This is my first Vampire novel it does not originate with any novel.

My name is Leslie White I live in a world where fantasy is the norm.

I live in the part of town that caters to the preternatural. My neighbor is a werewolf and I live across the street from a faerie.

Let me clear up some misconceptions before I continue.

First faeries don't glow, they aren't tiny, and they can't fly. So get all pictures of Tinkerbell out of your head. Faeries look like everyone else. The only thing that makes them faeries is that they have magic powers. Which is different from being a witch, because faeries don't need spells. They think it and it happens.

Let me also inform you about the werewolves. They aren't studs, they aren't necessarily hairy and they can lift a truck without breaking a sweat.

My faerie neighbor calls herself Edna Kristof, she is a couple of centuries old, she has a gray hair that is always pulled back into a tight bun, she wears black pointy glasses, and shuffles when she walks. Ivan Busch lives next door to me he is the exact opposite of the general idea of a werewolf he is bald, flabby and he never lifts anything heavier then a full beer can.

As you can see there are many misconceptions about the preternatural community.

Even among the preternatural I, myself, am a miracle. Normally when asked I tell people that I am a vampire and leave it at that. But I'm not. I'm half a vampire. My father was a vampire and my mother was a human, and yes it is 'was.' The vampire community was so scared of what a half-breed might mean to them that they killed off my parents and tried to knock me off as well. As you can probably guess it didn't work.

The vampires are scared of me because this means that I can change what I am. I am literally alive one moment eating food, walking in sunlight and the next I'm the undead with unnatural strength, drinking blood.

Lets get one thing straight before I move on I prefer to eat food then to drink blood. It's like the werewolves they can go out kill an animal and then eat it raw, but they prefer not to (I'm mean yuck).

But back to why the vampires are scared of me. I can go to them while they are dead for the day. I don't have that problem, well not entirely. I have about a half hour right when the sun first rises that I'm dead, the rest of the time I sleep like a normal person.

While Edna and Ivan both lead ordinary lives and go to work, I play the human like all other vampires out there. You see werewolves and faeries came out about three years ago. Vampires are still in the shadows to the everyday human. I think it is Vampires, Dragons and unicorns that are still in hiding.

When the vampires do come out nobody is going to want one living next door to them. It will be just like when the werewolves first came out. Everyone wanted them dead. Nobody wants to live in fear of being attacked by a werewolf. Who really wants to turn furry once a month?

Even now a vaccine and a cure was being researched for all were-animals. So far there has been one reported triumph with the vaccine, a man was cured that was once a werelion, but it seems to have been a fluke, because they couldn't get it to work again.

With the vampires there will be no cure, unless you're Dr. Frankenstein and know how to regenerate a dead body. Frankenstein is truly fantasy.

It was just about the time when the vampires could come out to play. I was in the middle of cooking dinner, when the phone rang.


"Leslie White?"


"This is Mitchell Kerr."

Shit. Mitch was the leader of the local Vampire … flock, pack, pride … whatever. This means that this guy is powerful, he could kick my butt and do it faster then I could see it happen.

That is another trick vampires have they can 'roll' your mind when you make eye contact. Which essentially means that they can control it to make you believe whatever they want you to believe. In the case of another vampire they cloud your mind, so you can't see them move, so all off a sudden he would be standing right in front of you.

"Yeah, Mitch?"

He prefers Mitchell so of course I have to call him Mitch, which to me is better then master or whatever the younger vamps are calling him these days.

"Leslie, the vampires have decided to come out."

The way he is saying that it sounds like he had a say in that. He didn't.

The five oldest vampires sit on, I guess you could it a council. They make decisions and then pass it on to the underlings that like Mitchell. These underlings are in control marked territories. In the United States where I live, there is a head vampire located in all of the main cites, like New York City, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

There could be only bad news if the head of our city (Davenport) was directly contacting me.

"Okay, but no one who would harm me knows I'm a vampire. Thank you for the warning though."

Silence. I was this close to hanging up on him when he finally spoke.

"Leslie, we went you to inform the president of our existence."

WHAT? I was screaming inside my head.

"Why me?" I said very calmly considering all the screaming taking place inside my head.

"You're the only one that will be able to see him. We tried to get in to see him but he wouldn't stay late enough for us to get there and fully explain everything to him."


"And you can, you don't have a time limit for talking to him."

"Hey I die too."

"Yeah for how long, an hour or two?"

There was no way I was giving that away. "Yeah about."

"So we think that it should be you, you walk in both worlds, you should be able to explain to him everything that he needs to know."

"Needs to know?"

"Well, yeah he doesn't need to know the gruesome stuff."

I think he was talking about the massacres that went on in Europe. Or maybe the unsolved homicides that the police have that were committed by vampires. Or the missing bodies from the morgue that weren't really dead. Or … the list just goes on.

"I want the huntings to stop."


"In exchange for doing this for you, I want all the other vampires to stop hunting me."

"I can't grant that outside the city."

"Ask the council."

"I'll try but I can't promise more. Anything else?"

"I think that's it."

"You have an appointment to meet with him tomorrow at nine."

"That's pm right?"

"Wrong. Will you be up by then?" He doesn't mean awake when he asks this he means will I no longer be a corpse. But you ask that question of others a lot.

"Yeah. How do I get there?"

"Fly." When he says fly he doesn't mean a plane. Vampires can fly and I don't mean they turn into a bat and fly. Or sprout wings and fly. No they just levitate right off the ground and off they go. I know that several vampires have made their livings as magicians off of that gift.


"Call me when you've finished and let me know how it went."

The rest of the evening spent packing. I didn't want to bring too much I did have to carry it the whole way there. Not that I had a lot to bring I wasn't planning on staying there overnight.

At eleven I was just going to bed when there was a knock on my door.

I wrapped myself in my robe and went to answer it.

"Yeah who is it?" I called out when I was close enough.



I opened the door, and leaned against the frame.

"What brings you here?"

"I wanted to give you the address of the local head vamp in D.C."

"Why couldn't you have told me over the phone?

He just gave me a look that said I should know better then to ask that. Which yeah I did, most of the older vampires didn't trust technology. Paranoia at its worst.

"You aren't going to let me in are you?"

"I wasn't going to, should I?"

"Well I had hoped."

I stared at him, while still being a human it is hard to stare a vampire down, they don't need to blink.

"Was this the only reason you came out here?" That was odd normally he would have sent a flunky to deliver a message.

"Naw, it's poker night at Ivan's." he explained with a head nod towards Ivan's house.

"Oh." Of course I didn't rate a visit from him himself.

"'Night." Mitch called as he cut across my lawn to Ivan's front door.

I shut my door and went to bed, damn vampires.

I woke up very groggy to the sound of my alarm clock. It was three in the morning I was going to fly out now that way I didn't caught in the skies as a vampire when the sun came up. I was going to have to really fly, no pun intended, if I was going to get there in time.

I dunno how long it normally takes someone to get from Davenport, Iowa to Washington D.C., but it took me just about an hour to make the flight.

At I had just reached D.C. at quarter after five. I would have set down sooner but it was damn hard to land somewhere in a busy city.

I found a cheap hotel that I was able to spend my morning in, there was no way I was going to the head vamps place. So far the hunt-free land was back home in Iowa.

I covered up the window with the heavy top blanket so no light could get through.

Even though I couldn't see it I felt the sun rise. I felt the familiar pulling sensation that always occurs right before 'my death.' When I am awake when I die, and that is rare, it feels like something is being pulled out of you. I can usually sleep through the pain, but right now I was awake and it hurt.