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Chapter 1


"Aerrow! Look out!" I yelled to our Sky Knight as the Dark Ace tried to sneak up on him from behind. Whirling around, Aerrow ducked just in time to miss getting shot by a burst of energy from our enemy's glowing red blade.

I sighed as I turned back to the battle raging before me. Aerrow could take care of himself, he always did. Besides, he had Radarr to help him.

I quickly propelled my heliscooter forward into the swarm of Cyclonian Talons.

"Why do the Cyclonians always have to attack us?" I mumbled as I shot an unsuspecting talon with a blizzard crystal. I smirked as he jumped off of his useless ride, deploying his parachute only to get it caught in the thick tree canopy of Amazonia.

What started off as a simple recon mission turned into a full fledged battle above the terra when we spotted the Cyclonian base hidden in the jungle.

"Piper, I could use a little bit of help over here!" Finn called to me as I shook myself free from my thoughts.

"Coming!" I yelled as I sped off towards Finn and his smoking skimmer.

"With a little more training you would make an excellent Talon!" The Dark Ace said to me while trying to knock me off of my skimmer.

"As I've told you before, I'd rather eat dirt than join Cyclonia!"

"That can be arranged." The Dark Ace smirked as he pulled his blade back in preparation to strike me down. I side stepped his swing and kicked him in the stomach while he was unguarded.

As he fell, he opened his battle glider and in moments was standing on his own Switchblade Elite.

"You never learn, do you Aerrow?" Dark Ace said as he pointed behind my head. I slowly turned around to come face to face with Master Cyclonis, as evil looking as ever with all of her black capes and what not that she usually wore.

"Hello Sky Night." She said, smiling evilly.

Without hesitation I jumped back down onto my skimmer and headed off to where my teammates were still holding off the remaining Talons. I knew that I was being pursued, but I couldn't look back. Besides Radarr's screaming was giving me a pretty good idea if anyone was catching up to me or shooting at me.

"Look out!" I heard Aerrow yell to me as he zoomed past with the Dark Ace in close pursuit.

"Huh?" I mumbled as I looked around the skies that surrounded me. That's when I heard it – the dark evil laugh of my "Best friend forever". I cringed as I looked around to see a purplish black sphere of energy come floating out of the clouds in front of me with Master Cyclonis inside.

"This can't be good." I groaned, Master Cyclonis'moniacal laughter reaching my ears.

Blue energy clashed against red while I fought against the Dark Ace. His horrifying frown suddenly turned into an evil grin as he pushed me off of his ride.

Luckily Radarr was there to catch me as always. I looked up to where the Dark Ace had been, half expecting him to come swooping at me in rage, but he was gone.

I tried to ignore the bad feeling that was growing inside me, but I just couldn't shrug it off. Hoping my gut feeling was wrong; I turned my skimmer around and headed off to make sure the rest of the Storm Hawks were ok.

Aerrow pulled up beside me on his skimmer, just as dumbfounded as I was. Why would Master Cyclonis be joining her Talons in a petty fight against us? Were we really that much of a threat to her?

"Piper…." Finn whined, sitting on Junko's skimmer. Obviously his skimmer had been blown up a while ago.

"I know Finn!" I said, getting really annoyed with him trying to point out the obvious.

"Umm, Piper, what type of crystals does she have?" Aerrow's words snapped my attention to Master Cyclonis. I stared at the two crystals in her hands. One was a murky blue colour while the other was pitch black.

"Oh no!" I gasped as the realization of what type ofcrystals they were hit me.

"By the look of fear on your face, I believe you know what these crystals are, do you not?" Cyclonis remarked more to me than the rest of my team. Continuing she said, "Go on Piper, tell them what sort of impending doom awaits them."

"Piper?" Aerrow said to me, question in his voice.

"The blue one is a knock out Crystal." Pausing I continued, "The black one, a black out stone."

"Good bye Storm Hawks!" Master Cyclonis cried as energy from the blue crystal knocked out Aerrow, Radarr, Junko and Finn. She then raised the black crystal, a dark cloud of energy forming around it. Aiming and firing it at me she exclaimed, "Good bye Piper!"

As darkness tried to over take me, I saw several Talons flying away with my squadron members. I groaned as evil laughter enveloped my ears, and the impending darkness over whelmed me.

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