My muse got bored in my history class (I already know all of what they're currently telling me, but Mum and Dad won't let me just skip the studying for those lessons so I can take the bleeding test and get on with stuff I DON'T know...) and started to spam me with ideas. This is one of them.

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He's been watching him for a very long time. He has nothing else to do, imprisoned in the Pit for all eternity, and there is a reason for him to be interested in watching this one creature.

He's the man the Eternals chose to be his executioner.

The Beast has been monitoring him ever since he was Loomed half-human and without a name— and even some time before— desperate to see some sort of loophole which would make him unable to carry out the execution.

And then he saw it.

The Doctor loved almost everything he saw, and if the Beast could exaggerate that with one of his companions...

He tried several times through the course of his life; Sarah-Jane, Romana, others whose names and faces were forgotten, all of them were led to the Doctor by the Beast, but he never succeeded in forcing him into love. He nearly did once, but the stupid girl refused to come with him.

Exasperated and rapidly running out of time, the Beast decided on a different tactic. He exacerbated the Time War, nudging it along until the Doctor was faced with no choice but to destroy his own planet. The action left the Doctor shattered and vulnerable, and the Beast was ready for his next attempt.

He brought the Doctor to Rose Tyler, nudging them together with careful alterations to their lives until they clung to each other of their own accord. From then on, he barely had to meddle with their lives at all (He did have to get rid of Mickey and Reinette, but it was hardly extravagant considering what he'd already gone through), and by the time the Doctor and Rose arrived on Krop Tor, the Beast was confident that he was safe.

But he hadn't fully appreciated how deeply the Doctor's love for Rose ran, how he saw that it would be better for her to die than to live all on her own, stranded in a universe where the Beast ruled; he hadn't seen the almost childlike belief in her which was almost comical in such a broken and faithless individual.

As the Beast fell ever closer to his doom, his body consumed by the black hole and his mind flying towards it, he was infuriated. For his final act, he channelled all of his rage into the malfunction of a lever— a seemingly small alteration of events, but one which would tear the Doctor and Rose apart forever. He died thinking that he had won; he may have been destroyed, but he had also destroyed his destroyer.

But there are forces in the universe greater than the Beast, forces which could heal the wounds he had created— and those forces are on the Doctor's side.


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