I groaned in a loving way as I tried to keep up to speed with the words spewing excitedly of my best friends mouth.

"I can't believe its back to school already! I hope we get classes together – last year was horrible, remember, I had that awful guy in my class and the teachers were so boring! I mean really they should check who we wanna be with! If I ran the school office, things would be so much more organised… And - " She was right though – she was so organised she probably had her school equipment ready for next year too.

"Alice!" I whined, cutting her off while she was already ahead. "It's the first day back at school – I'm still sleepy…" I yawned for effect and she giggled.

"You're always sleepy Bells! Come on - let's get our schedules!" I reluctantly allowed her to drag me along to the office where we picked up our timetables. It turned out we had every class together which was pretty cool. The teachers weren't too bad either. Alice started up her chattering again as the bell rang and we forwarded off our English class. I met a few new students who were really nice. One of them, a girl called Angela sat with us at lunch. She was very tall, very pretty and very shy.

The day passed slowly as everyone grudgingly settled back into school routine. By the time I got home, it felt like the holidays had ended a month ago. Exhausted, I trudged inside and chucked my rucksack on the bench. Grabbing a glass of juice, I flopped back onto the lounge and sighed with relief. The first day was over - that wasgenerally the worst part.

"Hello? Are you there Bella?" I jerked awake, utterly confused for a minute until I realized I wasn't in my bed. Charlie was standing over me grinning.

"Hey dad," I mumbled, still half asleep. "How was your day?" He shrugged still grinning.

"It was alright. Not much happening though. Are we eating soon?" I stared at him. He pointed at the clock. I shot off the couch - it was already 8:00pm!

"Oh crap! Sorry dad, do you want me to make something? I think there's some sausages…" I darted into the kitchen, surveying the contents of the fridge speedily.

"Don't worry about it Bells. I got some pizza on the way home." He shrugged out of his jacket, grabbed a plate and sat down. I did the same and we ate in silence. When I was washing the dishes however, Charlie spoke.

"How was your day Bells? I forgot to ask…"

"It was ok. I got all my classes with Alice this year." Charlie perked up – he liked Alice.

"Ah. Good then. She's a lovely young lady that Alice." This time I grinned. Finished with the dishes I wandered up the stairs. I got ready for bed and sank slowly into my bed. I sighed with contentment. The year was looking up so far!