happened. Surprisingly with all the shakiness in my hand I texted my best friend, Troy, and told him where I was.

It was about five minutes later when my night in shining armor came barging through the door.

"God Brie," he whispered. It was pretty obvious what had happen, after all, I was laying on the floor naked my shirt ripped up beside me.

"How could anyone do this to you," he wiped my tears away as he put back on my underwear and sweats. He didn't even bother with my ripped shirt; instead he took off his sweatshirt and put it on me.

"Were going to go find my dad and call your mom." He picked me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist. I buried my head in his chest while we were walking. I was so embarrassed.

Zac's POV

If it is possible for your heart to shatter in 5 minutes it is exactly what mine did. My best friend, the once energetic, funny, lively girl, was now scared to death in my arms.

"Dad, can I talk to you alone?" I guess my father saw the broken girl and became instantly worried. She was like a second child to him.

"Troy is everything ok? What happen? What's wrong with Gabriella? He was panicked.

I felt the brunette flinch in his arms, and that's when I realized, she was scared of guys. She would only allow me.

"Dad, some bastard shoved her into a closet and took advantage of her. Can I have your cell, mines in my bag and I need to call her mom to see if I should bring her home before we go on the trip," he fumed.

"I'll take care of it, I think it will be smart to tell the gang so they won't ask questions later," he left with a tear in his eye.

I started to make my way through the crowd of students waiting for the bus. When I finally saw the girls they rushed to Gabi and me.

"Gabs what happened?" Taylor stroked her hair with complete worry in her eyes. Once again the petite girl shook.

I wanted to beat the living daylights out of whoever did this to her. He is making her not only scared of guys, but girls too? This is too much.

"Uh guys I have something to tell you, someone took advantage of her before everyone got here. She's scared to death," I finished with a shaky breath.

Just as I finished telling them my dad came back up to me and he did not look happy. By the way he began his sentence I knew I wasn't going to like this either.

"Well I have some news for you two. I talked to Maria (Gabi's mom) and she doesn't want Gabi to stay home. She is away on business and thinks it's a good idea for her to be around people because I told her she will only take to Troy. So I will be changing your cabins around so You, Gabi, Sharpay, Ryan, Taylor, Chad and Zeke will be together. This will be better than a random cabin to put her in," he finished and I couldn't believe that her mother wanted her to come after what happened.

After I thought about it awhile I figure this is a good way for her to get used to trusting people again.

"The bus is boarding," Mrs. Darbus, the drama teacher screeched.

"Let's get the back of bus we'll have more room," Corbin suggested as he ran to the back of the bus to grab the seats.

I guess when my dad notified the other teachers the students over heard because when I walked on the bus all eyes were on Gabriella and me. Moving quickly, I got to the back of the bus and sat down with her crying in my lap.

Gabi's Pov:

As troy carried me I could hear all the whispers going on about me. I couldn't take it anymore and for the second time that day, I broke down crying.

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