It had been a week since Dom had cleaned out her gutters, the exterior of the house had been painted and Dom and Regan were little by little working towards getting to know each other. Currently they were outside enjoying the fresh air. Dom had taken the day off from work and they'd spent a few hours working on a small vegetable garden that Regan had really, really wanted. Dom had tilled the area for her, and she had crouched down with Lily, full of patience to show the toddler how to plant the little seeds in rows. Besides his family, Regan and Cara were the first women ever to show such patience with his little girl.

One day, he thought, one day he, Lily, Regan, and the new baby would be a family; one family together. Dom felt something in his heart expand and thrill at the thought of that. In that moment Dom knew that it's what he wanted. He had wanted it before; had almost had it, but had lost it in the most painful way. He hadn't thought he'd get another chance; hadn't thought he'd find someone who could inspire the same feelings that Valeria had. And while he would always love his Val, Dom knew that he was growing to love Regan as well. He couldn't help but smile as he thought about how very different she was from him. He'd grown up in a world just above poverty, with hoodlums and people who did what needed to be done to survive.

And Regan, beautiful Regan, she came from a privileged world where she had anything and everything she could possibly need. He remembered watching that episode of Entertainment Tonight and he remembered his remarks about the socialites, but Regan didn't understand that she wasn't like those spoiled girls. Perhaps they were raised the same, but she had a different set of values.

He came back to himself hearing Lily giggling as she helped Regan water the new seeds with a big purple watering can. Lil had always been a happy child. But when Regan had come she'd just… blossomed. When Regan had left for that short time she was gone, Lily had been inconsolable. When Dom had decided he was going after her he had begun teaching Lily Regan's real name.

The three of them as well as Cara and Vince were heading to Manhattan in a week, giving them a week before the wedding. Regan had talked to her two friends who were getting married and now Mia and Brian were going along with them. Cara and Regan were extremely excited about taking everyone shopping. Regan had promised they would take the men shopping first so they would be done. However, Dom had no intention of leaving Regan and Mia, both pregnant, to keep shopping and carrying things as well as watching over Lily without his help. No, he really wasn't worried about shopping. What he was worried about was meeting Regan's parents. Her Uncle Theodore really liked Vince and Dom, and adored Lily as well as the rest of Vince's extended family. He'd visited several times while handling the case of black market baby sales.

"You know what we'll have to do, Lily?" Regan asked the little girl.

"Wa Rey An?" Lily asked her little face scrunched up in question.

"We'll have to ask Aunt Letty to water our garden while we're gone."

"Sinks Leddy says yup," Lily assured her.

Regan giggled and leaned in closely to give the little girl a kiss. "I think so too."

The trio heard a honking in the driveway and walked together to see who it was. The car was huge, a Cadillac Escalade, a rental, and before either Regan or Dom could talk, the doors were opening and four men were exiting the car while laughing hysterically.

Regan began smiling and laughing immediately. "Jacob!" she cried and ran to the man driving the Escalade. He was about six foot, tennis players build, dark brown hair with red-gold highlights, and the same eyes as his sister.

The man caught her into a hug, and lifted her off of the ground. "How are you doing, Midget?"

"Oh Jake! I'm doing so well! I'm so surprised to see you! Happy, but surprised. What are you all doing here?"

The man shrugged. "I talked to Ma and I wanted to come see you for myself."

The month she'd been at home Jacob had been off taking summer classes. She'd left by the time he was coming back so they'd just missed each other. "Thank you, you're a great big brother, but I really am doing well. Look at me."

He took a step back and looked at her from a critical eye. She'd gained weight back from where she'd been losing it. Her hair was cut to her shoulders, and was shiny and pulled back under a bandana. She was smiling brightly at him. "You're beautiful and you know it." His eyes flickered past her to take in the picture of Dom holding Lily. Dom made an impressive sight. He was wearing worn, ripped jeans, an old wife beater, and sunglasses. Lily was dressed in a very cute sun suit in green and white that said 'I'm the Bomb' across the front.

Regan began tugging her brother with her. "Jacob, this is Dominic Toretto and his daughter Liliana. Dom, Lily, this is my brother, Jacob."

Dom reached out his hand and the two shook, still trying to get the measure of each other. Lily scrutinized the man for a moment before holding her small hand out.

"I is Lily, yous is yacods," she told him imperiously.

Jacob started laughing. "Yes Ma'am."

The other three men who'd come up with him were walking up, two of them, twins, hugging Regan. Jacob took a moment to introduce them. "These are our cousins Shawn and Shane, our Dad's sister, Destiny's kids. And that yahoo is Matt. He one's of my best buds. We grew up together."

Matt moved forward towards Regan. "Hey Reg, no hug for me?"

"Nope not a one!" She smiled at him, "But it's nice to see you Matt. How's Tia?"

"We broke up."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. She's a nice girl."

He shrugged. "She had weird expectations. Like she expected me to start looking for jobs now that I'm out of college."

"Oh! You finally graduated?"

"Yeah, the 'rents threatened to cut me off financially. Told me I had to graduate or they were done. So I got my degree in Phys Ed." He shrugged again.

"Isn't she in real estate?"

"Oh yeah, real good at it too. She just kept talking about getting serious. Living together, eventually getting married, maybe even kids. She's just too serious for me."

Jacob rolled his eyes, "Dude, you're 28, it's about time you start looking into serious."

"So, you don't have a problem if I call Tia then, do ya?" Shane asked.

"No, go ahead."

"So I was hoping we could stay at your place, but if it's too much trouble we could go to a hotel," Jacob offered.

"Please, I have no problem with you guys bunking here with me. We're even cooking out tonight so you'll get to meet everyone!"

"Maybe you can show me where I especially get to bunk down, Reg," Matt flirted.

Dom frowned and looked at Regan. "Why don't you let those guys have your place and you can bunk at my place?"

"Really?" she looked up at him as if to gauge his emotions.

"You can bunk in my room or the spare room, your choice completely," he murmured.

"Thank you. I think I'll take you up on that. Matt can be a little grabby sometimes."

"Oh yeah?"


That night Dom and Vince were manning the grill when the four men exited Regan's house and made their way over. Regan took a few minutes to introduce everyone, and then she went back to what she was doing with Mia, Letty and Cass. They were in the process of building a seven layer dip to put out on the deck for everyone to enjoy. Cara was fixing drinks and Sonja as finishing the dessert. Out in back Brian, Trev and Leon were talking to Cam about coming up with some new designs for show books at the shop. Cam was a good artist and made extra money creating new designs for the groups racing friends' vehicles. Jacob, Shane and Shawn began talking to Dom and Vince, and Matt headed over to the guys talking about cars.

Soon everyone was seated and eating, Lily in her booster seat between Dom and Regan. Valeria who was learning to speak and using baby sign was keeping everyone busy asking for more, and showing off her communication skills.

"So, next weekend we're headed up to get ready for Stacy and Max's wedding," Regan told her brother.

"Cool. Who all is coming?"

"Dom, Lily and I. Cara and Vince, and Brian and Mia."

"That sounds like fun. It also sounds like you have shopping planned."

Lily squealed, "Chopping!!!" and she clapped her hands.

Dom looked at Regan, "You taught her that."

Regan just shrugged. "So while I'm home do I get to meet her?"

Jacob blushed. "I don't know what you're talking about." Shane and Shawn were snickering.

"Are you embarrassed of me? Because I'm pregnant?"

"Oh shut up, you know that's not true. Fine, we'll all go to dinner. You're getting into town early enough."

Regan smiled. Her big brother was in love. Not only was her big brother in love, but she got to sleep in Dom's house that night.