As stated in the summary, this is an AU Royai fanfic. I realize I have a terrible trend of never finishing multi-chaptered stories, but since this is actually a short story I'm writing for a class in school, I can promise you this one will be finished lol I am not mentioning names in this, but the main characters should be obvious from the pairing I'm writing for lol It WILL make more sense once you read more, but for the time being, I'll just let you wonder XD


The doctor emerged from the hospital room. He was exhausted, and didn't see the young man who'd jumped up. He was soaking wet, his dark hair flattened against his head, and his tan overcoat dripped water onto the floor.

"Is she all right? Can I see her?"

There was a pause as the doctor considered him. This man was obviously distraught, and that woman was…

"Are you family?"

"No...I'm…a…a friend."

"I'm sorry. Only family is allowed to visit right now. She's in serious condition."


"No exceptions. Now, if you'll excuse me…"

In a few seconds, he was gone, disappearing into the sterile maze of the hallways. Left behind, the young man sank back into the nausea green chair and stare blankly at the floor.

A phone call…an invitation.

It was a party you didn't really want to go to, but for some reason or another, you were obliged to do so. An old friend you'd lost touch with, you told me, and although you never said it, I knew you'd be embarrassed to show up alone. So, somehow, I agreed, even though I'd really rather have been off in a bar somewhere rather than pretending to smile at a crowd of people I didn't even know.

I couldn't help staring at you when I picked you up. It's not like I meant to; I usually have better manners than that, at least around women. But I'd never seen you in a dress that was that, well, attractive before. Such blatant gawking must have offended you, I suppose, because you only glanced at me and stepped into the car.

During the entire ride there, you didn't speak a word to me, so it came as something of a shock when we stepped through the front door and you plastered a smile onto your face and proceeded to exchange pleasantries and gossip with the other guests. The hostess greeted you warmly and you returned it without a hint of the reluctance I'd felt from you last night on the phone. This bright, glittery, unfamiliar side of you seemed to include no space for me, so I drifted off, a little angry at myself for wasting an evening in this manner.

Despite my initial uncharitable feelings, after a few (all right, several) drinks, I began to warm up to the gathering, and it's not long before several young women wandered over to speak with me. They wanted to know about you, and our relationship (or lack thereof.) Through some perverse inspiration, I remained as vague as possible, acknowledging that we are friends, but not admitting to anything further.

Their interest is piqued by this; I suppose they're attracted to that vague air of mystery or whatever it is that attracts women. They won't leave me alone, and out of the corner of my eye, I can see you watching me, out of the corner of yours.


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