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Chapter Five

The Disastrous Date

Hinata was walking at the sidewalk. She was trembling. It was the first time she walked outside with a miniskirt! The night was very beautiful that day. There were many lights on the road. As she was about to pass a bookstore, she was surprised on what she saw. She couldn't believe it.

She saw Gaara with somebody. The girl hugged him like they were couples but Hinata could see Gaara irritated. She has a blonde hair and a little bit of boyish voice. She was also a good looking woman.

"Hinata!" Gaara saw her. He immediately ran towards her. "Hi. Well, I just want to introduce my sister to you."

"Your w-what?"

"My hard-headed but picturesque and caring sister. She's forcing me to introduce you to her, that's why she's with me. Wait! I'm going to call her." She couldn't believe she was his sister.

He called for her. Hinata could see her smiling. She seemed very excited to meet her. She made a bouncing walk to get there just to make her cuter.

"Hello there!" she greeted with a relaxing voice and wave.

"Stop showing her a coquettish look. It's not convincing." He crossed his arms. "Well, Hinata. This is my sister Temari." He cleared his throat. "Temari, this is my friend, Hinata."

"Well, friend huh? Pleasure to meet you!" She gave her a hand. And with some curiosity in what Temari meant when she said 'friend, huh?', she shook her hand.

"It's my p-pleasure t-to meet you too."

Temari then, whispered on Hinata's ears. "You know, you're the first girl that Gaara invited in a date." That made Hinata blushed.

"Well, thanks for introducing me to your new friend. I need to go. Good luck to your date!" She gave her last wave and grin.

"Did she say something weird to you? If yes, just forget that. Don't get yourself crazy in thinking what she meant, okay?"


"So, come on?" He smiled as he put his both hands inside his pocket.



They walked together. Hinata could feel the heat burning her face. She took a glance on him, and her eyes froze on his'. He was stealing glances on her at the very beginning. The freezing reached her body completely when Gaara looked at her, not only his eyes but head to toe.

"You're…" he swallowed a bit of liquid before he continued. "You're beautiful."

Her face became red as a tomato. "T-thanks."

"I think you need to wear that one on school. It's really good in you."

"No! Uhmm, I m-mean, I don't want t-to." She started to connect her forefingers. Gaara didn't imagine her rejoinder. Most of girls will say 'Really?' or sometimes a simple 'Yeah!' but Hinata's answer was different.

In spite of his confusion, he gave her a grin. He now knew that Hinata was different from the others, much different. "It's okay. Come on, before the movie starts."

After a romantic walk together, at last, they were now at the movie house. Gaara opened the door for them then, buy two tickets. They arrived five minutes before the film starts.


"In this minute, you should wear this." He handed him a very cool shades.

"What's this for?" It seemed like it was still unused.

"Just wear it, when it's time for you to go beside Hinata. Do you want Gaara to recognize you, huh?" he said. "One more thing… I should wear your clothes and you should wear my clothes, okay?" He let out a sigh. "Gaara isn't familiar with my clothes so yeah, I guess I need to sacrifice those."

"I don't want your bacteria to stick on my clothes either." Sasuke smirked. Let's just do the plan." An insulting look became serious.

"You should thank me for this." He started to gather his dream Uchiha stuff.

"I'll thank you if the plan became successful." Sasuke didn't know why he is following Naruto's stupid plan.

They wore each other's clothes. Sasuke, as Naruto ordered, put Naruto's cool shades on.

"Okay. Let's go!" Naruto was really excited.


There were still lights inside. It's three minutes before the movie starts.

"Is… Is th-that Hinata?" Naruto rubbed his eyes, reassuring if he was just dreaming.

Sasuke looked at them and saw Hinata's look. "She's beautiful." He whispered. He could also sense that Naruto was having a sudden nosebleed. Sasuke observed Hinata from head to toe. He couldn't believe Hinata was wearing those kinds of clothes and what's really unbelievable was his eyes were stuck on her; a snap from Naruto was the only thing that could make his eyes move again.

"Don't tell me that you're starting to fall for her?" He made an evil laugh.

"No way." Naruto laughed. "Hn."

"Okay! Go on now, Sasuke!" He pushed Sasuke's back really hard that he almost fell down, but at that time, Sasuke didn't scold Naruto for that. He'd better hurry for that seat.

Well, he ended up catching his breath then.

A few minutes later, the movie started. He was observing the two if they'll hold their hands or something.


Naruto's scene…

"Okay. It's time for me to be the main character and not Sasuke! Let's destroy Gaara's date!" Naruto talked to his self. The person beside him started to think he was crazy.

Naruto then stood up and went to a room where workers of the movie house play the video. It was located at the third floor where people are off limits. He sneaked inside there but he was caught by several guards and what's his excuse? This…

"I'm from the Uchiha clan. Let me in!" that's why he needed an Uchiha dress, to pretend that he's an Uchiha. Actually, the movie house was owned by the UCHIHAs.

"But I didn't saw your face once." The guards said, holding their guns. For them, Naruto was really suspicious.

"Here, there's a logo in my back." He showed them but the guards still knew that there's something fishy with him. "You don't believe me? So… you want the hard way, huh?" The guards started to think what Naruto would do.

First step, Naruto put his hand inside his pocket trying to get something. The guards thought that he will get a knife, gun or something dangerous but they saw him holding a mobile phone. Second step, he pressed several numbers like he was trying to contact something. Third step, he talked to the person he contacted.

"Uhmm, father. Yes, this is me your son- Sasuke Uchiha." The guards were astonished. What was he trying to do? "You'd better fire all the guards here on your movie house. They won't let me in." He showed them an evil grin. The guards were protesting but when he finally heard what he wanted to hear he ended the call.

They all hurried to get the door key and handed it to Mr. Naruto Uchiha-in-his-dreams and left him alone inside because he told them that he needed some privacy.


Naruto's stomach hurt. He was laughing out loud. "It's really great to be an Uchiha sometimes. And they even didn't notice that I had contacted no one. Are they real guards?" He talks to his self again.

"Okay. I had wasted so much time. I need to hurry." The only purpose for him to go there was he needed a speaker where he could be heard by everyone in the movie house including Sasuke, Gaara and Hinata but before that, he pressed the fire alarm located beside the door.

He first made sure, he'll sound well and unfamiliar. "Attention to everybody."

The people are panicking when they heard the alarm. They began to run but what they didn't know is Naruto was on the floor, laughing really loud. What a huge prank!

"I said, attention everybody!"

Sasuke was surprised, not because there's a fire but because the voice that was guiding everyone was somewhat familiar.

'NARUTO!' was what on Sasuke's mind. 'But how did he do that? What was he up to? Is this the real plan?'

Then, Naruto continued speaking. "Please don't push anyone. It might lead to an accident… and it will surely cost a lot." He chuckled behind the microphone. "Okay, there are staffs that will help you out. Please don't panic. Now, go!"

'Did he say go?'

Right. It was finally time to find Hinata.

At last, he found her. She was holding Gaara's hand but the crowd made them separate. Hinata was so worried. She didn't know what to do and what will happen. If only she knew that this was just a joke, she won't worry like this. She almost started to cry but someone held her hand and helped her to get out. It was Sasuke.

"Don't worry. I'm just right here."

He guided her until they finally got out. Outside, they found a bunch of firemen scattered in the area. Sasuke hugged Hinata just to stop her from trembling.

"Hinata! I finally found you. Are you alright?" It was Gaara. He was really worried. "Sasuke? You're here?" Hinata walked a step away from Sasuke.

"Yeah. Uhmm… if you mind, I'll take Hinata home." Hinata looked at him; Gaara wanted to refuse but he had no choice.

"Yeah. She would be much safer if she's with you." Gaara sounded like he was blaming his self for what had happened.

"Thanks." They were about to head to Sasuke's car but something on Sasuke's mind stopped them for a while. "Gaara, don't blame yourself."

Gaara knew that.

Surprisingly, Hinata gave him a peck on his cheek and it made him slightly blushed for the first time. It's Hinata's way to say thanks.


He drove the car smoothly. The night was fun but depressing at the same time.

"Hey, are you feeling well now?" he asked, destroying the silent moment filling inside the car.

"Uhmm, y-yeah."

Sasuke's voice saying: 'Don't worry. I'm just right here.' is still echoing inside her mind.

"Is something bothering your mind?" He acted confused and concerned. He saw her shook her head. "Are you sure? Well, if it is really nothing, please say something." He got to admit that the silence was killing him.

"I can't t-think for a g-good topic."

Sasuke scratched the back of his head, thinking for a good subject while focusing on his driving. "Hmmm." He took a quick glance on Hinata. "You're beautiful tonight."

Her face flushed. "Um, my sister a-and Ino forced me t-to wear this."


"Uhmm… Sasuke?" Hinata caught his attention.

"Hmmm?" he could see her biting her lips. She seemed very nervous but she tried to make her voice clear to hear.

"Thank you. Thanks for s-saving me."

"You're welcome, Ms. Hyuuga." The way Sasuke addressed her was not really convincing. She was not used to that, he sounded like a prince saving a princess.

After that, silence occurred again.

After minutes of quiet moments, they were finally at Hinata's house…

"Thanks for t-taking me home, Sasuke." She opened the car door and stood outside.

"It's not a big deal." He put his hands on the car wheel, making himself ready. "Hinata." He looked at her in the eyes, and gave her a smile. "I'm always right here." He whispered.


He drove his car leaving the Hyuuga. Hinata took a last glimpse of him before she went inside.

She was so tired. She wanted to sleep immediately. When she opened the door, her sister was waiting for her with a big smile.

"Hey, how's the date? What did you do? How was it?"

She headed at the staircase, trying to ignore Hanabi but she just can't.

"Hey, please share it to me." She pleaded.

"One word… Disastrous."

Chapter Five: Ended.


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