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Final Chapter: A Vision I Believe

Demyx awoke with a jolt, utterly lost, mind full of images of Xigbar's early departure the night before, and all the events before it. Neither enamoured nor acting on dumb fervour anymore, Xigbar had…

-images flooded into his consciousness, far more vivid as the feelings came back to him; dimness in their surroundings, still on the ceiling, eyes closed peacefully, cloaks zipped down and off their shoulders as lips were crushed together, teeth clashing from time to time, mouths open as tongues met, rubbing together, savouring each other with movements as frantic as they were lovely and-

He shook his head, a deep blush blooming red across his cheeks.

-and he'd never been more content.

In fact, he was quite willing to admit the change between yesterday's anxiousness and today's thoughts that he'd fall for the guy at this rate, if he hadn't already. The thought shocked him just a little.

He had to wonder if what they'd done or hadn't done had settled things.

"You have to stop thinking in circles," he corrected himself.

Whatever the purpose, he decided it would be pleasant to see his perhaps lover now, and quickly stood from his bed in search of his clothes. His black cloak lay discarded near his bed, right where Xigbar had dropped it. Noticing now that he'd slept with a pair of loose pants on, he headed for his closet and grabbed a new pair, picking a dark blue shirt as well and slipping everything on quickly. He couldn't quite remember if he'd taken his shirt off or allowed the older male to do so.

With that, he started down the blindingly white hallways, ready to walk for a while.

Rather satisfied with himself that morning, Xigbar stood still and waited to be noticed, but the blonde walking below – on the floor, quite a long way down – didn't seem very aware or interested in his surroundings, thus walking past him.

Xigbar took a few steps after Demyx, making sure his footsteps echoed in the long hallway until he finally noticed his presence. But before giving him any time to react, Xigbar teleported right in front of Demyx, upside-down as usual and in mid-air.

"Mornin', blondie."

He was pretty sure that was a new one.

"Hey Xiggy," IX replied cheerfully as II reached for the front of his cloak, gripping the cloth and bringing IX closer.

He was grinning. The same teasing grin he'd given the boy last night, before literally carrying him to his bed and taking his leave, not without a rather heated goodnight kiss to silence his complaints – not that Demyx minded any of that. And maybe he recognized that grin, judging by the blush on his cheeks that spread pretty pink and red.

He could lie and play dirty if he wanted to; he could be as tricky as he could be obnoxious and funny. But Jesus fuck, he didn't seem anything short of perfect as he put his hands on each of Xigbar's cheeks, an amusedly interested glint in his eyes as he leaned forward and kissed him, testing the position and finding it rather nice, judging by the way he lingered before pulling away.

First things first, II pulled the boy close again and managed to take a few licks at Demyx's now shy tongue between kisses, before letting go of his cloak and jumping off to the floor, offering him his hand. "C'mon."

Demyx gave him a questioning look before taking his hand, seeming more interested in that action, the contact and interlaced fingers, than whatever Xigbar was going to do.

But there had been a reason he picked this hallway to wait on, and he quickly led Demyx into that reason – called 'closet' –, closing the door swiftly behind them and turning to the blonde Nobody with a different grin, more devious and hungry now.

The Melodious Nocturne seemed a tad nervous, maybe overly aware of his current position between a wall and Xigbar's thin, even sort of lanky form.

"Anythin' wrong?" He asked, inching closer and picking where to start, aware of the way his breath ghosted over Demyx's neck, but not yet doing anything he could explain his nervousness with.

"Um, nope…" He answered, gently putting his hands on Xigbar's shoulders, gripping as he felt the sniper lower his head and take a tentative lick at his neck. "Xig? What are we doing here?"

He stopped, the ever-present gin still there. "Oh, right, had to tell ya we've got a meeting," he shrugged, returning to his task of testing out Demyx's buttons. "Wanted to apologize for leaving last night, too."

"Wait, wait," Demyx said hurriedly, failing to make Xigbar comply. "Does that mean we're…?"

"Fuck buddies?" He joked, greatly pleased with the musician's mildly offended, not-so-mildly embarrassed, pouty look (musicians were all romantics, some said, and he begun to believe it now).

In all honesty, he'd given him enough time to decide.

He took it that Demyx sincerely wanted, too. Wanted and liked and felt.

"A pair, a couple, lovers, me calling dibs on you, whatever…" He muttered against the younger Nobody's neck as he nibbled. "Yeah, we are."

He felt himself smile against the sweet pale skin, and somehow knew Demyx was smiling as well.

He felt it, like his heart was right there or he had grown another one all of a sudden.

He'd let the closet encounter end shortly after, deciding that a little show during breakfast seemed far more satisfying, and woah damn was he right.

The meeting was short, with the only purpose of introducing the newest member to the organization, a man with platinum blonde hair and several piercings in his ears, named Luxord – no longer would IX be referred to as 'new guy'. No sooner had it ended and the Nobodies proceeded to breakfast, Xigbar begun his small but hardly ignorable advances.

His arm sneaked around Demyx's waist, and that's all the boy got to notice before being led into the dining room, ahead of the others, and somehow swept off his feet before feeling the ground under him again; or rather, the ceiling, thankfully not right above the table.

He was well aware of the glistening grin and protruding canine teeth in front of him as he glanced around; two heads slowly turned their way, and Demyx could see the new guy exchanging whispers with Axel, still in the doorway, as they shook hands for some reason – he didn't want to know what it all looked like, but he could pretty much imagine the suspiciousness of a flustered musician, caught in a sniper's space-bended-web.

"Xig!" He muttered harshly at said sniper, trying to frown, which proved difficult in his nervous state.

In response, Xigbar brought a gloved finger to his own lips, motioning Demyx to keep his voice down before turning his head and repeating the motion to the two pairs of watching eyes below.

IX could only hope the ceiling here was tall enough for anything to go unnoticed as the Freeshooter's hand now placed itself below his chin, tilting it up – red and scarlet and crimson all on IX's cheeks, on the lip he was chewing on while he felt the other's free hand on his hip, pulling forward and against Xigbar's own.

"I'm no good with secrets," said the gunman.

He considered it should be illegal to rub one's unmentionables against someone else's like that.

"So going out with a bang it is," The golden-eyed, grinning Nobody continued, somehow speaking somewhere against Demyx's neck or ear now. "And by that, I do mean bangin', kid."


Demyx was completely still – except, of course, by his arms suspiciously around Xigbar's neck at the moment, and his hips starting to respond ever so slightly to Xigbar's movements.

"Your room, later."

Only three words before hips collided and a skilled, slick tongue toyed with the Nocturne's ear, teeth grazing the skin. His vision was invaded by little popping white spots and his eyes shut tight; only a small, whimper-like sound escaped his lips as his hips matched his lover's in pace and movement - and that seemed to be enough, although muffled quickly by a surprisingly slow and gentle kiss. He wasn't sure of whether his blood was all rushing to his cheeks, or a different area, quite a way south in his body.

A startled sound made Demyx pull away quickly, to be met with the image of seven pairs of staring eyes – some wide, some not – and Vexen chocking on some orange juice.

"Xig, they-!"

"Let 'em watch, Dem."

Somebody wolf-whistled.

For the moment, Xigbar seemed unaffected enough by the publicity of his acts and settled for kissing Demyx's neck instead – the musician himself was rather busy panicking and shaking his head.

"Fine, fine," Xigbar gave in, stopping to click his fingers. And then, suddenly, the Freeshooter was at his usual spot at the table, and so was the Nocturne.

That is, he was in Xigbar's spot as well, comfortably positioned in the scarred male's lap.

Demyx immediately scrambled away to his own chair, earning a chuckle from Xigbar and sitting in time to see Axel giving a handful of munny to Luxord with a beaten expression.

Silence had fallen upon the room thickly.

After the few seconds that allowed Demyx's heart rate to go back to near normal, Larxene shook her head with a smirk and begun digging on her breakfast.

"The old man scored himself an underage one, hm?" She commented, a slight sting to the edges of her voice.

"As if. He's nineteen."

"Ninety-one on nineteen, I see."

"Think 'bout half. Better than the nine hundred you're tryin' to disguise, witch."

That grin was different. He could tell by the way Xigbar's hand grabbed his under the table.

The night came early, loud and too heated in Demyx's room, free of the secret that never was and covered in clothes thrown aside.

A single golden eye, a grin that implied danger, a pair of trigger-calloused hands; all set and fixated on the responsive figure underneath the carved body of a type of predator that never was, practicing the art of drawing things out, savouring in the right ways and switching around completely to the ways of impulse – never the less, the one at the receiving end of such art set its rhythms and manipulated then into an art of his own, mute music and sweat and orgasm.

Shamelessly it mixed with the sounds in the room, sounds that only a virgin – losing its title of such – could produce, and leaked into the hallway outside. Space made an intentionally induced trick on the door, letting the smells and sounds and only not the sights flow freely outside.

It was not the first time this kind of event occurred within the castle's walls, and it wouldn't be the first time for rumor to be carelessly spread about in the morning for uninterested ears. And still, the outright public aspect of this one, the thumps, mutters, sounds that mouths only produced in very specific situations, and amount of ignored wrongs kept the other Nobodies feeling like avoiding the area, for the sake of sanity that never was.

The room resonated with the sounds of an upbeat tune, the sounds of heaven pulled down and angels violated, plus the background rhythm of a barely mouthed 'I love you' and fucking each other senseless. Sure felt like it, too.

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