I'm new here and I don't mind any flames you will gave me. Of course I have heart and it's just I don't want to back off and accepted it. This Yullen and if you don't like then... it's up to you. Also there's Lavi X Lenalee and this is just the introduction.

Once upon a time, at the kingdom of Dark Order, live a king name Lavi and his beautiful-super-I-tell-ya queen, Lenalee. Both of them have longed a child and they don't care whether it's a boy or a girl. To make this story very simple… they adopt the Prime Minister, Mana Walker… 5 years old daughter, whose name is Allen Walker. You wanna know why they adopt her? Cause Mana Walker passed away because of some identified disease and only the damn authoress knew what it is.

Okay, yada-yada… King Lavi and Queen Lenalee raised Allen like their own and the result? It leads toward the queen herself toward the Reaper when Allen herself was 10 years old. After the most-unfortunate death of his beloved queen, King Lavi married with a princess next kingdom, whose name is Road Kamelot…

Everyone was utterly shocked even the Millennium Earl could die because of heart attack… well, sort of. The new queen, Road was perfectly looking like an innocent child princess, BUT BEFORE THE DAMN EYES OF KING LAVI ONLY! At his back, she was one of 13 cruelest people in the world!

And yet again, to make this story short… we'll have a time skip… a year later; King Lavi also joined his previous beautiful-super-I-tell-ya Queen Lenalee, and this time… it was not from some kind of disease. It happened cause first, King Lavi irritated the Bookman, who served as the librarian by throwing a wild party at the library… and so, the Bookman gave King Lavi his ultimate flying kick at his face, which resulted King Lavi to fly backward and crashed the library main window and fly again, toward the beautiful scenery of outer space, and caused him a lack of oxygen and died at the crime scene.

Later, Bookman was arrested by Cross Marian, the military general and threw inside the prison for a years… or maybe days. Although it should be sorta sad, grieving moment as the kingdom loss its king, however, many men, especially from fathers side overjoyed hearing the death of their king because he will, never ever again… flirt with their daughters. Hell! The king even flirted with his own adopted daughter! But silently, they wished Komui Lee, the kingdom mad scientist were dead at the first place after he invented such a useful, yet troublemaker Komurin.

Being a widow, Road does not feel sad to be mourning her dearly beloved-or-not king, instead… she laugh maniacally and throw a party at the library… which annoyed Bookman later if he heard this. To tell the truth, if Road actually mourning his death… hell might actually frozen right now, cause like hell that things is going to be happening at Dark Order Kingdom.

Upon after so many explained events, Queen Road-… I mean Empress Road took over the kingdom without marrying other men; and does that allow may I ask? The Que-… I mean Empress Road ruled the kingdom merciless! She turned the once luxuries kingdom into some damn pit hell, she turned all the soft-cute canvas colour into some emo dark maniac colour, which utterly disgusted cause I-hope-you-all-can-imagine-a-most-hideous-gift-warped-town-in-the-history.

Not only that, poor dear Froi Tiedoll have to suffered everyday by painting the Empress Road picture every single seconds… just to complete it. Making Komui work inside his solitude office prison 24/7, declare a 'Women Abused' campaign that General Cross were not allowed to date women again. Oh! Not for Jerry cause Empress Road command him to cook and he enthusiastically accept it. Threaten Miranda Lotto to fire her everyday and mocked her. Command Arystar Krory to burn the entire mutant-rare-species flower to replace it with some also-unknown-rare-species-I-don't-know-what's-it. And she also make poor dearly Allen to work as a servant.

Enough chattering bout Empress Road, let us move our view toward Allen Walker. She was beautiful with her beautiful enchanted blue eyes, white skin and semi-long silver hair which earned her a nickname, 'Snow Walker'.

Each year passed, Snow Walker a.k.a Allen Walker had grew beautifully into a fine, perfect lady. She was very hardworking and friendly lady; her most friends were a mere servant like her or not like Tiedoll, Komui, Cross, Jerry, Miranda, and Krory. She has a fine, soft voice which she used it to sang everyday after finishing her works at the isolate garden which the Empress Road herself don't have to visit it cause Tyki Mikk, the kingdom professor, making her do all the homeworks like hell.

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