Ok, so I said to myself that I would never do one of these Edward leaves Bella and comes back stories, but I did. I couldn't help it, my brain was overloading with all kinds of ideas. So here is what it came up with. Hope you like it. Again, I own nothing; it all belongs to the very talented Stephenie Meyer.


Welcome Home

Maria and I were out hunting, our normal game. Claudio, Jesse and Josephine were with us doing there normal thing of rounding up our game and making sure no humans were in the area. We were in the Olympic region of Fairholm, Washington. It had been many years since I had been here, not since … well you know. I never imagined myself ever coming back here, but here I was.

Being here brought back so many unwanted memories. The others could tell that I wasn't feeling all to well and I began to losing my appetite and excused myself. I started running through the woods, not really paying attention to where I was going. I loved to run, the speed was exhilarating. I always felt free when I ran, I could run forever if I could (technically I could).

It was twilight now and I had been gone for awhile and knew that my family would start worrying about me if I didn't get back to them soon. So I started running back. As I ran, I began to feel the presence of someone else around me. I stopped to search the forest, but came up short, there was no one. I started to run again and this time I was sure that there was someone running behind me. I started running faster and faster now attempting to lose them somehow, but they were persistent.

I dodged from side to side, but that did no good. Finally, getting fed up, I stopped abruptly and the person behind me almost ran right into me. Using one of my abilities, I forced pushed them before the impact and they went hurtling backwards, breaking through several trees. But, immediately after, another figure slammed right into me, knocking me over to the ground. I tried pushing him off, but he was strong.

"Clam down, Bella, it's us," the familiar voice said through my struggle.

I immediately stopped attacking to look up at him. I was dazed, could it really be him? "Emmett?" I said looking at him.

"Ha-ha," he boomed as he lifted me to my feet then gave me a huge bear hug "It is you, I'm so happy to see you."

"I wish I can express the same sentiment, Emmett," I pulled away from him.

"What's wrong?" he asked concerned.

"If you're here than that means, he's …," I turned to look in the direction of my chaser.

He was walking toward us as he dusted himself off of all the debris. I stood there frozen solid; I couldn't move, I couldn't speak, I couldn't breath (not that I really needed to). It was Edward, in all his godly perfection, in all his beauty. I stared at him for a moment, ogling him, before the past fifty years flashed before my eyes. The anger in me rose and spread throughout my entire body. I did the only thing that I thought would subside my anger; I attacked him.

He didn't stop me; he actually stood there and took every punch and kick that I threw at him. It made me feel good hurting him, but angered me that he wasn't fighting back. I immediately knew why, because he knew that he deserved it. With every punch I would knock him over, but he would get back up again waiting for the next one. Emmett finally intervened trying to hold me back; I struggled against his immeasurable strength.

Thirty seconds later, though, we both fell to the ground. A werewolf had lunged at us and then began attacking Emmett. I quickly got up on my feet and immediately recognized who it was.

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