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Story Title: To Sin Is Spirit
Chapter Title: Whatever He Does, It's Perfect
Romance: Yubel x Juudai
Notes: And this brings them all to the end. I've danced all over the timeline, but I had fun every step of the way. And I hope you enjoyed reading these sinful little stories.

He was so perfect. So wonderful. So Juudai. Anything he did was perfect by nature, simply because he was the one doing it. He didn't yet grasp that, but she would make certain that he did. Really, he had so much to learn, and she did at times worry if there was enough time for him to learn it all. But she had faith he would do well. She knew him better than he knew himself, after all.

She knew who he was. She knew who he had been. She knew who he could be. And more, she knew who he should be. Only she knew it all about him.

He wouldn't believe her if she told him. So she let him wander about for the moment, learning only little bits and pieces from here and there, sometimes telling him something herself if necessary. The look on his face whenever he found out something about them was so wonderful.

It was almost as delicious as the look on his face when he broke entirely and became the precious Haou, the Supreme King. She had watched him and enjoyed every moment of what he did. His glorious golden-eyed self, showing the power that she had sacrificed so much for, in order to protect him, revealed at last.

No one could have done what he had done in the Dark World quite so well or with as much style. Or as much ruthlessness. He had been amazing, and she had watched every second that she could, admiring it. Perhaps now he would believe what she'd told him. But regardless of if he did or didn't, she still was bursting with pride over what he was doing.

Oh, she knew that not all of his friends were gone. But the ones who had escaped would be found soon enough and the others who had found their way into this world would also suffer the wrath of the Haou. They could try to avoid it all they wanted, but it would happen. She would watch from any place she could to see just what he did with them. Not that she didn't already know. But still, seeing all the variations that could happen was part of the fun.

The Haou was a master of torment and destruction. She approved of that in him. He finally knew the pain that she did, and those who had taken him away from her had been punished. Quite thoroughly. Oh, she knew very well that they weren't actually dead. She knew firsthand that they weren't. Some of them were quite tasty, actually. If she would say anything good about these Juudai-thieves, it was that. The one who had some sort of ties to the other side of the Darkness was especially toothsome.

At the rate he was going, there would be virtually nothing left of them, even if he were somehow stopped. That was all to the good, since it would mean he wouldn't really be stopped. As long as he never knew the truth, or could not get to them in time, she would have so much of a better chance to convince him to come to her. To come to where he belonged.

He had so much work ahead of him, and he was working on it without rest of any kind. That, she did worry about. Even the Haou had some human weaknesses, and the human need to eat and sleep. She wanted, she needed to protect him more than anything, and if he pushed himself too far without that rest and nourishment then he would do himself damage and not even realize it.

But there was still that pride, that love, that shot through her whenever she saw what he was doing. It had always been that way, from when he was just a little prince so long ago. He'd once made a small sand castle that had been washed away on the beach, and he'd been close to tears because of it. She'd shown him how to build a better one, and he'd hugged her close and told her he didn't know what he'd do without her…

Well. Now she knew. He'd forget her and go to other people to be happy with.

And yet…some part of her was proud of his ability to cause her pain like that.

Whatever Juudai did, it was wonderful. Without any question at all.

The End