Poker Game
House/Amber/Wilson (in a way)
Prompt: A game of strip poker with more interesting bets.

"So if I win this next hand?" she asked carefully, peering over her cards.

"Unlikely, but I'll say you get a week of Wilson-dates without me involved in any way, and the mandatory removal."

She smirked at the idea. "If you win, unlikely but…you'll get a week of Wilson with minimal interaction with me."

"Fair enough."

After a momentary stare down, they both laid down their cards.

The blonde swore under her breath and struggled out of her skirt and threw it beside her discarded shoes and pantyhose.

"You'll never win," he said.

Amber whipped out a pen and a pad of paper and scribbled a note and signed her name and passed it to him. He was obviously winning, he had two slips of paper and had only removed his shoes and socks, she only had one slip and was already feeling the breeze.

House reshuffled the deck and dealt a new hand.

"This time," she started softly. "You'll get a month's worth of lunches with me and Wilson, and I'll pay for them."

"And I'll pay for you and Wilson's lunches for two weeks," House countered.

She nodded.

They showed their hands and it was House's turn to swear. He began the attempt to remove his own pants, but had a little trouble.

"Do you need help?"

"No," he grunted, finally pulling them off and throwing them on top of his shoes. He took the pen and paper from her and signed a little note and passed it to her, looking grumpy.

He started reshuffling the deck when the door opened.

"Amber? Amber! …House!" James Wilson looked between the two of them, both lacking pants, looking supremely confused.

"Hello Wilson! Just a nice game of strip poker, you know. I thought we should become better friends."

Amber nodded, smiling pleasantly.

Wilson groaned.

Five minutes later…

Wilson was sitting at their table, socks, shoes and ties discarded already. Amber had removed her top and House remained mostly clothed.

"Nice of you to join us," House said with a wink.