Lee Stetson stood in the den of "Victoria Greenwich's" fine house waiting for "Victoria" herself to return home from her date with Delano

Way after Midnight, Cinderella

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Rating: PG

Summary: This starts out with an episode, but then turns into A/U…This happens during the episode Service Above and Beyond where Amanda just got home from her date w/ Delano after ripping out the microphone in her brooch. She has just arrived home and Lee is there to greet her…..

Timeframe: first season, in the episode Service Above and Beyond

Author's Notes: this is one of my first fanfics, so please be gentle….

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Lee Stetson stood in the den of "Victoria Greenwich's" fine house waiting for "Victoria" herself to return home from her date with Delano. He absently sipped his drink thinking on how his night had turned out. He thought about waiting out in a cramped van eating a gyro as Amanda sat inside flirting and having a good time with a man he didn't like, and didn't want Amanda to like! He didn't trust Delano around Amanda, and didn't like the idea Billy came up with of having Amanda date Delano so they could sweep his house. Lee couldn't understand his feelings….it felt almost like jealou-….wait, this was Amanda King…the single mom with 2 kids, a station wagon, and a mortgage. There was no way he could be jeal….no…he put that thought out of his mind….

Lee's thoughts were brought to the present by the sound of a car pulling up outside. He stepped up to the window and pushed back the curtain a few centimeters to see Amanda hobbling up the sidewalk. He heard the door open and the two "servants" of the house came to gather the immensely expensive jewelry. He heard Amanda's voice as she began to tell them not to wait on her, and then realize that they weren't really waiting on her…they were waiting on the jewelry. He walked to the doorway of the den and couldn't help the smile that came to his face as he watched Amanda. He had just met her not long ago by total accident, but she had an effect on him that no one else had. He took a sip of his drink to cover the full out grin that was about to cover his face as he saw Amanda putting the brooch back in the box. Lee thought to the events of earlier tonight surrounding the brooch. He should be furious at her for the little stunt she pulled in the ladies' room.

But he wasn't. That was a point that had ran through his mind numerous times tonight. He wasn't happy about her taking out the microphone it at first, but within minutes, he was over it. That was another thing Amanda had over him, even in the short time he had known her; she could make him angry but couldn't keep him that way for long. She counteracted his madness.

As the two from the agency walked away, he realized Amanda was now alone.

"It's way after midnight, Cinderella," Lee said softly as Amanda looked up in surprise. He loved the way she turned slightly when he spoke and how a blush began to rise to her cheeks.

She put her hands on her purse, and shyly questioned, "What are you doing here?" as he slowly strolled over to where she was standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Well, someone ripped out her microphone in the ladies' room, leaving me with a lot of time to kill." He stated, intending to pinch her conscience a little.

"Listen, I better be going home. I have to go change," Amanda quietly stated as she turned to go up to "Victoria's" room.

"Wait! Uh…Amanda…aren't you going to tell me how your evening went?" Lee said the first thing that popped into his head. But he really was curious as to what had happened after he had become unable to listen in on their evening. That was the one advantage of sitting in that cramped van listening to Amanda flirt with Delano…he could make sure it didn't go to far, that nothing actually blossomed between Delano and Amanda.

Amanda slowly turned around and gazed into Lee's bright hazel eyes. She didn't want to tell him. She didn't want to tell him that even though she had been talking with Jim, her mind had wandered to Lee and she had gone as far as seeing Lee in Jim's place. She was confused. Shortly after she had left Lee standing in the ladies' room, she had explained to Jim that she didn't feel so well. He had been a courteous gentleman; she felt bad causing him unnecessary concern, but she had wanted to get out of this date and back to "Victoria's" fine house.

Lee watched as a few emotions crossed Amanda's face. He lifted his hand to Amanda's arm and gently shook her out of her reverie, "Amanda…you okay?" he asked gently as he placed his other hand on her arm, turning her to him.

Amanda blinked and focused on Lee. "I am so sorry, Lee. Guess I am just tired from the evening." Amanda unconvincingly said. But Lee wasn't to be fooled. He knew Amanda had been thinking about something, but she didn't want to talk about it. Lee went into agent mode as he tried to come up with reasons Amanda seemed so dismissive of the evening. He suddenly thought of something, and his eyes became dark as his grip tightened on Amanda's arms.

"Amanda, did Delano hurt you?" Lee's voice cut into the silence that had consumed the room while Lee was thinking.

She didn't meet his eyes. He could tell that she was avoiding eye contact, and became even more concerned. "Amanda, did he do something to you? Tell me!!" Lee's voice rose several volume notches.

Amanda looked up in to Lee's beautiful hazel eyes and he knew.