A/N This has been taking up space on my computer since November, and I've finally gotten around to uploading it. There are a few things in need of tweaking and it's far out of my current style, but I hope you enjoy anyway. Any feedback is much appreciated.

Pairing: one-sided SamLirael


There was never such an ugly word in all the world. Sameth could never have imagined that such disappointment could be contained in a single syllable. She was his aunt, and there had never been worse news to receive, the sort of news that shattered the heart and tore at the soul without mercy.

In an instant, Lirael, who had been just within his grasp – so close it was almost tangible – was now unattainable. His feelings were immoral in the worst possible way, and Sameth was well aware. Yet, how could one wipe the slate of infatuation clean? How could he rid himself of those curiously dark eyes weighted with troubled days that he would have easily washed away? How could he still his racing pulse when the slightest though of her entered his mind?

It wasn't fair!

Aunts weren't supposed to be your age. They weren't supposed to be beautiful. And they certainly weren't supposed to merit such feelings from their nephews.

Sameth could create anything he set his mind to. Almost anything. What he desired the most was beyond the limits of manual labor and Charter magic. He could not create for Lirael an identity that would not link her name with that ugly four letter word—aunt.