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Chapter 12

The wind blew furiously around Jack as he exited the TARDIS. He got a cold, chilling shiver up his spine as he could smell the pain and death around him. He heard scuffling behind him and turned round to see both Rose and The Doctor fall out of the TARDIS and fall in a heap on the floor. Rose hit the Doctor on the arm and they started bickering again. Jack rolled his eyes and started to walk out into the empty area. He saw in the distance the big sand coloured rig just out to sea. He headed towards it.

He heard Doctor and Rose follow him, and as he neared the rig he saw several moving figures. He froze still for a minute and focused. Then he carried on, getting nearer and then walking in the shade of the big building. Suddenly he heard a piercing scream and broke into a run in the direction of the noise. He pulled out his webley and spun round the corner to see the figures clearer. His heart stopped as he saw a limp Gwen chained to the rough sandy wall.

"Hello big brother" Came a stone cold chilling voice. Stood next to his beloved Gwen was no one other than Jack's own brother.

"Gray?" Jack questioned, still unable to believe it.

"Indeed. You do remember me. So why is it you nether came looking for me? Why, have you only come here when your after something else?" Most people would have felt sorry for Gray and thought he was a lonely little lad who was looking for his big brother. But Jack could here the bitterness in Gray's voice and could tell he wanted revenge for whatever it is that he might have been through.

"What are you doing to her?" Jack hissed venomously at his brother. He caught a glance of Gwen's face and felt sick at the thought of someone hurting her. He had to turn away or he would have done something stupid.

"Oh believe me brother, she's beautiful and I hate to hurt her but how else am I meant to get to you"Gray sniggered. "In fact it was quite pleasurable listening to her scream out your name as 500 volts of electricity bled through her body. She's probably never going to forgive you for coming so late Jack" Gray laughed manically. Jack actually felt like he was going to throw up.

"Jack..." Gwen whispered so weakly that no one heard her except for Jack. Jack ran towards her as she seemed to pass out. Gray tried to stand in his way but went flying as Jack shoved him over. Gray wasn't going to keep him away from his precious Gwen any longer. Gray ran towards a switch on the wall opposite and pressed it. Jack screamed as he saw Gwen's body vibrate viciously as more electricity shot through her fragile body.

"I thought I'd have warned you enough Jack. Until I get what I want, you follow my rules. Got it?" Gray snapped. Jack fell to his knee's infront of Gwen.

"Please just let her go" He begged. Gray wasn't interested. He pressed the button again and left it on for about 10 seconds. Although to both Jack and Gwen it felt like 10 years. Jack began to sob as he saw Gwen's eyes roll into the back of her head as she screamed his name. Jack shot up and dove at Gray knocking him clear off his feet. Rose ran to the switch and turned it off. She undid Gwen's straps and Gwen fell straight into her arms. Her eyes were closed and they weren't showing any signs of opening. Gray was unconscious so Jack left the doctor to keep an eye on him. He ran to the two women and took Gwen into his arms. He shook her lightly, his tears dripping onto her smooth beautiful face. He stirred slightly and he could just hear her shallow breathing. Shallow, but it was enough to assure him she was alive. He picked her up and carried her into the TARDIS, followed by Rose and the doctor with a now gagged Gray.


They arrived outside cardiff and they all went into the hub. It was as if Gwen knew she was home as, as soon as they got through the cog door, Gwen awoke.

"Hey" Jack hushed. She smiled weakly, and the it turned into a frown.

"Jack..." She whispered. "The baby"

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