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Wild Geki

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 1: RinJyuKen Gets a Surprise

It seemed to be another ordinary day at the SCRTC building. The people were working hard and orders were made just like usual. However, this was the front of the company. The real core of the company was at the top floor.

You see, the main mission of SCRTC was to combat evil forces of the JinRyuKen with their own GekiJyuKen. The basic style of JyuKen was a fighting style that was based on various beasts and their movements. Over time, this school was split into two different schools. One was a school of justice which was called GekiJyuKen. The other was a school of evil which was called RinJyuKen Akugata. GekiJyuKen believed strongly in the principles of justice and the use of positive emotions in their battles. It believed that in all things there was training. RinJyuKen Akugata was the opposite. It believed in using negative emotions to become stronger and that fighting was the only way to become stronger.

On the top floor of SCRTC was where one of the seven kensei, Shafu, was busy drinking tea along with his friend and student Miki while the three students of GekiJyuKen were busy training themselves for the next assault that the RinJyuKen Akugata may send.

Miki was an attractive woman who appeared to be somewhere in her late twenties to early thirties. She often wore a nice and comfortable business suit. She was the head of research and development of SCRTCH and a student of GekiJyuKen, even if she did not practice as much as she used to anymore. These days, she usually ran her department while assisting Shafu and his students in training, be it from information to obtaining training equipment or transportation.

Master Shafu was an odd character by himself. He was a master of GekiJyuKen Felie-Ken and he had become part cat after using a forbidden technique of GekiJyuKen. His body was somewhat pudgy but that only hid his true skill. Most did not see this skill since he had put himself under a vow never to fight again. He had a cat head and paws which were a golden color. He wore a dark red bodysuit with a purple scarf wrapped around his neck. He was also wearing a pair of boots and a triangle around his belt. Sometimes he would adopt the mannerisms of a cat when he would play with cat toys or enjoy catnip like other cats.

Shafu's three students were busy training themselves. Each of them embodied the three points of the GekiJyuKen triangle. Honest Heart, Fantastic Technique, and Unbreakable Body. Their names were Jan Kandou, Ran Uzuki, and Retsu Fukami. They were also known under another name. They were called Gekirangers.

Ran Uzuki was also known as GekiYellow. She was the only female on the team but that did not mean she was the weakest. With the power of her Honest Heart and her Cheetah-ken, she would put anything and everything into her training. She could master a new technique in due time and truly be great at it. She was a slight neat freak too. Appearance wise she was a woman who looked to be in her early twenties with black hair that was tied back into a short ponytail. She was wearing a yellow Chinese-themed shirt with a black skirt and yellow shoes. On her hands were her GekiChangers which allowed her to change into GekiYellow. At the moment, she was training with the training robot supplied by SCRTC called Robotuff.

Retsu Fukami was known as GekiBlue. He practised the style Jaguar-ken. He focused more on techniques in battle more than anything. He was a skilled fighter and could pick up on many techniques fairly quickly. He was also very skilled in other fields like art. He had a good eye for the artistic and very much enjoyed anything artistic. He seemed in his twenties as well with short black hair.He was wearing a shirt that looked the same as Ran's except that it was blue. He was also wearing long black pants with blue shoes. He likewise kept his GekiChangers on his hands at all times. At the moment he was practicing with his GekiTonfa so to refine his technique with them.

The last student was Jan Kudou, also known as GekiRed. He had been a student of Shafu's the least amount of time. Jan had been mostly raised in the wild where he would learn to fight from pandas and other animals. He had accidentally learned of GekiJyuKen when Miki had crashed her plane in his forest and had to fight against the forces of the RinJyuKen Akugata. Since he had been raised away from most people he didn't know how to describe some things. When he didn't know what to call something, he would usually make up his own words for it that most people didn't understand until he explained it. Jan was in a red shirt similar to what his fellow students and friends wore. He had a pair of black pair of pants with red shoes. Jan looked to be in his early twenties with messy red hair. At the moment, Jan was busy looking through his box of treasures which was mainly things he found in the forest or sparkling things he had never seen before.

"It seems things are peaceful today," Miki commented as she poured herself another cup of tea.

"True," Shafu nodded as he sipped his own tea. "It is rather enjoyable to have peace for a change. Of course, we must remain vigilant."

"Yah! Yah!" Ran shouted at each punch she put into Robotuff's padded hands. "Don't worry Master Shafu! We'll be ready for the RinJyuKen Akugata when they show up again."

"Yes," Retsu agreed from his training. "We will."

"Yatta!" Jan cheered from hsi seat. "We will! We will! Those zowazowa won't know what hit them!"

"Such enthusiasm," Miki smiled. "It's refreshing."

"Yes," Shafu nodded. "With students like these then GekiJyuKen will be prepared for whatever challenges will face them in the future."


Elsewhere, in a place called Nerima, there was a martial artist who could quite possibly be the best of his generation. His name was Ranma Saotome and his list of accomplishments was rather long. He had done such accomplishments such as defeating the Battle Dogi, the Mark of God, and master techniques such as the Katchu Tenshin Amiguriken and the Hiyru Shouten Ha in a matter of days. He had also defeated such opponents such as Herb of the Musk Dynasty and Saffron of the Phoenix People. All of these were seen as either impossible or a pipe dream to some fool, but he had done it.

Ranma's personal history was not a smooth one. Being trained to be a martial artist since he was five by his father had left his social skills incredibly low. It was predictable since his father didn't see those as important. Also, thanks to his father, Ranma was now trapped in three engagements to three different girls, which he knew of, with no way out. He was engaged to Ukyo Kuonji thanks to his father accepting her dowry, even if he did steal it. He was engaged to Shampoo of the Chinese Amazons thanks to the man pigging out on their tribal prize and thus making Ranma challenge her to a fight and beating her. According to her laws, if a man defeats an Amazon then that Amazon must marry him. Finally, he was engaged to Akane Tendo of the Tendo School of Anything Goes thanks to a pledge between their fathers' wish to unite the schools of Anything Goes.

In the days since the failed wedding and the defeat of Saffron, things had gone back to the norm for Nerima. The fiancées fought tooth and nail to claim Ranma like he was a trophy to be won. Ranma's various rivals would try to destroy him so that their various loves/obsessions would be free to go to them. The fathers had even restarted their own campaign to force their offspring to get married despite a number of protests. In all, Ranma felt that things were back to normal.

At the moment, he was walking to his mother's house to hopefully try and get some peace. At first Ranma was somewhat fearful to go near his mother because before Ranma and Genma left on their training trip, Genma tricked a five-year-old Ranma into signing a seppuku contract that would have him and his father commit seppuku if Ranma was anything but a man among men. Thus Ranma had to pretend to be Akane's cousin Ranko whenever Nodoka Saotome would come to visit.

Did we mention that Ranma could change into a girl thanks to a Jusenkyo curse that his bonehead father gave him during an ill-fated trip to a training ground in China?

Thankfully, Nodoka felt that Ranma was incredibly manly even when he was in female form. Despite gaining the acceptance of his mother, Ranma still couldn't see her that often because when he tried moving back into his mother's house, the fiancées had demolished it when they had gotten into a fight over him. He usually tried to see his mother when he was sure the fiancées wouldn't follow him. He didn't want his mother's new house to be ruined thanks to another stupid catfight.

Ranma rounded another corner before he stopped at a very new house that still gleamed in a new shine. Out front near a garden was a pretty woman who looked about middle aged with red hair tied in a bun and wearing a kimono. She had a sword wrapped in cloth by her side. This was Ranma's mother Nodoka Saotome.

"Hey Mom!" Ranma greeted as he started stepping closer to the Saotome house.

"Hm?" Nodoka blinked before she turned to see her son walking towards her. A bright smile came over her face as she saw her him. "Oh hello Ranma! It's so good to see you!"

Nodoka didn't hesitate in sweeping her son up in a hug. Ranma stiffened slightly, thanks to a reflex saying that if he is hugged by a girl then he was going to get hurt. After a moment, he relaxed enough to return the hug. Nodoka noticed the hesitation but she decided to ask her son about that later. Right now she just wanted to enjoy his company. He came over so little and she so dreadfully missed him. She could have visited him at the Tendo Dojo but she had her own responsibilities most of the time.

"Well, let's go inside for some tea," Nodoka smiled as she picked up her sword and lead her son inside. "How have things been between you and Akane? What about those other nice girls? I'm sorry the wedding turned out like it did. Genma told me you were looking so forward to it."

"I'm sure," Ranma sighed angrily, getting tired of the lies his father would spew to either get out of trouble or get Ranma married to Akane. He and his mother took a seat at the table before speaking again. "Well, things are still the same as they've always been. The Fiancée Brigade is still fighting over me while the rivals want to kill me for 'stealing' their loves. I don't mean to complain, but I'm getting tired of it."

"Why?" Nodoka blinked. "It is very manly to have so many women after you."

"I guess," Ranma shrugged. "But the problem is that I don't want them to chase me. All they do is fight, shout, play tricks, and destroy property. I mean, they did destroy our old house."

"True," Nodoka nodded. "They could learn a little restraint but they are young girls in love after all."

"Love," Ranma snorted. "I'm not even sure what it is personally."

"What?" Nodoka blinked. "But...don't you love Akane?"

"Thought I did," Ranma shrugged while looking at his hands. He knew that talking like this to his mother could end up incredibly badly, but he didn't feel like he had a choice anymore. "But...when I thought about it, I really don't know what love really is. I've never seen what love looks like and I've never really experienced it. Heck, I've never even been given a parent's love before."

Nodoka suddenly felt very hurt. She was also feeling a little confused. How could Ranma not know what love was? He was surrounded by lovely girls who vied for his affection and his father was always there for him. Nodoka also knew that she loved her son very much. He even lived with one of his fiancées. How could he not know what love is?

"Ranma," Nodoka asked. "Could you please explain?"

"Sure," Ranma nodded. "At the Tendo dojo, I guess Kasumi is the best example for love. But that's sibling love. I don't really have any siblings so that doesn't help me. Nabiki is always scamming me out of whatever money I have or get and Mr. Tendo is always trying to pressure me into marrying Akane. He doesn't say much else besides 'you will marry Akane' these days."

"What about your father and Akane?" asked Nodoka. "Surely they have been..."

"Not really," Ranma shrugged. He figured he might as well come clean about his life in general since his mother had asked. He really couldn't refuse her anything. "All Pops has ever done is call me a weak little girl, sell me out behind my back, or make me clean up his messes. He hasn't really said anything nice to me or even said thank-you for helping him. Akane's a little better I guess. She can be nice sometimes, but all we do is fight or ignore each other. I may be dumb but even I can tell that's not love."

"But I thought you and Akane got along so well," Nodoka sighed. "Why would you two keep fighting?"

"Well, we kind of start insulting each other now and then," Ranma shrugged. "The main reasons though are basically the other girls keep trying to claim me by hugging me or something else and she usually sees and accuses me of being a pervert before hitting me. That's more or less the problem. She can't trust me and I don't know the first thing about relationships. It doesn't help that the other fiancées try to tear us apart or just try to steal me away. Some days I can't help but feel like they only see me as a piece of property."

There. He had said it. Ranma Saotome had finally admitted that he didn't know something. He admitted how he felt about his current situation. A landmark moment if there ever was one. All it took was for his mother asking why. A good son could never really refuse their mother anything after all.

"Ranma," Nodoka breathed, never having seen her son like this before. "Ranma, why didn't you tell me this before?"

"Because I thought you would see this as unmanly," Ranma sighed. It was the do or die moment now. If he ticked her off then she would demand him to commit seppuku at any moment. "But since you were the only one I could ask what love was and get a straight answer without trying to push me towards Akane or another girl I had no choice."

"I see," Nodoka nodded. She had to admit that a number of things began to make sense for her. It explained why Ranma never seemed to want to get married and why he never seemed to enjoy receiving affection from those girls. It also seemed to explain why he was so confused when he was asked about his feelings. He just didn't know what the right thing to feel was. He didn't even know how to deal with women in the first place. If he didn't know what love truly was then how was he expected to be happily married and have a family of his own?

Lots of people knew that Nodoka wanted lots of grandchildren but that was because she had grown up as a single child and it was a terribly lonely life. When she had Ranma, Genma had taken him off on that training trip before she could work on having more children and Genma always seemed to dislike the thought of having more children to care for. It seemed he would rather have other people to take care of him. This led to why Nodoka wanted lots of grandchildren. That was one of the reasons she wanted Ranma to be manly. That way it would be easy for him to attract women and hopefully find that special someone for himself. She wanted Ranma to feel the love of a big family and a loving wife, but if he didn't know what love was then how was he supposed to understand how wonderful being married and having a family could be? When she had given birth to Ranma, Nodoka felt so happy she just wanted to hold onto the little baby and never let go.

"Oh Ranma. I'm so sorry," Nodoka frowned sadly.

"Huh?" Ranma blinked. "Why?"

"Because I have been ignorant of all your problems and haven't even tried to help you in your time of need," Nodoka shuddered with traces of tears in her eyes. "I had no idea it was this bad for you."

"Ah, I survive," Ranma shrugged. The image of his crying mother was sending warning signals to his mind. If he didn't calm her down soon then something was going to happen which involved him getting hurt. Badly. "It's no big deal."

"It is," Nodoka argued. "I suppose a little lesson on love is in order isn't it?'

Ranma felt a little surprised. His mom wasn't about to visit pain on him or demand for his death? To say he was a little surprised was a little bit of an understatement. Still, if he understood what his mom was saying, then she might be able to help him in the fiancée mess by clearing up a few things.

"I'd appreciate it," Ranma snickered. "Kami-sama knows I can use it. It might resolve this mess with the fiancées somehow."

Very well," Nodoka smiled.

Before the Saotome matriarch could explain the concept of love to her son, several screams erupted from down the street. Ranma was up and out the door in a shot. Nodoka could barely see him move before he was gone. She could only hope that her son would be okay if the origin of the scream was bad. Then again, he was being incredibly many by helping others.

-----------------SCRTC HQ--------------------

Jan was working through some more of his treasures before he suddenly gasped and stood up. At the same time, Master Shafu's eyes opened wide as he felt the dark essence of a RinJyuKen Akugata attack.

"Zowazowa!" Jan cried loudly. Both Retsu and Ran immediately stopped their training.

"Well what are we waiting for?" asked Retsu. "Let's go!"

"Right!" Ran nodded seriously.

"Ikuzo!" Jan agreed.


Ranma followed the source of the scream up to one of the main streets in Nerima. When he finally found the source, he found one of the more odd sights of Nerima. The people were running away in terror, but the source was a little confusing. They were running from several figures in brown outfits that had brown masks on. The parts of their faces that were visible were plain and looked like they were pure white with red lining some features. All of them were hopping along with their arms extended outward. Ranma began to wonder just what was so scary about them until he saw them start attacking some nearby people ferociously. Ranma could also tell that as dopey as they looked, they were experienced martial artists. It was in their moves as they jumped and made their attacks. For the first time, Ranma could feel real disgust. The pale guys were using martial arts to harm people and there was no way that he was going to stand for it.

"Hey! Palefaces!" Ranma shouted, catching the attention of the brown thugs. "How about fighting a real opponent?"

The thugs immediately took that as a threat and began hopping towards him. Ranma likewise charged towards the thugs, raring for a fight and teach them what real martial arts were about. Before he actually reached the mob, he leaped over them and used their heads as stepping stones before landing at the back of the mob. He spied a triangle on their backs which pointed downwards and had markings in it. He assumed it was the symbol of their school. As the thugs began to turn around, he launched an upper roundhouse which knocked three of the thugs down. The others didn't even hesitate as they charged to attack Ranma.

As Ranma started to lay into the Rinshii, the students of Shafu came running onto the scene. At first they assumed that the shock troopers of the RinJyuKen Akugata were causing chaos as usual so they were about to join the battle.

"Zowazowa!" Jan frowned as he got ready to fight.

"Wait!" Ran suddnely shouted out as she spied something different from the last attacks. "There's someone fighting the Rinshii!"

"What!" Restsu and Jan cried at the same time. Both men looked to see the mob of Rinshii sudddenly part as a young man in Chinese clothes rolled across the ground and come back to a fighting stance.

"Wow!" Jan grinned. "So cool!"

"I don't believe it," Retsu blinked. "He's actually fighting the Rinshii and winning!"

"Well?" Ran huffed. "Let's help already!"

"Right!" Jan and Retsu nodded. All three of the GekiJyuKen students charged to assist the martial artist who had gotten an early start.

Ranma had come to a stop as he faced the remaining thugs in brown. They were tough, that was for sure. They could take a hit too. A few of them needed a few hits just to stay down. Luckily, they had jerky movements and had predictable attacks. Despite their training, Ranma's only worry was the numbers that he was against. If he didn't watch how much effort he was putting into this battle then he'd tore himself out and possibly get his butt kicked. If there was one thing that Ranma never did, it was lose a fight. He only had setbacks.

As he was preparing to go at the thugs again, he suddenly found three new people at his sides. Two guys in red and blue were on his left while a girl in yellow was on his right. Their sudden appearance had the pigtailed martial artists somewhat confused.

"Hey," He asked. "Who are you guys?"

"We'll explain later," the guy in blue replied. "Right now we have to deal with these Rinshii.

"Rinshii?" asked Ranma.

"Yes," the girl in yellow nodded. "They're the soldiers of the RinJyuKen Akugata. They're also reanimated bodies of past students of the school."

"They're zombies!" Ranma gaped.

He received nods from the girl in yellow and her friend. Ranma barely suppressed a gulp. This was turning into some kind of horror movie for him. One of the last things he had been expecting was martial artist zombies, but considering his life, it was only a matter of time.

"So, we can beat them right?" asked Ranma. "There's no real trick to taking them down or anything?"

"Ha!" the guy in red laughed. "We can beat them down! We always do!"

"Well, that answers my question," Ranma grinned as he took a battle stance. "Let's just beat these guys and get it over with!"

The three colored martial artists nodded before stepping forward to face the mob. Ranma was slightly confused by the action until all three of them pointed their hands forward while having their thumbs pointed at each other and their index fingers pointed straight up.

"Taigaire! Power of the Beast!" the called at the same time. They then brought their arms together before clasping one fist into their opposite hand and clamping down. "Beast On!"

The martial artists then put their arms into a windmill motion before rearing back for a punch and then thrusting their hands forward. Ranma could actually feel the ki that they were putting into whatever technique they were using. His respect for the three suddenly shot up if they could pull out this much.

The three martial artists were suddenly engulfed in bright flashes of light that made Ranma and the Rinshii cover their eyes. When the light had died down, Ranma saw that his three new allies had changed form altogether.

The girl in yellow was now covered in a yellow bodysuit that had a short miniskirt. She was also wearing yellow boots and yellow gloves under her wristbands. She was also wearing a yellow helmet that had a black visor that covered her eyes. The back of her outfit had several black spots along the back and a cat scratch symbol on the front.

The man in blue had a similar outfit, but his was blue and didn't have a skirt on it. The back of his outfit had a large blotch of black with round blue rings which symbolized spots.

Finally, the man in red was now donned in a red version of his friend's outfits except that his was decorated with black stripes on the back.

Ranma wasn't sure just what kind of technique the three had used but he was a little torn at the moment if he wanted to learn it at the moment. He would have to see if the new outfits offered any kind of protection in battle. Well, that and all three reminded him dangerously of those furry demons from hell that chased mice.

"This body swells with infinite energy!" the guy in red called while moving through some kata motions. "Unbreakable Body! GekiRed!"

"With daily purification polishing the heart!" the girl in yellow spoke up doing her own set of motions. "Honest Heart! GekiYellow!"

"Techniques color this grand flower!" the guy in blue spoke with another set of movements. "Fantastic Technique! GekiBlue!"

"The blazing Geki is the proof of justice!" GekiRed called.

"Jyuken Sentai!" all three called before moving into a pose. "GekiRanger!"

Normally Ranma found moves like this useless and hilarious, but this wasn't the case this time. With each movement the three GekiRangers were actually warning the Rinshii about what they were capable of in terms of abilities. GekiYellow said that she put her all into whatever she did. GekiRed had said that he was the strongest physically of the three. GekiBlue had said that he knew the most techniques. Also, Ranma could feel the ki that all three of the martial artists were giving off even after their transformation. He had to give the three credit, they knew what they were doing.

"Hmmm," a new female voice. "You three pests again?"

The Rinshii's parted as two new combatants came walking past them to face Ranma and the GekiRangers. One of them was a woman who was donned in green Chinese clothes with high-heeled boots. She had mostly black hair but two large braids put up in green spirals. Ranma had to admit that she would give his fiancées a big run for their money. The person next to her looked more like the Rinshii, but different. He was donned in red robes that had furry shoulders. His entire face was revealed to be white with red lines highlighting his features. His eyes were also visible, but they were pure black. On his head was a metal cap with depicted a piranha on the front. Ranma could tell that the two were real fighters. Their ki was way higher than the Rinshii.

"Mele!" GekiRed growled as he saw her arrive.

"You three are a bunch of pests!" Mele pouted as she glared at the GekiRangers. "We go out of the way to gather the screams of despair and you still come to bug us!"

Mele's eyes then turned to look at Ranma. She had witnessed how he had taken on the Rinshii by himself and was actually winning. He was definitely impressive for a regular human. Rather attractive when she thought about it. Of course, nowhere near as handsome as her precious Rio-sama. Still, he must have a high skill level if he was able to keep up with the Rinshi.

"You! Boy!" Mele spoke as she pointed at Ranma. "Who are you? How dare you interfere with our operation!"

"Heh," Ranma smirked. "My name is Ranma Saotome of the school of Anything Goes Martial Arts. As for why I was busting you guys up? Simple, marital arts exist to protect the weak. I will not stand by at let you abuse them!"

"Tsk!" Mele sighed irritably. "Another do-gooder. How troublesome!"

"Yatta!" GekiRed cheered before he dashed over to Ranma. He seemed excited as he continued to look Ranma over. "You're just like us! Blazing Geki! Hah ha!"

"Uh..sure," Ranma snickered. He couldn't help but laugh.

"He seems happy," GekiBlue commented.

"Yes he does," GekiYellow agreed.

Over with Mele and her minions, the one in red began to laugh, "Ha! Bring as many allies as you want! It won't matter who you have with you! We will still destroy you all! Rinshii! Attack!"

The Rinshii all took positions and charged forward in their hopping formations. Ranma and the Gekirangers turned their attention back to the battle. With an unspoken signal, all four of the fighters charged at the Rinshii and thus began their battle.

"Geki Nunchucks!" GekiRed called before he pulled out a set of nunchucks that had cat heads depicted on the ends. Quickly moving into a whirlwind of motion, he dove into thee Rinshii. He spun the nunchucks around and made impact with several Rinshii who were too close. He then completed a roundhouse kick while swinging the nunchucks in the other direction to deal with both sides that were swarming with Rinshii. GekiRed then flipped backwards and knocked one Rinshii into the ground before using it as a springboard and launching a flying kick at several more Rinshii.

"Geki Tonfa!" GekiBlue called before a pair of strait rods with handles appeared on his hands. He then attacked the Rinshii with percision and grace. As the Rinshii would try to hit him, GekiBlue would dodge their attacks while managing to hit them as he was dodging. He completed his movements with a sweep kick which knocked down the last Rninshii before slamming its chest with one of his tonfa.

"Geki Tonfa! Long Baton!" GekiYellow called before summoning a pair of tonfa like GekiBlue's. Then she connected the weapons together to make a staff. She twirled it in her hands and managed to knock a few Rinshii over the head. She flipped over a low attack from another Rinshii before using her staff in a low sweep which knocked over several of her opponents. Getting back up to her feet, she jabbed straight and hit another Rinshii, knocking it over.

"Bring it on!" Ranma grinned as he dove headfirst into a group of Rinshii which had attacked him. He ducked and rolled past them before unleashing an upper kick which sent the target Rinshii into his fellows. Without letting them recover, Ranma charged forward and used a flying kick to keep them off balance. With the Rinshi still struggling to get their act together again, Ranma cupped his hands together and brought them back. A sphere of blue energy began to form as Ranma poured more confidence into the attack. As the Rinshii were finally getting back up, he unleashed his attack, "Moko Takabisha!"

The orb of concentrated ki streaked from Ranma's outstretched hands and right towards the Rinshii. They couldn't even move before it hit them with a compressed blast. The force of the blow had sent them all flying like bowling pins. As they came crashing back to the ground, Ranma smirked as he turned back to Mele and the Rinshii in red.

"Is that the best you RinJyuKen Akugata clowns have?" he asked. "If it is then I'm not surprised you guys get beaten all the time!"

"What!" the Rinshii in red growled. "How dare you insult the RinJyuKen Akugata! I'll crush you!"

"I'd like to see a walking stiff manage that!" Ranma laughed. "Your buddies sure couldn't!"

"I am not some lousy Rinshii! I am a Rinrinshi!" the now dubbed Rinrinshii barked as he started walking towards Ranma. "I have way more power then the rest of them!"

"I'll believe that when I see it," Ranma yawned. On the inside though, he was ready to fight as strongly as he could. The Rinrinshii wasn't kidding when he said he was stronger than the Rinshii. The power was coming off in waves when it was compared to the Rinshii. That girl Mele was the only one who outranked him at the moment.

"Then prepare yourself!" the Rinrinshii growled. "The victims of my techniques are always left in pieces!"

The battle then commenced between the pigtailed martial artist and the Rinrinshii. Ranma didn't hold any expectations when he began to fight. What he got was something above average for his usual fights. The Rinrinshii was proving to be incredibly fast. Its punches were dangerously close to Amaguriken speed. Ranma was actually feeling some moderate to high effort being put into this battle.

As the battle continued, Mele was watching in growing interest. The boy had defeated a number of Rinshii and was apparently fighting a Rinrinshii with some amount of effort. If this kept up then the fool might have to transform to keep up the fight.

Ranma dodged several more rapid strikes before he decided that he needed to go on the counter attack. Dodging another attack, he rolled underneath it before coming up behind the Rinrinshii. It was preparing to block an attack from below, but Ranma had managed to see him tensing for the attack. So, Ranma did something unexpected. He leaped straight up and used another roundhouse to hit the Rinrinshii in the side of the head. It moaned in pain but rolled with the blow. Ranma pressed his advantage and started pounding away with several combination blows. The Rinrinshii stuck to his speed and managed to parry a few of them, but it wasn't enough to block several hits that collided with a number of spots that would make a regular person drop in pain. For a Rinrinshii, it only slowed him down. That didn't mean that it didn't feel the pain though.

"Grk!" the Rinrinshii growled as he stumbled back. "You little brat!"

"That the best you have?" Ranma asked, feeling tense for some reason. "I've been dealt insults way more damaging than your attacks."

"Why you little-!" the Rinrinshii raged. "That's it! I'm done toying with you! Jujin Jashin Hen!"

Ranma became even more tense as he felt the Shishirin powering up it's energy. Either it was ki or some other kind of energy; it was still spelling bad news. Ranma could only watch in a kind of morbid fascination as the Shishirin seemed to mutate and change in front of him. Its body shifted to a bulkier form which was scaly and had a navy blue hue. Fins sprouted from its shoulders and legs. Its feet were webbed and its hands looked like the heads of piranha. The face of a piranha could also be found on its chest. Its face was a weird fusion between piranha and human. It had a large mouth filled with jagged teeth and its eyes were glassy. Three sets of fins stretched along the top of its head. In all, Ranma was looking at a full-blown monster.

"What the heck are you?" Ranma managed to get out while gaping at his opponent.

"Allow me to introduce myself," the monster snickered. "I am of the RinJyuKen Akugata school. I am a practitioner of Piranha-ken. You can call me Pirhanos."

"So you went from paleface to fishface," Ranma frowned. "Big deal."


Off at the side, Mele was still watching the battle. The human was beginning to worry her. He had managed to force Pirhanos to change and had even found one of his personal sorespots. On the other hand, the boy had discovered it by accident and Pirhanos' anger was a big ticket for him to help win a battle. She personally wanted to see if the upstart little boy could take the heat.

Meanwhile, the GekiRangers were still being swamped by Rinshii. It seemed that more of them had decided to join fighting them after Ranma had knocked them away. As GekiYellow knocked away several particularly stubborn ones, she spied Ranma facing down against Pirhanos. She actually stiffened for a second as she saw them.

"Oh no!" she gasped before avoiding another assault by Rinshii. She then turned to her comrades who were trapped in their own battles with Rinshii. "Jan! Retsu!"

"Can't talk!" GekiBlue replied while beating away several Rinshii.

"Too many zowazowa!" GekiRed cried in the midst of several Rinshii.

GekiYellow attempted to get herself through the number of Rinshii but was quickly swamped by them. They just didn't want to give up!

"Ah ah ah!" Mele giggled while waving her finger in a chiding motion. "Let the little upstart learn on his own not to mess with the RinJyuKen Akugata."

Meanwhile with Ranma and Pirhanos, things were just starting off. Pirhanos decided to stop playing with the boy and just end his life immediately. He even knew what technique to use. It was one which was very much like the animals in which his fighting style is based after.

"Piranha-ken! Ringi! Esa Kyoran!" Pirhanos called before unleashing his attack.

Ranma immediately saw the technique coming at him with the force of a bullet. Pirhanos' pirhana hands came surging at him with their jaws open and looking to tear him apart. As Ranma witnessed the attack coming, he realized that this was just a variation of the Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken. Only this one was meant to cause some serious pain since the hands were actually little meat-eater hands. Knowing that he would be chewed to bits if he didn't do anything, Ranma retaliated, "Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken!"

Ranma unleashed his own flurry of blows that went at a blurring speed thought unmatchable by regular people. He had to aim his punches perfectly or else Pirhanos' hands were going to take chunks out of him. Each punch collided with their target and a stalemate was reached. After a few moments of rapid-fire punches, both Ranma and Pirhanos ended their assaults and stepped back from each other. Pirhanos was gaping at his hands. All the teeth were broken and swollen right between the eyes. Ranma didn't get away unscathed since his hands had several cuts near the knuckles. Apparently, the teeth were sharp at all parts.

"Just what the heck are you?" asked Pirhanos incredulously. "There is just no way that a mere human can do that!"

"Heh!" Ranma grinned, despite the pain in his hands. "You've obviously never been to the Nerima district."

"Grrrr!" Pirhanos growled. "Well, you've obviously never fought someone from the RinJyuKen Akugata before!"

Pirhanos concentrated his energies into his hands and soon the broken teeth started falling out of the two mouths as new ones were already growing in. Ranma grimaced as he watched the process. Now Prihanos could use his Esa Kyoran attack again. Ranma on the other hand would not be able to use another amaguriken with his hands in the condition they were. Luckily though, he had other attacks that he didn't need punches for.

"So you grew your teeth back," Ranma shrugged as if he didn't have painful cuts on his hands. "Big deal."

"Grrr!" Pirhanos growled. "Will you just shut up!"

Ranma just smirked as he planned out his next move. To pull it off perfectly he would have to get his fishy opponent really ticked off. Judging by the way he reacted when called fishface, it would be pretty easy. Ranma immediately slipped himself into the Soul of Ice. He would need it to pull off his next attack.

GekiRed was busy fighting several Rinshii when he felt it. The air began to get colder and he really didn't like it.

"Burabura!" he cried as he rubbed his arms to get warmer.

"Huh?" GekiBlue asked.

"What's burabura?" asked GekiYellow.

"Burabura!" GekiRed insisted. He then tried to explain. "The air isn't warm anymore! White stuff falls from the air! Burabura!"

"Burabura," GekiBlue pndered. "You mean cold? Burabura means cold?"

"Yeah!" GekiRed cried. "It's cold! Lots of cold air!"

"But it's the middle of summer!" insisted GekiYellow. "Where's the cold air coming from?"

"There!" GekiRed pointed. Everyone turned to the battle beteen Ranma and Pirhanos. Both GekiYellow and GekiBlue were now slightly confused by that.

"You mean the Jujin?" asked GekiBlue.

"Nuh-uh!" GekiRed replied. "Pigtailed guy!"

"Huh!" GekiBlue and GekiYellow gaped at the same time.

The battle continued on as Ranma began to lead on Pirhanos. He was deep into the Soul of Ice while he kept his attention focused on his fishy opponent.

"Well come on fishface!" Ranma called. "Show me what RinJyuKen Akugata is all about!"

"Shut up!" Pirhanos roared as he charged after Ranma, wanting to tear him apart.

Mele still continued to watch in deeper curiosity. She wanted to know just how the boy was making his aura so cold. She had also spied the movements between the two. The boy was moving in a complete spiral. He was a strange one, no doubt about that. The boy was proving to be a serious contender against them and he could prove to be a major threat if he used his full potential. She rather doubted he could though. He was just a kid. What could he do?

Ranma had to hold in a smirk as he continued to lead Pirhanos in the spiral. The fishfaced moron was falling for it every step of the way. Ranma just kept calling him names and the guy was going to a rage just trying to follow him. The Jujin was giving off a large amount of hot ki and all Ranma had to do was keep in his own Soul of Ice to keep his own ki cold. Pirhanos kept trying to take chunks out of Ranma's hide every step of the way. Ranma finally allowed himself to smirk as he completed the spiral and clenched his fist.

"Hiryu Shouten Ha!" Ranma called as he unleashed the attack.

The entire battlefield was covered in gale-force winds as a large tornadow appeared where Ranma was standing. It swept in Pirhanos and quite of the few Rinshii. The Gekirangers were thankfully far enough away to only have to brace themselves against the attack. Mele had her natural ability to stick to surfaces thanks to her Chameleon-ken training.

"Tornatorna!" GekiRed shouted in awe. "Pigtail guy is so sugoi!"

"How is he doing this!" asked GekiYellow, slightly panicked.

"I don't know!" GekiBlue shouted back.


In SCRTC headquarters, Miki and Shafu were watching the battle with growing interest. They hadn't even heard of anyone normal who fought Rinshii and Jujin. This boy was doing it and winning! Now, he seemed to have summoned a tornado to deal with his opponents.

"Oh my!" Miki gasped, unknowingly matching a certain Tendo sister.

"Hmmm," Shafu pondered as he rubbed his chin. "A Hiryu Shoten Ha. I didn't think I would see it anywhere outside of China. This boy must be very good if he can master it to such a level."


The wind continued on as it fed off Pirhanos' hot ki. It lasted longer than Ranma had anticipated, but it ended soon enough. The winds slowly died down before all the Rinshii came crashing down to the ground in heaps before exploding into blast of purple smog. Pirhanos wasn't so lucky on the other hand. His hot ki had powered the Hiryu Shoten Ha to such an extent that it managed to send him flying into the distance. The only people who were left were Ranma, the Gekirangers, and Mele. The only sounds being heard were Ranma's heavy breathing.

"Tsk!" Mele frowned. "How could that fool have lost?" She then turned away from the people and vanished, blending into her surroundings.

"Sugoi!" GekiRed cried as he raced over to Ranma. His two compatriots followed. All three of them deactivated their transformations before they reached him.

"That was amazing!" Ran smiled. "You beat them all!"

"Such a powerful technique," Retsu agreed. He was shocked to see someone so young using a technique as powerful as what he had seen.

"You sent them all flying away!" Jan grinned. "Sugoi!"

"Heh," Ranma grinned sheepishly. He wasn't used to getting positive comments so he couldn't help but feel some pride in his actions. He was also a little unsure about what he was going to say. Usually people were nowhere near him or out cold to compliment him. Everyone else would just harp on him or get angry at him. "It was nothing."

"I think otherwise," a new voice spoke.

Jan looked to his Gekichanger, as the voice came out of it. Miki had constructed them to act as communicators as well as means of transforming. "A Hiryu Shouten Ha is not just some special technique."

"Master Shafu," Retsu murmured.

"I would like to meet this young man," the voice known as Shafu spoke. "How about it?"

Ranma considered the offer. He knew next to nothing about these people, but their moves were pretty good. They handled those Rinshii pretty well. Maybe he might be able to get some training in if he went to meet their master. After all, one of the main lessons of Anything Goes was adapting to all styles you came across. Even if it wasn't, Ranma was ever the martial artist nut and the chance to learn something new made him as giddy as a kid in a candy store.

"Sure," Ranma nodded. Hiding his enthusiasm almost hurt. "What could it hurt?"

"Great," Ran smiled. "Follow us."

Ranma took another breath before he started following his fellow martial artists. He knew that he might be taking a risk at going someplace with people he had never met before in his life. He was taking an even bigger risk with one of them being a woman. Despite the girl in yellow being at least a couple years older than him, the fiancées were still going to be up in arms about him spending time with a woman that was not them. He shuddered to think of what they were going to do if they came for him.

"So, your name is Ranma?" asked the guy in blue.

"Yeah," Ranma nodded. He then examined his three companions. "Just who are you guys anyway?"

"Jan Kudou!" the guy in red smiled brightly.

"My name is Ran Uzuki," the girl in yellow introduced politely. "I hope we can be friends."

"Retsu Fukami," the guy in blue likewise introduced. "Please just call me Retsu."

"Okay," Ranma nodded. "I gotta be honest with you; it's nice to finally meet someone who isn't out for my head or my hand. It's a relief."

"Huh?" Jan blinked. "Head? Hand? Why would people be after that?"

"It's a long story," Ranma sighed. "Maybe if we're friends long enough I'll let you know."

Ran and Retsu both nodded before continuing on their way. Ranma seemed like an interesting character that had an even more interesting history. Retsu idly wondered where he had learned such techniques while Ran wondered what he had to do to learn them. Jan was still bouncing around Ranma, asking him questions and stuff. Ranma didn't seem to mind, but he wasn't very forthcoming about any kind of personal information.


The forests were silent as the day progressed. Everything was peaceful as the animals went about their way to getting food and shelter. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it seemed that it was going to be yet another day of peace.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" a loud voice cried before what seemed to be a meteor crashed into the dirt, kicking up a huge cloud of dust and dead leaves.

When the cloud vanished, the image of a dirty Rinrinshii could be seen trying to struggle to his feet.

"Gaah!" it growled as it managed to stand up. "Curse that brat! I won't let this humiliation stand! I'll kill him!"

"Oh?" a new voice purred.

Before Pirhanos could turn around, a long silver tongue wrapped itself around his neck tightly. He struggled to breathe before he was yanked backwards by the owner of that tongue. His body was slammed against a tree before it unwrapped itself from him and came back into the mouth of its owner. Pirhanos turned to see none other than Mele glaring at him and she looked less that pleased.

"Not only do you fail in gathering a substantial amount of ringi," Mele growled as she stepped closer to Pirhanos. She then grabbed his throat and pressed him against the tree. "You also get yourself defeated by a human boy! Give me one good reason not to end your existence right now!"

"Erk," Pirhanos gasped, struggling to breathe. "I...I can still gather more! I'll bet that boy has some really powerful screams of despair too! If I can defeat him then I can add his screams to what we have! Imagine the boost!"

This caused Mele to pause. It was true that the boy from before was powerful. If his normal abilities were that strong, then his screams of despair would be just as powerful. If they could get their hands on whatever ringi he could give off, then they would get a significant boost to the ringi that they had already collected.

"Okay," Mele nidded as she released the Rinrinshii. "We will see if you are correct. Be warned though, should you fail or his ringi isn't as powerful as you thought, you will pay the price for failure."

"I will not fail!" Pirhanos nodded. "That brat won't know what hit him!"


"Achoo!" Ranma sneezed loudly.

"Bless you Ranma," Ran spoke almost automatically.

"Thanks," Ranma replied before he looked up at the SCRTC building where the three martial artists spent their days. "Wow. You guys actually train here?"

"Yes," Retsu nodded. "Our master trains us here and a lot of our equipment is made by this company."

"Wait until you meet Neko!" Jan smiled. "He's so cool!"

"N-n-neko?" Ranma quivered.

"Our sensei," Ran clarified. "Jan likes to call him that.

"Oh," Ranma sighed in relief. Ranma may have been unclear on a lot of concepts, but even he knew that a cat couldn't train anyone in martial arts.

Oh how wrong he was.

The four martial artists passed through the main lobby with just a nod to the receptionist. No one seemed to pass them a second glance as they made their way to the elevator. Ranma was taking in all the sights around him since he hadn't been in nice modern buildings before. Sure, he was in the mansions and palaces like Picolet and Saffron, but the modern buildings had been a new experience for him.

"So where are we going?" asked Ranma as he, Ran, Retsu, and Jan boarded the elevator.

"Our teacher does his lessons privately on the top floor," Ran explained. "There's plenty of space up there for anything we need concerning our teachings."

"Wow," Ranma blinked. "You guys have an entire floor to yourselves? I usually have to go with cramped dojos or parking lots."

"Do you train a lot?" asked Retsu. "You moved with someone who has had plenty of training."

"Darn right I have training," Ranma snickered. "I've been training as long as I can remember. Most of the training I do these days is sparring or battles."

"Wow!" Jan laughed. "You fight a lot?"

"Too much," Ranma sighed. "It's basically all I really do back home. I can't get any peace."

Ran and Retsu looked to each other with some concern. For someone like Ranma to be forced to fight all the time could not have been good. If someone was trapped in battle constantly, then eventually they might become nothing but fighting machines that can do nothing but fight.