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Thoughts of a Demon

Wherever you go,

I will find you,

If I have to cross the ends of the sea.

Sesshoumaru walked towards the edge of the cliff. The demon lord had an aura about him that said he was deep in thought but this did not show on his face. Only determination but no emotion showed on his face. He stood on the edge and felt like it was his sanity. Ever since the battle where he and Inuyasha joined forces, he could not get the little miko out of his mind. It was like an ember that grew into a fire that would not die.

"Why is this Sesshoumaru having such thoughts?" he pondered out loud but no one gave an answer for there was no one there. He growled low in his throat for he felt the loneliness surrounding him though he always denied its presence. He could not deny it today however for he could not stop thinking about her.

A/N: Styxx- Poor Sesshoumaru, all alone. Not even Rin's there.

Sesshoumaru growled once more and turned on his heel. He walked towards his palace for he had given his word that he would watch Rin play today. It was one of the few days he had agreed to do so but, as he walked away, he felt his heart lighten at the thought of watching her today. With this in mind and his thoughts aside for now, he walked more quickly to the castle so that he could at least say the day wasn't a total waste.

A/N: Styxx- well, that's that, I suppose. It's only the prologue so it's short but I think you got the point. Anyway, onto the next chapter!