Sixteen Going on Seventeen

Piper returns to high school after a summer in New England with her sisters and father a different girl than she'd left. When someone thinks it would be funny to nominate the nerd against the popular girls for council representative and Piper wins, her life is changed completely. The fact that she slowly feels herself becoming attracted to the life of council and, more specifically, the council president, Piper has to struggle with who she is and who she wants to be.

Alternate Universe - Piper/Leo

Piper Halliwell was nothing in the world of Baker High. On the other hand, she barely existed. Which was fine with her, really. Really it was.

Now it sounds like I'm trying to convince myself, Piper thought as she stepped into the school's hallways, not even paying attention to the fact that no one bothered to call out a hello.

No one talked to her as she opened her locker and pushed everything inside, grabbing only the few notebooks she was going to need for her schedule before weaving through the students again to her first class.. She took refuge in the open door, burrowing herself in her latest fiction novel, her only company throughout the long hours of school.

That wasn't to say she didn't love her classes. In fact, she adored them, and adored learning in general. That didn't always help when it came down to the everyday things that school included. Group work, for example, was often torture, but a mandatory learning experience, according to teachers. So Piper suffered.

It wasn't that she wasn't smart. On the other hand, her grades were exemplary and many teachers had called her in to offer her tutoring positions. But Piper never took them. Her chores at home and her sisters often took up most of her time, even though Prue, the eldest of the three, had moved out ages ago to attend college. Books and class were Piper's only escape from the chaotic life at home.

She only glanced up as the rest of her first period calculus class filed in, ignoring the loser already seated. They didn't ignore the ones still standing though.

"Oh God, Lacey, did Fat Camp do nothing for you?"

Piper rolled her eyes. If there was one person in the entire school she actually hated - Piper wasn't the kind to full out hate -- it was Erin Gervais, head cheerleader and senior student. Behind her came her gaggle of cheerleaders, jocks and general popular crowd, her puppy of a boyfriend following close behind her.

"Well, I, Um…"

"That's all you can say? Maybe you should go to Smart Camp. Maybe that'll do something for you."

Piper saw Puppy Boyfriend roll his eyes at Erin's response and clenched her fists. If he didn't like it, he should really do something about it, she thought to herself as she continued to watch the scene unfold.

"Come on, Erin. We'll find seats."

Piper raised her eyebrow, knowing no one was paying any attention to her to begin with. That was the best he could do? Seriously? Lacey looked utterly destroyed where she sat, the desk right beside Piper's. And in kicked Piper's big heart.

"You don't have to listen to her," she said softly, eyes still fixated on the book.

Lacey looked utterly shocked that someone had spoken to her, even more that it was a girl she swore she'd never seen before. "Who are you?"

Piper smiled ironically. "Piper Halliwell."

"Are you new?"

Piper looked down at herself, at what Prue and Phoebe had done over the summer holidays for her frizz-ball hair, glasses and over-sized clothing. "Something like that."

Lacey wrinkled her nose. "You don't want to deal with Erin. You'd think that Leo would reign her in a bit, but they broke up two years ago. Sophomore year. I think he just follows her around to make sure she doesn't do too much damage."

Piper's eyebrow hit her hairline. "Too much damage?"

"That could have been a lot worse," Lacey answered with a tight smile.

Piper's rock seemed so much more comfortable again and she wondered why she'd let Prue and Phoebe, her sisters, drag her around all summer. They'd gone to visit their father in New England and Prue and Phoebe had taken it upon themselves to compliment Piper's loss of her braces with an entirely new outside.

But she was starting to miss the blissful nature of being ignorant.

She was about to respond when both the teacher and Principal Colton stepped into the room. "Good morning class. Is Piper Halliwell here?"

Piper blinked. Then slowly raised her hand.

Principal Colton smiled. "Congratulations, Miss Halliwell. Your classmates elected you junior class representative on this year's student council."

"What?" Piper asked, mostly out of reflex.

"Junior?" came the teacher's equally stunned response.

"Miss Halliwell is one of our brightest students, Miss Sales. You are in for a treat, I'm sure." And without another word, the principal left.

Piper continued to stare at the door. This had to have been a joke. No one knew her, it was the first day of school, there was no way they could have elected a junior class rep. She sighed as her head hit the desk, suddenly recalling one of the many changes Principal Colton had made to the school.

When she found out who had done this, she was going to kill them. Slowly and painfully.

She glanced back at Erin and her cheerleader crowd, surprised to find Puppy Apparently-Not-Boyfriend's eyes locked on her, surprise and confusion in his eyes too. She quickly turned back. What was that? Why did she suddenly feel like everyone was staring at her?

"I guess a congratulations are in order, Miss Halliwell," Sales agreed as she stepped around the front desk. "Now, if we could all focus on calculus, we'll be set. Now, this class will not be easy…"

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