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Chapter 1

The Beginning of the New World

"Oh God, Hinata! Tomorrow's gonna be a new life for you… you'll have new friends, new teachers, new classmates-"

They were in a living room, so peaceful and calm. A tall black haired guy that was wearing a white t-shirt was talking to a girl that was sitting on a sofa. The girl had a raven long hair; she was wearing a very spacious t-shirt with a hood and a worn out jeans.

She was looking at her cousin, walking left and right. After a 30-35 step walk on a repeated direction, she was surprised when he stopped in front of her and faced her. Her violet orbs met his serious eyes. She couldn't look away from him.

"Or maybe you can find there, hmmmm… you know a 'lover'!" the guy from a serious character laughed…

"S-Stop it Neji!" the girl expressed a little bit of annoyance…

"Well, I'm just making fun of you Hinata," He chuckled. "And--we might not know, what if it really happen? What if your soul mate is in that school?" he always wanted to talk about Hinata's love life.

She didn't like the topic, and the only way to stop it is to drop the subject. "Eh? Is Ino s-studying there too?" she hoped that Neji won't notice it.

Well, she really doesn't like to talk about boys especially 'love'; indeed, she'll feel awkward once they talk about that. Hinata always avoid that kind of conversation every time…

"Yeah…WAIT! You're dropping the subject. You thought that I haven't noticed it, right? Well, so sorry, but it's not enough. I am just telling you the impressive qualities of our school…" Neji gave Hinata a grin like he was planning something. He gave her an adequate reason to continue their conversation.

'I hate it when Neji grins at me like that…'

"You know that I d-don't want to t-talk about those things, Neji." Hinata pleaded. There were numerous subjects aside from love that could make Hinata free from anxiety.

"Don't worry Hinata. I won't let anyone out there to court you okay?" he laughed, sitting beside Hinata as if he is going to be jealous once she'll have a 'boyfriend'. Well, he was just making fun, again, on her.

Then the door bell ring. First, they just ignored it because Neji was focusing on what he was saying on her, he put in the picture of every detail of their school that could really help her on recognizing every building; when the door bell rang again Neji offered to open it and Hinata nodded inquisitively. Neji leisurely looked from the window then opened the door.

Neji was surprised when he saw the person outside. "Hey, what are you two doing here? Is there any problem?"

Hinata glared outside and saw two shadows. One of them was really familiar.

'Why? Am I not allowed to visit you?" the person was Ino. She laughed as she saw Neji looked really shocked. "So, are you going to invite me to come in to your house or not?"

Ino, Neji's girlfriend, is a blonde haired woman with long bangs almost covering half of her face; she also had nice crystal orbs. Well, Hinata liked her a lot. She helped Hinata a lot and was fond with Hinata's baby sister, Hanabi. She was also very close at the Hyuugas for his father is the childhood friend of Neji's father.

"Oh, I'm sorry, well… come in!" Neji was totally panicking…

As Ino came in to the Hyuuga residence she noticed Hinata seating on the sofa looking curiously to them. "Oh, Hinata! Nice to see you!" she gave her a very warming smile.

"Yeah me t-too Ino…!" she said as she gazed strangely at the girl behind Ino. It was a girl with two buns on the sides of her head.

"By the way Hinata, this is TenTen, and TenTen, this is Hinata…" Ino gave the two a grin.

"Oh, hello Hinata, Neji told us that you had decided to transfer in our school, well, I guess in that situation, we will have a lot of time to know each other so-- friends?" She gave Hinata her right hand.

"S-sure…" she shook TenTen's hand by her left one.

"Ah, guys sorry for the dirty house!" Neji defended as he went to the kitchen to serve some snacks for them all.

"It's okay. Honestly, it's much cleaner than our living room because of my 5-year old cousin!" Ino explained as both of them sat down beside Hinata on the sofa.

"You know Hinata… you picked the right decision in transferring to our school. You know why?" TenTen told her. Hinata gazed curiously showing that she had no idea.

TenTen couldn't wait for her answer so, she just answered her own question…"Coz' our school is really, very, genuinely, totally beautiful!!!" she proudly told Hinata that one while she put the palms of her hands at her both cheeks like she was imagining something really deep…

"How c-come it was t-totally beautiful then…?" Hinata was looking for an answer on both sapphire and topaz orbs.

"Because—Miss Hinata Hyuuga, there are many great teachers there… and all ahh… not all, most of the students there are very, totally friendly and cool!" Ino defended their school and soon to be Hinata's school…

"And there are many interesting clubs out there too!" TenTen added.

"W-well I t-think it's really interesting…" Hinata began to imagine what her school looked like.

Finally, Neji was finished in making his own specialty. "Well, stop that for now… let's eat! I served snacks for all of us!"

They all stopped the conversation. "Hai!!!"

As they were all together at the dining room, someone came in Neji's mind. "Wait a minute; I'll just call Hanabi so that she could also join us." Neji had shown concern at Hanabi in that statement.

Well, he only shows a BIG concern on Hanabi if Ino's there, just to impress her…

"Well, that's very sweet of you." Ino proudly told Neji as she stared at Hinata that seemed to be envisaging her new home (school).

"HANABI!!! Hanabi…please come down here, I served a very unique snack for all of us here!" Neji shouted, enough for Hanabi to hear.

After 10 seconds, finally, there came a response. "Okay!" a voice from upstairs echoed in the living room until steps were heard nearer and nearer to them.

A brown haired girl, just came in on their sight, she was like a miniature of Hinata… "Ino!!!! Good to see you here!" Hanabi quickly hugged Ino when she saw her smiling and waving.

"Well, good to see you too Hanabi. What are you doing from upstairs?" She gave her a very warming smile.

"Well, I'm playing my play station. Actually, I'm at the best part of the game, but because Neji said that he served you all, including me, a very unique snack that he often do, I stopped playing and went down." Hanabi detailed. That's the whole story and she didn't even miss one thing.

"Well, you'd better eat now." Neji grunted.

Hanabi, then, took a bite on Neji's homemade snack. "Delicious! Thanks! Can I have another one?" Hanabi gave Neji a grin, saying the word 'please'.

"Sure. I'll make whatever you want just for my baby cousin!" he went to the kitchen and baked some more.

"Hanabi you made me jealous, you know?" Ino said jokingly.

The little girl smiled. "Sorry, well, that's a Hyuuga bond!!! Just get used to it." then, Hanabi stared at Hinata cheerfully. "Right, sis?"

"Precisely…" Hinata giggled, their conversation sounded like it was planned but honestly, it wasn't.

"Well, is t-that finish, Neji?" Hinata doesn't want to make their visitors hungry and making them wait.

"Yep." an exquisite response that made Hanabi almost jump for excitement.

While eating a very pleasant snack, they all have a wonderful conversation. Hanabi and Hinata had known TenTen more. Also, Hanabi gave them really funny jokes that made them laugh.

After a very nice day for all of them, Ino and TenTen decided to go home, the sun started to set. They really had fun.


At school…

It was very calm. She could smell the unique air, such a refreshing air. All of the students were in a hurry to go to their classrooms. Iit was a very bright day, she could see the sun smiling at her, well, she realized, it was the beginning of her new world!

"Hey, Hinata! So-- feeling excited?" she saw her cousin, holding a slip. "Well, this is your room number and the key to your locker, your locker is at the 3rd row, 5th column near your Biology class door. So bad, you and Ino aren't in the same class. Well, just meet us at the canteen." Neji gave Hinata the slip. She read it very clearly.

"Okay, t-thanks."

Hinata was really nervous, yet excited. Her first goal is to meet new friends and be comfortable about her new school.

"You're welcome, good luck! Don't worry, your teacher will help you in introducing yourself. Also, please bring your English notebook on lunch time, Ino will just write some notes that can really help you. Gotta go!" Neji walked immediately. He needed to meet the school dean for some reason.

Hinata began to move without even looking at the path she was walking. She was examining every side of the school. She noticed numerous bulletin boards. Probably, the clubs of the school were starting to recruit new members, and she also saw a very big library.

She, again, read the slip… just to make sure she'll enter the right room; her room number was #509.

"Ouch" a man bumped him.

"Oh, sorry, my bet…"

It was a red-haired guy with bluish orbs. The slip fell from Hinata's hands and the guy quickly handed it back to her.

He was panting, putting the both palms of his hands on his knees. He inhaled a very big amount of air.

"I'm very sorry about that." The guy stared steadily at her. "Ah, what's your name?"

"Hinata. Hinata Hyuuga. Are y-you al-alright?" she looked curiously at him…

"Oh, well, I'm Gaara." Gaara turned around, ignoring Hinata's question, he saw the girl that he was avoiding. "Ah…" On that minute Gaara was thinking for a good plan.

He took a glance on Hinata. "Can you do me a favor? I know we've just met but-- please…"

"I d-don't know?" she ogled curiously at him. She wasn't sure if she could do his favor.

"Can…" He gulped. "Can I hug you?"

'What! Why does he want to hug me?' Hinata then, saw a girl that was staring really seriously at Gaara. 'I think he's avoiding her…'

"See the woman behind me that is wearing a blue strap. Well, she had a major crush on me and I am really avoiding her, so--"

"Y-you want t-to make her jealous?" She couldn't believe it. This man could just reject her politely.

"Exactly. So-- can I?" Gaara was trying to convince her and he almost gave up… but when he saw Hinata nodded, he was enlivened.

He sighed. Gaara slowly wrapped his arms on Hinata, and Hinata did the same. Hinata slowly put her head on Gaara's shoulders to make it more realistic. They felt the warmth of their bodies as their skin felt each other's moisture.

Gaara, then, put his lips in the same level of Hinata's left ear, and started to open it up a bit "Thanks…" he whispered.

"Uhm, she ran away. I t-think her heart was r-really broken." Hinata then, let go of Gaara, stepping backwards. "Also, you're w-welcome!" she immediately walked away from him, leaving him.

But Gaara ran towards her and gave her a smile. His hands were inside his pockets, making him really warm. "Thanks, big help!" He sighed. "So, what's your room number, I'll get you there."

"No thanks, I c-could find it m-myself…" Hinata liked doing things alone.

"Well, you should accept the offer, Hinata." Gaara smiled at her and forcibly get the slip that Hinata was holding. "So, we're not in the same class. Come on! I'll lead you to room #509."

"B-but, how about y-you?" She gave him an odd look.

"Don't worry. My first class is at room #511, and just think that I'm doing this to thank you for what you have done for me a while ago!" Hinata gave up and just bowed her head.


While they were walking, silence was in the air. They weren't even looking at each other. Well, they just hugged each other, just a few minutes after they met and yeah, it's really embarrassing. After a few more steps, they were now at Hinata's room. They saw her adviser waiting for her.

"So, you are a new student here?" Gaara asked, well, it's really easy to find out if you're new because whenever there are transferees at this school, their adviser will wait for them outside.

"Hai." Hinata responded with a fake smile for she was very nervous.

"Okay, wish you good luck! See you then." Gaara ran on his room, just two doors away while Hinata went to her adviser that was waiting outside.

"Uhh, e-excuse me, I'm Hinata Hyuuga…" she said it louder so that her teacher could hear.

"Oh, so you're Neji's cousin?" Hinata nodded. "I've been waiting for you, well… I'm Ms. Kurenai, let's go inside! I'll introduce you to the class…"

As her teacher opened the door, Hinata saw many unique faces and many usual expressions. "Well class, can I get your attention please. We have a new student here…" then Ms. Kurenai looked at Hinata signaling her to show herself.

The class scrutinized her. She was almost perfect. They examined her very carefully. Her very smooth skin made all the guys damp. Well, the main problem is, Hinata always wear spacious t-shirt and jeans.

Silence filled the room.

Her hair followed the movement of the wind coming from a great view outside the window. They all contemplated the jazziness of her figure; they glared at her seriously, finding some words on her eyes. Her violet orbs met all eyes and faces of her new classmates. And-- because of her timid feeling, it was hard for her to curve a smile. Finally, she expressed her thoughts.

"Uhm, I'm Hinata Hyuuga." Hinata said curving a little smile on her face. Ms. Kurenai, then, added some information about Hinata.

"A Hyuuga, eh? Well, nice to meet you, Hinata. I'm Naruto Uzumaki!!"

"N-nice to meet you t-too." Hinata blushed. She thought she'll going to liquefy.

"Well, Hinata you can sit beside, let's see…" Ms. Kurenai searched for an empty seat. "You can sit beside Sasuke Uchiha." Ms. Kurenai smiled at her. Well, she wished she could sit beside Naruto, it was like love at first sight.

She went nearer and nearer at her seat. She could hear the girls saying that she was so lucky. but why? Is this Sa-su-ke guy the school's major crush or what? She could sense that half of the class gave her a bad look that was very terrifying.

She sat on her new seat, uncomfortable.

She couldn't even look at this Sasuke guy but when she accidentally turned her head on him, she saw him staring at her steadily. She could sense on his red eyes that he was giving her a warm welcome but honestly, his bloody eyes made her really scared.

"Hello, Hyuuga-san." Sasuke Uchiha gave her a hand. Hinata was trembling as she shook Sasuke's hands.

On that part, all the girls now, envy Hinata. They all gave Hinata a die-glance that was more terrifying. That was the first time the Uchiha introduced his self to a girl. Maybe he's interested about her.

"Well, p-pleasure to m-meet you Uchiha-san."

Suddenly, the door opened, revealing a pink haired girl. She was wearing a white spaghetti strap.

"Sorry I'm late Ms. Kurenai, the school dean ordered me to post something on the main bulletin."

"Okay then, you can sit beside Naruto, Sakura Haruno." Ms. Kurenai pointed out the desk beside the blonde and a man with very thick eyebrows.

"Why can't I sit beside Sasuke-kun?! I couldn't take sitting beside two inanes!" Sakura gave Ms. Kurenai, teary eyes. She almost kneeled on the floor, just to let her sit beside Sasuke. Well, she really is a single-minded woman.

"Ne, ne Sakura… sitting beside me is a very comfortable thing, you know?" that statement made Hinata from burning to a jovial person. For her, Naruto's right. Sasuke noticed that. He knew Hinata was beginning to admire the blonde.

He didn't know if he would feel pity for her. Naruto, for him, was nothing but a dumb, but well, he was his friend. Or—

He'll be happy because he found a girl that doesn't like him and apparently, a girl that caught his attention.

"Sakura, there's someone who was already sitting beside Sasuke." Ms. Kurenai stated that made her on fire. For her, that was a horrible statement that she could never accept. She wanted to know who it was, who was sitting beside her dream boy until she saw Hinata, she looked at her seriously. Sakura's emerald eyes struck her.

Hinata turned her head on Sasuke with much guts. "I think s-she likes you…"

"I don't really care…" he faced the window, making his whole body feel the air.

Hinata was frightened by his strident voice; she thought that she will have a really scary seatmate, a seatmate that had much quiet time alone, and a woman-hater or should I say fan girl-hater.

She took a glance on the pink-haired girl and was shocked when she saw the Haruno girl giving her a deathly glare.

Hinata was planning to make friends but now, in this situation, she was sure that it'll be hard.

Oh, what a day.

Well, that's how the story starts…

Chapter One: Ended.


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