Ok so, this is the first chapter of my story. I've been brewing on this concept for a while and I've finally been blessed with a 5 day weekend for Easter so I can write this. I completely adore Karin and Sasuke as a couple and I wish there were more stories about them on here! Come on people... WRITE! The lack of them on here makes me want to cry! Lol. Not sure how long this will be but I'm aiming for 3 Chapters. Chapter Two will feature a little SuigKarin action and then in Chapter 3 the SasuKarin lemon will pour down. At least that's my plan anyways. I'd actually really appreciate reviews on this one. I don't know why but I feel a little uneasy about it so I need feeback. No flamming about how much hate the characters. If you do then why did you read it? I won't delay you from your reading pleasure any longer. ENJOY!


Normal Dialogue.

Oh my God there he is! Ok Karin be cool. Today's the day we'll break his shell. Today's the day he'll treat us right. Ok now... GO!

"Heeey Sasuke kun. Watcha doin?"
Karin battered her eyelashes at him.

Ugh! I nearly had it! Damn her
"What do you want?" Sasuke snapped at her.

"I just wanted to see what you were up to. You've been out here in the forest for days now. I've been really worried Sasuke"
Ok now turn the charm on Karin

Karin slowly walked towards Sasuke who had obviously been working hard. She took off her glasses and put on her sexiest pout, hoping to win his arousal.

"I've been training, something YOU should probably be doing as your performance has been nothing but short of par as of late Karin. And stop that stupid face you look like an idiot"
I can't believe she's doing this AGAIN! Ugh.

Karin stopped a little affronted.
Why am I surprised? He always says stuff like that... Maybe I should just ask him already
"Sasuke kun... I've... I've been wondering... Why you always treat my like this?"

"Like what"
Ugh I don't have time for this.

How do I say this
"...like dirt?"

"Because Karin, that's all you are to me."

Tears built up in Karin's eyes.
Dirt? I'm just... dirt
"Why Sasuke? Why do you detest me so?"
Karin whispered.

Sasuke sighed.
"Because Karin, although you're a great ninja you constantly swoon at me. You want to know why I don't love you like you do me? Because Karin quite frankly, your insistence disgusts me"
PLEASE go away?

Tears ran down Karin's cheeks.
"I... disgust you?"

"Yes." Sasuke spoke bluntly.

I can't believe it
"So you've never been attracted to me at all? My appearance? My personality? My... 'Insistence'? It all disgusts you?"

Sasuke looked over her.
She's all teary eyed now... I hate when women cry. Although there's barely a moment when they don't
Sasuke sighed again.
"Look Karin, at first you were considerable. I think you're physically decent to look at, you have reasonable intelligence and your personality, although annoying, is not as annoying as some as the other girls I've met in the past."

Karin was bewildered still.
The sad thing is, is that he probably thinks he is complimenting me; 'physically decent', 'reasonable intelligence'.

Sasuke continued.
"But then Karin you got obsessive. You think I didn't notice you stealing one of my shirts? Spying on me training? Trying to look when I showered at outposts? I find it degrading you think you could just use me as the object of your fantasies whilst you put your hands down your pants when I'm down by the river and yes, I knew you were doing it."

Karin went bright scarlet.
I can't believe he's saying this
"You want to talk about degrading? How about putting your heart on your sleeve only to have the person you want to give it to most rip it off and trample on it! I love you so much Sasuke! Why couldn't you just love me back?"

Karin was near screaming at Sasuke, tears still going down her checks like a broken faucet. She had cracked.
"I can't believe you! The way you think you can just... just INSULT me like that and get away with it? What makes you think you have any right to do that?"

Sasuke smirked.
She just doesn't give up does she?
"Well firstly Karin you did ASK for my opinion and now that I'm giving it you're getting all upset; that's not my fault. And secondly, I know I can say whatever I want because I know you'll just crawl right back again. After this you're going to run away to your tent crying and screaming, cursing my name and then... then you'll find excuses as to why I said these things. Maybe it was your fault? And then you'll find some fault in yourself, try to fix it and then come right back here to start this all over again. You want to know how I know this? Because it always happens Karin! If you weren't such a damn good ninja and I needed you on this team so much I would have killed you by now! You're nothing special to me Karin. So don't go thinking you'll ever change my mind."

Karin stood there, not even crying anymore she was in that much shock. Her heart was completely ripped right down the middle. She felt as if he had literally broken it. Sasuke was never THIS rude to her. Had she just done this one too many times? Karin conceded defeat to the argument. She couldn't even look at his perfect face she was so upset.

I have to get out of here. I think I'm going to be sick
"All I ever wanted was to be with you"
And with that Karin tore out of the forest and down to the river.