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SONG: L'Arc En Ciel - Honey

After being attack by Kanda's Kaichū: Ichigen, Prince Bak Chan were thrown toward somewhere like a creepy dungeon inside Dark Order Kingdom.


Oh crap, poor Prince Bak Chan had to suffer through my curse… nevertheless, we'll continue this story!

"Shit… crap… ouch… damn…" he cursed as he tried to get up from letting his face being dusted over the ol' dull and dirty floor. Prince Bak Chan dusted and smoothen his cloth back as he stood up, "Eh? Where am I?" he asked himself while his eyes roaming inside the room and his gaze fell toward a certain mirror at the center of the room. He sighed while took out his script and read it, "Okay… where am I? Oh yes, here…" he pointed his finger at the particular lines inside the script, "Go toward the damn mirror and search for the direction how to use it on the mirror border…" Prince Bak Chan eyed toward the mirror, "Well… worth a shot." He said as he threw the script on the floor, which later will annoyed the cleaning lady for littering. Prince Bak Chan stared toward the mirror for awhile before began to search the direction how to use mirror, "Hmm… where's it? Oh, here is it…" hey, he actually found it! "Hmm… yada, yada, yada…" suddenly, something caught his interest as he read it, "Once every 123 years 4 months 5 weeks 6 days 7 hours 8 minutes and 9 seconds… you can bring someone back to life by saying his or her name."

Cool! I want to bring my dead goldfish back to life which I wondered whether the fish will came back from the toilet bowl or through swimming inside the drain in front of my house. And will it turn into zombie?

"Bring… someone… back to life?" Prince Bak Chan trembled, "That means… I can…" tears started to stream out from his eyes before he proceed to hug the mirror, "Gah!! Lenalee! Lenalee! Lenalee! Lenalee! Lenalee! Lenalee! Lenalee! Lenalee! Lenalee! Lenalee! Lenalee! Lenalee! Lenalee!" he exclaimed loudly, "Lenalee!! Why did you ever married to that red monkey?!" he wailed, "Why did you married to Lavi? Oh, Lenalee!" he began to screamed. Damn! He forgot to read the rest of the direction!

And after a worth while of crying Lenalee name and cursing Lavi name… the mirror suddenly shone brightly that will utterly attract woman who loves shiny things like jewelry.

"Eh?" Prince Bak Chan can only let out one word. Before him was… a glowing women figure that came out from the mirror, "Lenalee?" he called the women.

The women slowly turned her head toward him, "Bak-… Chan?" she said and the glow on her body started to fade away, revealing a beautiful Chinese girl.

Prince Bak Chan held a huge smile on his face, "Lenalee!" he started to run toward her, "Lenalee! Lenalee! Lenalee!" he exclaimed.

"Bak Chan?" Lenalee said, "Bak Chan!" she smiled.

"Lenalee!" Prince Bak Chan felt like he was in seventh heaven right now. As he get closer to Lenalee… he just wanted to hug her, whispering loving words, vowed to never let her go again and propose her. "Lenalee!" suddenly, he felt his face were being hit by thing like… a boot, "Ek?"

But… that was definitely gonna be destroyed by a certain red haired KING!

"Hi Bak! Long time didn't see you!" Lavi said happily while his right boot surface held Bak Chan face.

"Hi Lavi…" Prince Bak Chan replied as his face slowly slide through Lavi foot and fall on the hard cold… cool floor.

Lavi raised both of his hand and placed it back of his head, "Ahhhh… it's good to back, right Lenalee?" he asked his wife.

"Umm!" Lenalee nodded, "Oh Lavi… let us find our dear Allen… and we'll married her to our chosen prince charming." She said.

"But before that! I demand the Authoress to give my title as a KING back!" Lavi said loudly, "You heard me Authoress! I wanna it back! And give Lenalee title as QUEEN back too!!" he said.

Che. Should I kill him or what? Oh well, later and later I'll kill him… Alright! Alright! I give it back!

After demanding the title back, King Lavi took his wife hand, "Hah… that's better after getting the title…" he smiled and passionately bring Lenalee hand to his lips, "Lenalee… from now on, never partying at library, marrying other person, trusted someone to take care of our daughter and I'll wanted to married you again…" he said, ignoring the fact that Prince Bak Chan could hear it.

"Oh… Lavi, I love you!" Queen Lenalee said as she threw her hand around King Lavi neck and gave him a peck at his lips.

Well, after a several make out session… they get out from the dungeon and announce their former citizen that they have been revived by Prince Bak Chan, which later the citizen gave a really loud growl… not satisfying toward Prince Bak Chan that he accidentally revived King Lavi.


Eventually, this day… oh! So happy, so joy, so peaceful for our dear beloced hero and heroin… holding the marriage at Lotus Kingdom except there was something wrong with our hero… no, he didn't not get any transmitted unknown disease that spread from foul words like 'shit'.

Prince Yuu Kanda, who was wearing his royal garments walked forth and backward at the altar, and his face seemed kinda irritated, "Shit! The priest is late! Now moyashi is late!" he grumbled.

"Oh Kanda, please calm down… you eventually get married today." Tiedoll said who was wearing a plain brown suit with a green stripe tie. "You will be happy, everyone will enjoy and no insane people from rehab gonna stop this wedding as I already talked with Komui to plant some land mine at the entrance…"

Krory began to sweat drop, "You don't need to go that far…"

"Grrr…" Kanda gritted his teeth, "I demand this wedding to begin right away!" he shouted, pulled his Mugen out from its sheath, "Or I'll murder one by one every second late…" oh crap! Kanda is gonna start a massacre!

Tiedoll and Krory gulped and both of them hastily called Daisya, "Daisya! Daisya! Go get Allen right away!!" the shouted like a madman.


"Should we braided or tied it?" Miranda asked Ashelia. She was wearing a teal colour dress, a high cut collar, a matching dark sandal and her hair was finished with a chignon hairstyle.

"Don't braid her hair! That will be copying me!" Ashelia turned her back, showing her long brunet hair that have been braided beautifully, "See?" she said happily. Ashelia was wearing a lavender colour dress that seemed to float around her calf, a high cut collar, and long wide sleeves, matching with a dark brown high-heel boots and her hair… well… simply braided.

Bookman suddenly interrupt, "How bout cornrows?" he asked, which resulted Ashelia draw out her Thanatos and Miranda held her axe, "Okay. Okay… it's just a joke." He said in apologetic voice.

"Umm… can you just leave it down?" Allen asked innocently. She was wearing a simple white wedding dress with a square lacey collar and a long wide lacey sleeves matching with a kitten heel shoe.

"Hmm… that will work." Ashelia and Miranda said together.

Suddenly, the waiting room door suddenly opened and Daisya burst in, "Gah!! Allen! Hurry up or Kanda will start to murder everyone!!" he exclaimed.

"Well hurry Mrs. Kanda! Your homer is gonna be like an uncontrolled crazy horse hormones!" Ashelia said as she took Allen arm and drag her out from the room.

Miranda followed from behind, "Wait! The flower! The flower!" she shouted, brought along the bouquet of flower.


Skip the formation! After Cross accompanied Allen toward the altar and gave her toward Kanda… bla, bla, bla, bla… the priest is late… which later gave Kanda an intend to murder him although he got a good excuse for being late cause he got an accident while taking care a herd of sheep but eventually being crashed by a Batmobile.

Kanda tapped his shoe impatiently, "Where the hell is he?!" he asked.

"Son, please wait for awhile… I'm sure his got-…" the king said and being interrupted by Kanda death glare… which remind him to shut up for awhile.

Yeegar suddenly rose from his seat, "Well… I think we don't have any choice but to leave it to me…" he suddenly dressed like Elvis Presley and act like the priest for Kanda and Allen wedding.

Yada, yada, yada… the speech, the vow… and here come our favourite part!

"Is there anyone like to oppose this young couple or leave it-…" before Yeegar could finish his words, the door suddenly explode and reveal…

Cross, Miranda, Komui, Krory, Johnny, and Bookman were utterly shock beyond their own words, "OMG! King Lavi and Queen Lenalee were brought back to life!" they shrieked.

King Lavi stepped forward, "Yeah! I oppose this wedding with my might!"

Bookman hastily ran toward King Lavi… no, do not get any idea bout hugging or tearful moments… "You stupid brat! Do no ruin this wedding with your stupid attitude and sit down!!" he said as he punched King Lavi with his 'panda attack'.

After winning the fight by body slam King Lavi, Bookman held the unconscious king by his foot and throw him at the bench, followed by Lenalee who silently and gracefully walked toward the bench to sit beside Miranda.

Yeegar coughed and continued his work, "You may kiss the bride." Yeegar said while posing like Elvis Presley. "Thank you! Thank you very much!" he exclaimed.

Kanda let his left arm held Allen waist while his other arm cupped her face, bringing her closer and soon… they share a passionate kiss, resulted the everyone around them cheered cause tomorrow is gonna a holiday! Whoopee! No work for tomorrow! After it's seemed like a tomorrow, Cross stood up from his seat.

"Okay, enough the make out session and let us party!" he said as he brought out a bottles of wine.

"Yipppeee!!" all the crowd shouted.

I have always been gazing

Ever since the distant days of my childhood

Even till today, that faint scenery

Still decorates my pure-white walls.

Kanda held Allen and carried her out. Oh! So joy! Everyone cheered for the new wed couple. Ashelia put a 'No Women Abuse' banner. Cross, Suman, Krory, Komui, Marie, Daisya, and Johhny celebrated by drinking a dozen bottles of wine. While Miranda, Bookman and Yeegar happily ate some cake and drink some tea.

-Month later-

Entangled by the dry winds,

Taking you with me

Honey so sweet,

Catching the limitless dream in my arms.

Kanda and Allen were on their honeymoon at Japan, Malaysia, Hawaii, and Dark Order Kingdom. King Lavi and Queen Lenalee with warm hearted welcome the couple to stay at their kingdom but much to Kanda displeasure. Plus, it's seemed like Prince Bak Chan tried to get inside the castle… attempting to murder King Lavi but failed.

In the rolling roads,

I just went a little crazy.

I can't take away the deep pain but,

Don't look at me with those sad eyes.

Ashelia snuggled closer and let her head fall on her fiancé shoulder as he hugged her, together they watching the sunset at the hillside and not to far from they were running Cross, being chased by Ashelia's army for some unknown reason.

Entangled by the dry winds,

Taking you with me

Honey so sweet, I want you to believe me

Even if this world is a lie.

Komui invented another Komurin and now it was chasing over Johnny, Miranda, Krory and Bookman inside Dark Order castle.

I want to fly, waitin' for sunrise

Crap! Harry Potter is being kidnap by one of his fan girls and deflowered him!

Always, always

I want to melt in your sweet, sweet smile.

Yeegar pleasurably read his future script while Suman and Marie fixed the cottage… or mansion.

Fate caught me

Everything around me is hazy but,

Don't stop yourself; you can hear it, can't you?

That place is calling.

Entangled by the dry winds,

Taking you with me

Honey so sweet,

Catching the limitless dream with my arms.

Poor Daisya… his salary were being taken by the king as the payment for fixing the castle wall… which earlier was Kanda fault where everyone seemed do not bother with it. Jean, Leo and Elda happily play together at the hillside. Chomesuke, who's happily peep King Lavi while sleeping… much to Queen Lenalee displeasure.

I want to fly, waitin' for sunrise

I want to fly, waitin' for sunrise

Soon, someone in Canada were about to receive Tyki Mikk as Authoress present. And crap! My finger is started to crack and…


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