Our Future

Chapter 1 : Name

"Snow..." Only that word that come from my mouth when I woke up.

"Where...am I?" I walk through the snow. Don't know where I must go to. Very cold, but i must survive... I must find a place to survive.

"Why I'm here?" I'm keep thinking without no answer for sure. Every step, my feet feel very heavy. My eyes become blur. Ah, I want to stay in a warm place.

"Will I die here? Frozen... in the middle of snow?"

I change my thought to the future of my life than think about my past, about why I can be here... in this place.

"Hey, are you alright? Hang in there!"

Who? The warm hands hold my shoulders. However, I can't stand anymore. I just want to….sleep…

When I awake, I already on a sofa and a warm blanket. Front of me, there's a fireplace which warming this room that can fit for 3-4 people inside it. I look around and at the same time, the door beside me is opened. I turn my eyes to the wood door and see a woman behind it.

"Hey, you're awake?" The woman greets.

That woman looks like 25 years old, wearing crumple cloth and her hair as long as her back, is tied up like ponytail. She is not thin or even fat. Her face is very cute and calm. She brings me a cup of hot chocolate when she knew I was awakened.

"You alright?" She smiles.

I get up and nod.

"Where…am I?"

"Oh, you're at my home!" she still smiles.

We both silent for a while then she stars to question me again

"What's your name?"

I silent for a moment, to think…

"Name? What's that?"

Her face looks startled. I don't know if "name" is… so important?

"Eh?...You don't know…na…me? N.A.M.E. Hmmm…Let me think, name is…name is…" I think she is confused how to explain it, but I still wait for her answer. Suddenly, she claps her hands and continues.

"Name is our parents' gift; they give it to show their love to us. Beside that, we use name for our identity. Like me, my name is Chitose. It's my parents gift when I was born."

"Did you happy with that?"

"Of course. I love this name, very…"

"I don't have any name… is that mean, nobody love me?"

Chitose takes a deep breathe and smiles again.

"Maybe you've just lost your memory. Someday, you'll know about yourself even your name…Ah, how about I give you a name?"

I keep silent, still wandering my mind about name. However, I nod agree. But before he talk, I quickly say, "If you give me a name, is that because you love me?" she nod and still smile.

"How about…Atsuma?"

"A…tsuma! Atsuma!" I don't know why, but I feel happy in that day and at that time I smile.

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