Parent Trap!

Gwen laid in her bed facing the ceiling. She had very little memory of Rhys in her mind now, since he had died a little less than 3 months ago. No... not because Ianto had been told to slip a retcon pill into her cup of coffee, but because she had no reason to remember him. She had a feeling that she never really loved him... not with her full heart anyway. Ever since she joined torchwood things had changed in her 'normal life'. But that didn't mean her feelings changed, she just looked more deeply into them now, and she soon started to realise that her heart wasn't ever really in the relationship from the very start. She knew that it wasn't true love with Rhys because when she finally did feel true love, it felt completely different. It had more passion and excitement... but it wasn't was deffinately love.

Jack was a very strong willed man. Similar to her in many cases. She wouldn't let anything that she wanted slip out of her hands without putting up a fight for it first. But there was a down side to this characteristic that she had... it emotionally drained her. She felt weaker and weaker everytime she had to battle with Rhys about something, but she couldn't just let it go because it was impossible for her to do so. It just wasn't who she was.

Jack however knew what this did to her, and he helped her, if it wasn't that big a deal and it was just Gwen's stubbordness that made her argue about it, he let it go. He would simply give in to her. This wasn't that hard for him to do anyway with her. If it was anyone else he would have fought it out, but because it was Gwen, he couldn't battle with her. She was the only person that he knew that made him go weak at the knee's. The 'look' that they shared everytime they caught each others eyes could make them both faint. She could feel his piercing blue eyes staring helplessly at her even if she was facing to opposite direction. And him the same, with her soft but powerful emereld gaze. He could feel his heart melt into his hands everytime there orbs met.

After Rhys had died Jack couldn't help but feel a tad bit guilty about the way he felt about the death. He saw it as an opening point to his and Gwen's possible future. It was like Rhys was some sort of barrier that was separating him and Gwen from the clasp of eachothers arms. He remembered a slight hint of relief as Owen failed to restart Rhys' heart. But this then made the feeling of guilt over come him and swollow up the relief feeling as he looked into Gwen's eyes and saw the hurt as tears strolled down her cheeks as she saw Rhys' lifeless body lay still on the cold metal bed.

It was 3 months later and Jack awoke in the very early hours of saturday morning. He looked at his clock...4 am. He knew that he wouldn't be able to get to sleep again now, so quit while he was ahead and went into the kitchen to make himself some fresh coffee. He had told Ianto the previous night that he could have the whole weekend off as he wanted to go visit Lisa's family, who he had become very close to while knowing Lisa. This made Jack slightly happy for 2 reasons...A) he had got rid of Ianto for a couple of days who was slowly starting to do his head in. And B) he knew that Ianto would have some happy time with some close friends, as he deserved it after all he had been through.

An hour later jack was sat at his desk in his office just contently and continuesly staring at one photo. It was the one of him and Gwen, that Owen had took. It had been a lovely warm summers day and they were all outside stood at the docks appreciating the lovely view. Gwen and Jack had become very close that day after doing much talking and had had quite possibly the biggest laugh in there entire lives. Tosh had also joined in as it just so happened to be Owen they were all laughing at, as they saw the look on his face as he jumped into the water to find his body almost at freezing point as he had not checked the tempurature of the water. He was literally...freezing his balls off. But that was just the first part. Just as they had regained there composure and Owen had become used to the water, he pulled himself out and onto the dock to find that he had lost his trumks. With this sight all of the other 3 had lost there heads as they all fell into a heap on the floor, shaking in histerics of laughter.

Then another image popped to his head.The one of Gwen kissing him softly on his lips. It had been a simple thankyou that she had given him just seconds before Owen had flashed the camera. But both him and Gwen knew that it was much more than that the minute that there lips touched.

He looked up out of his little daze and saw that he had been up for just over an hour. It was 5:05 am. The earliness of his wake had occurred to him, when the cog door slowly turned over and rolled back into the wall to reveal a small sad looking woman. She was beautiful, with long silky brown hair and glimmering cheeks. Of was Gwen.

Jack almost flung himself down the stairs trying to get to her as quick as he could to see what was worrying her so much that she had turned up this early.

"Gwen, what's wrong. Has something happened?" Jack said in his softest most caring voice.

"It's nothing, it's just nothing." Her reply wasn't convincing enough for jack and he turned her round to face him fully.

" Now you tell me why anyone in there right mind would turn up at work 4 hours before they needed to for...nothing!" Jacksaid this with a slight jokey side to it trying to lighten the mood, while he put an emphasis on 'nothing', almost telling her that he didn't believe one word she had just said.

She gave him a weak almost fake smile and said" thanks Jack but I really don't think my problems are the most appropriate conversation starters for you."

"Of course they are. I'll talk about anything as long as it helps someone out." He murmured in reply.

He grabbed hold of her hands and led her through to his office and onto the settee, and she gladly followed. He looked at her and despite warning himself not to, he looked down into her eyes and he felt his heart turn into liquid form just as it always did. He couldn't stand being so weak infront of her and put on his hard face and emotionless smirk, then asked her" So what are your problems Gwen.? Care to share?" She laughed at him and is perfetic attempt at being a tough nut.

"How come you always manage to make me smile when i'm at my lowest?" She whispered to him, giving him goose bumps as a shiver went down his spine at feeling her soft breath on his neck.

"It's just a gift" he whispered back. His mouth moved closer to her and he could feel his soft lips touch the delicate skin on the nape of her neck. He quickly moved away as she tensed up. He had clearly misread her shock at this gorgeous man being so close to her, for a feeling that she didn't want them to be that close.

She noticed his reaction and reason for it and slowly etched forward on the seat and snuggled up into him, his head resting on hers.

He then once again moved his mouth towards the back of her neck and placed a soft lingering kiss on it. Knowing from her reaction that she had enjoyed it, he moved further forward and place another on her cheek. Once again her body tingled with excitement and he made his last move forward and placed a slightly harder and more meaningful kiss on her lips. She gladly parted her lips and he slipped his tongue in to her mouth and he glided it around inside her, slowly searching every part of her mouth.

The kiss became more passionate and she in return slid her tongue into his mouth as they both entwined, wrapping round eachothers.

He slid forward on his seat and without breaking the kiss, picked her up by the waist and pull her round as she straddled his lap. She felt extreamly aroused as she felt his erection dig into her, and she could no longer wait and began to peel off his R.A.F jacket and slided his braces down his arms.After shedding most items of clothing, minus there underwear, there lips seperated and they transfixed there eyes onto each other.After untangling there legs from there underwear and throwing them somewhere on floor probably getting lost under the settee she let out a gasp he entered her body and he felt quite satisfied by her reaction. He slowly pushed her against him, thrusting harder and harder every time. The pace quickened and sweat was dripping off there bodies as they both struggled for breath. He pulled her off his lap, grabbed her with one hand under her shoulders and the other at the back of her legs. He carried her over to the desk, brushed off the contents on top of it in one fair swoop and laid her on top of it. Then he slowly entered her again and thrusted into her quickly and powerfully as they both panted for breath. Minutes later they both laid on the settee with Gwen resting her body on Jack's.