This is a crossover with Bleach and Danny Phantom. If you have questions about certain things, don't hesitate to ask. It's set before Destablized and after Ichigo and his friends rescue Rukia. It's rated "T" as Bleach is a rather violent show.

Summary: When a hollow attack sends Danny and his friends to a world that hasn't heard of ghosts before, they know they're sunk. When it turns out that only Danny can see the spirits of this world, he knows he's doomed. And when those spirits start trying to send him to the afterlife? Danny knows he needs to figure this out fast, or he'll be stuck in the afterlife. And then there's Ichigo.

EDIT (09/10/13): It's been over a year since I've updated this story, but I'm now going back and completely revamping this thing. I'm cringing just looking at this thing, and I can do so much better now. It looks ridiculous to read Chapter 30 compared to Chapter 1. The writing style is so different that it's awful. So, this is what I'm doing. I'm editing, rewriting, and making sure everything is much better. That means scrapping dialogue that doesn't work, putting in different scenes, and changing characterizations that were bastardized (Tucker, Tucker). End result? Hopefully better than what it was to begin with. Please forgive the construction!

DISCLAIMER: I own neither Danny Phantom nor Bleach.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Amity Park's version of a normal day was…strange to say the least. Normally, several ghost attacks by either Inviso-Bill or another ghost would be considered normal and anything otherwise would be considered strange. However, this day was the most normal day yet as nothing had happened. The birds were singing, the sun shining, and most normal of all, three perfectly average teenagers were taking a perfectly normal walk in the park.

They might've looked average to the naked eye, but they had been anything but for the last year. Danny Fenton looked to be scrawny and was usually picked on by bullies, but only four people in the entire world knew that he was also the infamous Danny Phantom. And his two best friends, while human, were anything but ordinary considering they always helped him with ghost fighting.

But since there was absolutely nothing to do this very normal day, all three were extremely bored and had resorted to taking a walk just to avoid homework.

They sat down on a park bench, sprawling across it.

Danny ended up staring at the blue sky for several minutes before he finally asked, "So, what do you guys want to do today?"

"I dunno. Watch a movie?" Tucker pressed a dozen buttons on his PDA.

"Please," Sam groaned, pressing back into the bench. "We've watched all the movies available and more. Can we do something else?"

"It's just strange. There hasn't been a ghost attack for the whole day," Danny said, staring at a leaf.

"Is that so bad?" Tucker asked. "You were finally able to take that nap and finish your homework."

Danny scrunched his nose. "I know, but that's what worries me. I haven't even heard a 'beware.'"

"Please, Danny," Sam scoffed. "The Box Ghost is nothing but an annoyance."

"An annoyance that won't go away, you mean," Danny said. "I would've thought Skulker would show up and start ranting about 'pelts' just to keep his record. What's it been? Two weeks since he started?"

"Maybe he got bored. It was getting repetitive," Tucker said.

"Don't start," Sam said. "He'll show up in the next five minutes and do it."

"Besides, the new version of Doomed is out," Tucker added.

Sam eyed him disapprovingly. "You mean you pirated it."

"Did not!"

"Then how do you explain getting it before everyone else?"


Sam sniffed, folding her arms. "I rest my case."

Danny leaned over to whisper in Tucker's ear, "How good is it?"

Tucker flashed him a grin. "Really good."

Sam groaned lightly, looking up at the sky to say to no one at all, "Why me?"

Danny glanced at her, about to respond when a breath of cold air left his mouth in a wisp of blue air. "Why us?" he grumbled, standing up. "Sam, you got a thermos?"

There was no hint of humor left in Sam's amethyst eyes. "Check." A thermos appeared in her hand.

Checking to be sure that the coast was clear of any humans, Danny took a breath, spreading his feet. "I'm going ghost!" Black hair turned white, blue eyes turned green, and normal clothes turned into a black and white jumpsuit with a DP symbol on the chest. The bluish-white rings that had instigated the transformation disappeared seconds later.

"Now"—Danny Phantom flew up—"where's the ghost?"

"Behind you, Danny!" Sam called.

Danny whirled around to see a monstrous green blob of a ghost appear out of thin air, glaring at him out of red eyes.

"Okay, that has got to be one of the weirdest ghosts I've seen," Danny said. "It doesn't even have arms!" It suddenly grew two fat arms. "I stand corrected."

Danny's hands glowed green as he waited for the other ghost to make the first move. It did within moments, raising one hand and bringing it down to try and slam Danny to the ground. A quick green ecto-beam fired through the hand prevented that, forming a hole that let Danny through before the hole healed over.

"Hey, it's Inviso-Bill!" Danny heard someone shout. A quick glance showed it to be Dash Baxter.

"Out of all the names that I could've been stuck with, it had to be Inviso-Bill," Danny grumbled, dodging another punch by twisting to the side.

"You're behind the times, Dash," Danny heard Tucker tell Dash. "It's Danny Phantom, remember?"

"Shut it, geek!"

"Phantom!" Sam shouted, waving to get his attention. "Try another one of those ghost rays!"

Darting back one last time to avoid another swipe from the ghost, Danny fired another one, blasting a huge hole in the ghost's chest. It immediately reformed.

"Oh great." He turned intangible to let another punch fly through him. "So…ice?" An icy blue glow gathered around his white gloves. Before the other ghost could react, Danny let the ice rip, freezing the entire ghost solid. A quick ecto-ball later and the ghost was shattered into a million pieces of glistening ice.

"Another job done," Danny said, landing on the ground in front of his friends.

"You're not going to suck it up?" Sam asked, pointing to the thermos at his side.

"Nah." Danny looked around at the greenish ice on the ground. "Usually don't reform after something like that."

Dash stomped up then. "Hey, why are you hanging out with these losers?"

Danny stiffened, straightening his entire posture. "Sorry, citizen! I'm afraid I have no idea what you are talking about!"

Dash frowned. "Why are you hanging out with them?" He pointed to Sam and Tucker.

"Hey!" Tucker sounded indignant.

"They're—" Danny cut off upon noticing the ice on the ground begin to shiver. Seconds later every single piece jumped up into the air, vibrating furiously before colliding together to reform the ghost, which was even more furious than before. "Oh great."

"You really should've sucked it in," Sam said.

"Yeah…I probably should've." Danny took a cautious step back, eyes fixed on the furious ghost. It began to glow an ominous red, baring its teeth at him. "Get back!"

Before anyone could move, an enormous red beam erupted from the ghost's mouth. Danny barely had enough time to form a green shield around his friends and Dash before the attack hit.

His arms shook under the strain of holding up the shield. He could hear nothing but roaring and there was nothing but red light around him.

"Oh crud!" Tucker yelped, ducking down instinctively.

"It's…good." Danny grunted slightly as he spread his feet in an effort to prevent his knees from buckling.

Thankfully the attack subsided several seconds later, allowing him to drop the shield. He turned to Dash. "Get out of here!"

Not needing to be told twice, Dash ran off as fast as he could – which was pretty fast considering he was a football player.

"You okay, Danny?" Sam asked worriedly.

"Fine." Danny looked back up at the ghost, which was squinting down at him as if it couldn't believe that he'd survived that attack. He gave it a cheeky wave, adding quietly, "Packed a bit more of a punch than I was expecting."

"Then what are you waiting for?" Tucker asked. "Suck it in!"

Uncapping his thermos, Danny fired up another ice beam, warily watching the ghost as its head seemed to glow in a red light. "That doesn't look too good." Freezing the ghost, Danny sucked it in before anything else could happen.

"Okay." Danny exhaled gustily, capping the thermos. "That's that."

"Er…" Tucker didn't sound so sure.

"Danny," Sam squeaked.

Danny frowned, not used to hearing his friend sound like that. "What?"

Both his friends pointed up; Danny followed their fingers, heart dropping when he saw it. "Oh crud."

That explained the red light behind the ghost's head. It had been building up another attack behind its head, and it was already firing down upon them.

Danny had no time to put up a shield before they were hit by it

When the light disappeared, nothing was left of the three friends. There wasn't even a crater.

The tall orange-haired teenager frowned as he stared at the chalkboard. There was a math problem outlined on it, but that wasn't what was causing his agitation. He was frowning over what had been going on lately.

Kurosaki Ichigo nibbled on his pencil's eraser as he mulled over the lack of hollows – monsters with masks that eat people's souls. He would've ordinarily been jumping at a lack of hollows to fight, but not without reason. He wasn't stupid. If hollows weren't attacking, something else was up.

In fact, there had been no word from anyone lately. Anyone related to his status as a substitute shinigami anyway. Soul Society had been quiet, and so had Aizen.

"Is something wrong with the board, Kurosaki?" His teacher's voice distracted him.

"Huh?" Ichigo blinked, pulled out from his thoughts. "No, nothing's wrong. Just thinking."

"Must be some thinking if you haven't even completed one math problem," the teacher said.

Ichigo looked down at his sheet and saw that he had indeed not completed anything. "Er, right."

The bell rang then and the teacher assigned them all homework, giving Ichigo a baleful look that didn't even register a two on the teenager's scale of important things. No, he had much more important things to worry about.

"Hey, Ishida," he said to a dark-haired skinny teenager with glasses. "Do you think something's up?"

"I have also noticed the recent decline of hollow activity," Ishida Uryuu said. "It doesn't bode well."

The broad-shouldered man behind Uryuu grunted. Sado Yasutora – or Chad as Ichigo insisted on calling him – said in a low voice, "Likewise."

"Kurosaki-kun," a soft voice said behind Ichigo. The girl who'd spoken his name looked worried. "Is something wrong?"

"Oh, nothing, Inoue," Ichigo said. His face didn't change – in fact, it was common knowledge that he always wore a scowl.

"We were just discussing the decline of hollow activity," Ishida said. "There's been a suspicious lack of it."

Inoue Orihime smiled. "Maybe they're on vacation?"

"Uh—" Ichigo scratched the back of his head, trying to think of a good way to phrase his next sentence. He eventually just made a face. "I don't think they're the type to take vacations. Besides, it's getting weird. I haven't heard anything from Soul Society either."

"That might be a good thing," Ishida said, pushing up his glasses.

"Or it might not."

"Speaking of hollows," Chad said, "I think I sense one's reiatsu."

"But my badge hasn't—"

Ichigo was cut off by a loud obnoxious voice crying, "HOLLOW! HOLLOW!" It came from a badge with a skull's shape cut into it that was hanging off of Ichigo's pant. It was flashing yellow.

"Speak of the devil. So there is a hollow. Finally." Ichigo dashed outside. "Cover for me, will ya?"

He faintly heard Ishida call for him, but ignored him. There was a hollow to take care of, and it was his job.

Slamming the badge against his chest, a faint crackle of blue electricity burst out from it before his spirit body stepped out of his human one. He reached out to stop his physical body from hitting the ground, dragging it to the side to unceremoniously stuff it into a broom closet.

Making sure the door was locked, Ichigo opened a window and jumped out to land on thin air. Checking his badge, he took off running to the north.

A couple of minutes later, he arrived at the source of the commotion, coming to a stop on a building to look down at the hollow on the ground. It was a huge bony thin thing with a really ugly mask.

"You're an ugly one, aren't you?" Ichigo said, gripping the hilt of his weapon, which was strapped to his back. The cloth unraveled to become a more manageable length, revealing a black and white zanpakutou called Zangetsu.

The hollow turned towards him, an unearthly shriek splitting the air as it opened its mouth.

Ichigo didn't flinch, watching coolly as the hollow slowly approached him, shaking the earth with each step.

When the hollow had come close enough, Ichigo hopped off the building and swung his sword down. The hollow dodged at the last second and instead of hitting the mask, Ichigo sliced off the arm.

The hollow roared.

"Heh." Ichigo grinned, spinning around on one foot as he readied Zangetsu for another attack "Not bad."

The hollow reached out with its other arm, and Ichigo dodged it by jumping up high. He again aimed towards the mask, but this time the hollow sprung clear from his strike before Ichigo could even come close.

Ichigo swore and growled. He jumped up again and slashed at the hollow's knee. This time he made impact, cutting the leg off entirely.

Shrieking in pain, the hollow opened its mouth, a red ball of light forming in the middle of the gaping maw.

"Cero? Oh man!" Ichigo jumped up at the last second, leaving a smoking crater where he had been standing before. "You're…getting annoying!" He disappeared and reappeared behind the hollow. "Take this!"

Within a second the mask was split into two. The hollow gave out one final roar as its body split into particles and disintegrated into nothing, having been purified.

"Annoying bastard," Ichigo said. His zanpakutou rested on his back again. Shaking his head once, he muttered, "I better go back to class before my teacher blows a vein."

He leapt off in the direction of the school.

Back in the crater the hollow's cero had formed, the dust gradually settled to reveal three figures resting at the bottom.