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Hopefully the Suigetseu and Karin action at the end will be enough to sustain you until the end.
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Karin sat down on the edge of the river. She washed her face with the cool water.
I have to wash away all these tears. I've got to be strong
Karin sniffed.
"I can't believe how much he hurt me..."

"What did he do now?" Said a voice from behind her.

"None of your damn business Suigetseu!" Karin shouted.
He doesn't have to know. I know Sasuke won▓t tell him because he barely speaks anyway. Well, except for when he's saying what a low life piece of shit I am...

Suigetseu sat down next to Karin.
"Look Karin, I know I'm usually a jerk to you but I don't detest you"
Karin let out a sniff at his choice of words.
"Tell me, what did Sasuke do to you?"

Karin sighed.
"It's what he doesn't do that upsets me."

"What? You mean jump you in the sack like he does with those other girls he picks up in outpost towns"
Unbelievable. She's been trying to seduce him again. She doesn't learn, does she?

"Hey! Don't say it like that! I know he picks up girls but that's only to... you know. You do it too!"

"Humph. Not when I'm standing next to Sasuke I don't"
Damn him. Why do all the pretty girls go for him? I'm always stuck with his leftovers...

"I don't just want a quick root from him Suigetseu. I want something more. I want him to love me"
But he'll never...

"Karin, the man's never loved anyone in his entire life. Maybe you should focus on... someone else"
Get it?

"Humph, who else is there? No one compares to Sasuke"
It hasn't even been half an hour yet and I'm already defending him. Sasuke was right.

"Well... maybe not PHYSICALLY... but what about on the inside? Don't you think you should find someone who likes you on the inside"
Please get it!

"Hmm maybe. But I don't just like Sasuke because he's hot!"

"Oh really? What is it then? The way he lights up a room with his smile?" Suigetseu said sarcastically.

"He's so dark and brooding. I suppose it's that whole 'lost puppy' thing. I KNOW there's a sweet guy in there somewhere but it's just been covered by his desire for revenge. But once that's over with, I just know the real Sasuke will come out"
At least... I hope so.

Suigetseu was baffled.
Ugh I'm going to be sick
"But come on Karin tell me what happened. You didn't just start randomly crying because Sasuke doesn't love you. Something must have gone on. I won▓t laugh; I promise."

I guess I can tell him. He seems sincere

Karin told Suigetseu the events of what just happened. Suigetseu listened intently and didn't even crack a smile.

"That bastard!" He said when she'd finished. "I oughta tear him a new one!"

Karin laughed.
"Yeah right Suigetseu! He'd pummel you in less than 3 seconds! Haha."

Suigetseu laughed as well.
I'm glad I could make her smile
"Yeah probably. Look don't even worry about Sasuke. He's just a dick."

Karin▓s smile faltered.
"Yeah I know that but... he just draws me back in again"
And he doesn't even WANT to draw me back in again.

Suigetseu shifted closer to her.
"You know Karin... what you need is someone to take your mind of Sasuke."

Karin sighed.
"I need ANYTHING to take my mind of Sasuke right now..."

Suigetseu reached up to Karin▓s face and lifted her chin up so she was looking at him in the eyes.
He leaned and kissed her softly on the mouth. Karin just sat there utterly speechless whilst Suigetseu kept kissing her limp lips.


Karin kissed back, which was a relief to Suigetseu as he was starting to worry. As the kiss progressed with a little more passion it turned into rapid touching. Groping every part of eaches bodies with their hands. Suigetseu slid his hands past Karin▓s waistband as Karin arched her back, moaning into Suigetseu's mouth.

Standing within the shadows of the trees, as red eyes blazed down on the two in passionate embrace, an angry Shinobi watched on in secret.