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Chapter 4: Karai, the new Angel Master of the Wind

Hisui smiled, and placed one hand gently on Kohaku's head.

"It makes me very happy for you to say that" She whispered, and ruffled Kohaku's hair softly. She then stood up.

"If you can realize those feelings, then you can move on. I'm very proud of you, little one" Hisui turned and walked towards the house, Kohaku watched silently as Hisui entered the house and closed the door.

Kohaku sniffed down her pride and let the rest of her tears fall, she stood up, and followed Hisui into the house, acting like nothing had happened, and that she never cried.

'Is this love….for real this time? Or is God merely playing games with me again?...'


The doors to the hall that God was resting in opened. In came two angel guards in silver, translucent-looking armor. They were escorting a beautiful angel stranger.

This new angel had light blue hair that was braided loosely into 4 equally sized braids. The two braids on the side of her face were untouched, but the two braids in the back were clipped up and could been seen like disks.

She was wearing a long flowing gown that gave her the appearance of a Greek or Roman goddess. Either way, she was drop-dead hot.

The gorgeous angel kneeled before God, the two angel guards, still watching her closely.

"You called me, my liege?"

She had a twinkling sort of voice, serious, yet musical.

"Karai, do you know why you have been summoned here?" The angel named Karai, didn't look up at God, but at the ground.

"On the way here, I passed some angel officials, they were talking about a new Archangel since Hisui has been exiled, but I dare not make assumptions, my lord."

"They are correct. From now on, you will be the new Angel Master of the Wind. Do you have any objections?"

"None, I do not question your authority. I give you my most thanks. I would never have thought to be able to have been so lucky for you to pick me, out of the thousands of angels in Heaven. I feel most lucky, but if you don't mind me asking…. Why did you pick me?" Karai's silvery eyes still remained, concentrating on one spot on the white floor of God's Great Hall.

"You have no record of evil activity, you did well in the Angel-in-Training Course. You scored more than 3 angel officials together. You've won dozens of awards for valor and loyalty to God. Why wouldn't I pick you?"

"I see…thank you again. If you please excuse me?"

"We shall talk more later, thank you for your time Karai" Karai stood up and walked out of the Great Hall, the two angel guards still following her.

'You have no record of evil activity'

Karai smiled wickedly to herself, 'None that can be found…'

'You did well in the Angel-in-Training Course. You scored more than 3 angel officials together'

'I stole the answers…'

'You've won dozens of awards for valor and loyalty to God'

'I stole them….'

'Why wouldn't I pick you?'

'Because I HATE God….'


Kokuyo laid on the ground, he was resting his head in Hisui's lap. The devil's exiled son had his eyes closed, and was half asleep. Hisui was humming a lullaby to him, caressing his cheek.

Neither of them noticed the flying bunny until it landed on Hisui's shoulder.

"Usyagi? What are you doing here?" The bunny was holding a white lily, and Hisui heard God's voice, she stared into the distance with a blank expression on her pale face

By now, Kokuyo had woken up and sat up quickly, eyeing the tiny messenger quietly. Hisui snapped back to reality, she turned to Usyagi.

"Thank you for taking that long trip here to deliver this message. Please tell God that we will indeed attend" Usyagi nodded and flew off.

"What did he say?" Kokuyo asked as soon as Usyagi was out of sight.

"There is a new angel master. There will be a reception for her, it won't be at Heaven. It'll be at the Bridge of Heaven, the one connecting Earth to Heaven. It will not be close to where the Bridge of Hell is, He wants everything to go smoothly. I hope you have something nice to wear" Hisui smiled just as Koryu and Kohaku entered what they were discussing, Hisui and Kokuyo didn't know.

Kohaku was laughing, and Koryu looked slightly irritated, trying his best not to blow his top off. They were followed by Koryu's two black cats.They were Koryu's servants, Ruri and Hari.

"I felt Usyagi san's presence, his aura has somewhat disappeared though, was he here?" Kohaku asked Kokuyo and Hisui.

Hisui nodded,

"There will be a reception for Karai, the new angel master of the wind. We are invited, would you two like to come?"

Kohaku's smile seemed to have popped. Koryu muttered a quiet "Hm…." As he watched Kohaku's reactions.

"I don't know about you Koryu kun, but I would like to greet her." Kohaku faked a smile, Koryu nodded.

"I guess if everyone's going, I'll go too. I don't want to be the sour apple and be the only one NOT going." Koryu sighed tiredly.

"Count in Hari!" One cat piped up

"And Ruri!" Replied the other kitten.

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