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She's being pulled away. The crowed is rushing around her, screaming, stampeding. Siren lights are flashing and blaring in the background. Jason is pulling her along, dragging her as if she was nothing but dead weight. Maybe she was. And all she knows, is that with each step she is getting further and further away from where she wants to be. Jason is yelling, panic laced in his voice, and her heart is dropping to the pit of her stomach.

She is going to disappear in the crowd. The thought scares her more then anything else. Something was happening now, and she was leaving. She would be lost again, and be back to waiting. Waiting, waiting.

She hated waiting. She really hated waiting.

It happened in an instant. One moment she is in Jason arms, being carried away. Half a second later, Jason is flipped onto the ground, gasping in pain.

"Sorry," she said. But really, she isn't. She doesn't regret this. If she was in this situation again, she would do the same thing.

She ran, shoving herself upstream against the crowd.

Back to the restaurant, where, for the first time since she can remember, she felt alive.

She will no longer wait.

He found the rest of the team on a roof of the modern bank, surveying the damage done to the city. Dojo wrapped around a cowboy had, and their Leader looking at the horizon.

"I found her." He said.

That got there attention faster then a naked man in a crowed park. "What?" They all gasped. They don't need to ask who he is talking about. They've been looking for more then a month and now that it actually happened they couldn't quite believe it.

"I've found her." He could barely contain his grin. "She was with a guy and they were going North. We can get to them in a couple of minutes."

"Well, let's go pick up the little missy." The Man in the cowboy hat said.

"Wait." Their Leader stopped them, eyes hard. "Not yet." It hurt, physically hurt, to say it. And it was as if he stuck both of them with a rubber chicken.

"What do you mean?"

"We found her. Finally. After all this time!" Protests form the peanut gallery.

The Leader shut his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I want to go to her right now, I really do. But we can't." He peeled his green eye open and held their accusing glances. He had to make them understand. "We have a duty. Right now there's a Shen Gong Wu out there and we have Chase, Wuya and Spicer tearing up the city. Citizens are in danger. We need to get the Shen Gong Wu and get the city out of danger before we get her."

"But." The Monk looked heart broken.

But the Cowboy was outraged. "She could be in danger too. She doesn't remember."

"If she was going North that was away from where we going. She goes in that direction and she'll be safe. They don't know she here, they won't go looking for her. She'll be fine. She'll just have to wait." The Leader said. Please, please let he be safe. He wouldn't be able to forgive himself if she wasn't. She was in the exact same situation as every other normal person in the city. If they all ran off to find her, they would be putting everyone else and her at risk.

They stared at him. They wouldn't forgive him if she wasn't.

"That an order." The Leader demanded. "Now let's get moving. The sooner we clean up this mess, the sooner we get back to her." He hoped he made the right choice.

The restaurant is empty. She stopped at her table. Her pasta is all over the floor, the table broken, a mess. A complete and utter mess.

She looked up. The hole in the ceil stared back.

No one should be able to fall through the roof and then get up as if nothing has happen.

She closed her eyes and tried to bring back her memory. It was like trying to hold water in the palms of her hand. She scratched her head and puffed her bangs out of her eyes.

Sighing, she bent down and picked up the bag she dropped when Jason carried her away. She pulled out the candle and left the rest. For some reason, the money, the keys to her apartment… just didn't seem that important anymore.

Her eyes peered upward again, lips pressing into a pout.

She was determined to follow him best she could. He had jumped from the hole onto the roof. She couldn't follow him that way. How he had even jumped that high, a whole floor, she didn't know and wasn't going to think about it. She would have to find another way up.

She made her way to the back of the restaurant, opening and closing doors. There!

They were metal and rustic and could use a good cleaning, but wall ladder lead to a hatch to a roof so she climbed up them. The hatch swung open with ease and she tittered over the broken roof. She carefully glanced down the hole in the roof. It was almost as if he was thrown through it. But that would be insane. No one would survive that. It had to be weak roof.

Which she was on…


She made a mental note to be careful.

Now where would he go?

Her eyes glance over the horizon. The city looked a mess. She heard a loud boom. It rocked the ground and she fell her knees..

She saw smoke, billowing up from the south towards the harbor. Her eyes widened and she instinctively headed towards it.

She ran along the roof top, to the edge and then she jumped, towards the next roof.

Half way through her jump she realized her stupidity. The roofs weren't anywhere near each other. They had to be at least a twenty foot wide chasm in between them and here she was trying to jump it. She was going to die. She would fall and end up as a flat pancake of flesh, bones and blood on the ground.

Her feet hit the pavement and she rolled. But not of the ground but of the other roof.


She stopped in shock, body still in a crouch, one hand pressing into the rough dirty surface of the roof, the pressing the candle to her stomach almost as if she was cradling a baby, every muscle in her body tense, ready to spring at the slightest command. She glanced back. She crawled to the edge of the roof and looked down where she should of landed. She should not have survived that leap. It was not physically possible. She should be dead. Or at least severely injured. She should be a pancake, legs broken underneath her on the bottom of that alley. She didn't understand…

But part of her found this perfectly normal.

And that scared her.

She took a moment to breath. Trying to quell the flood of panic threaten her sanity. Shut your eyes, breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth. And pretend as if this was all normal.

In her tight white-knuckle grip, there was still the candle she picked up from the shop, white and round and perfect. On in a pretty picture of blue clouds, looking as if they were being blown by wind. The soft with letters spelling W-I-N-D. It comforted her.

She squeezed her eyes shut, and in her mind saw green eyes looking at her.

"Stay here." A voice said. It rich and calm and gave off the feeling of confidence, but she could tell he was worried. "We'll come and get you later."

She open her eyes and he was gone, a lost memory. He never came back. And she wasn't going to wait for him. She was so sick of waiting. So she would continue on.

But first things, first, she was getting off this roof. She stood up slowly and shakily. One foot in front of the other.

She found a fire escape and headed down. Before turning and jogging south towards the smoke.

She was about half way there when she heard a voices.

"Stop, stop! This is the police."

She spun, stopping two men in uniform.

"This area is restricted from civilians." They called, hands moving towards there guns. "Who are you?"

She broke into a sprint. Darting away from them. Maybe not the smartest thing to do but if was her first instinct.

"Stop!" They yelled, and gave chase.

She looked back, she was losing them, and fast. She was surprised. She didn't know she could move this fast.

That's when she hit something hard.

Her butt hit the ground with a thump, and all she could think was 'ouch.' That was going to bruise her tail-bone.

She heard the police officers in the background.

"What the hell?"

"Where did those things come from!"

She lifted her head upwards, blue eyes opening and then widening in surprise.

What in the world?

Did the local zoo lose a few animals? Did this city even have a zoo? Where did these things come from?

"Miss, slowly, back up and get away."

"Back-up. We need back up. Where at-"

The poor police officer was cut as the tiger, the TIGER leap at him, jaws closing on around his neck, ripping and tearing.

She gasped. Eyes turning away from the horror of blood and tearing of flesh that had once been a the police officer, as the lion, who was still residing above her, roared. The other police officer was screaming and shooting his gun.

BANG. BANG. BANG, BANG. It was almost as if it was the beat of drums.

Everything seemed to be moving to fast for her to understand what was going on, but it was like she was watching in slow motion. Yeah, it didn't make much sense to her either.

The lion raised it claw, as if to strike her down. Crave her open and let her blood spill and mix into the mud.

She threw herself to the side and rolled, still clutching the candle to her chest as if her life depended on it. She hit the wall of the alley and then shoved herself to her feet, so to stand.

The gun had stopped, and she glanced over to where the other police officer once stood. She wish she hadn't. There was no way either man was alive and they were a mess of limbs on the ground. They didn't even look human ripped open like that.

She could hear her heart beating in her ears, feel her adrenaline rushing through her veins. Fat chance it would do her any good though. She was facing a lion and a tiger. She was going to end up like those two police officers, ripped open and dead. And all she could do was clutch a candle for dear life. There was irony in this somewhere.

The two giant cats stalked closer. She could swear they wearing grins. She felt her breathing pick up.

She moved first, breaking left away from the bodies, and down the alley. The big cats roared after her and gave chase. A game of cats and mouse.

A burning sensation coiled up her legs, following her muscles as they drove into overtime. Everything around her blurred and she felt powerful as she ran, cutting through the air. All she could see was the point she was heading towards. She was moving fast, faster then she thought was humanly possible, glancing back she saw the cats giving chase. Through by some miracle of newfound confidence and miracle she was outrunning them.

She was outrunning two big wild cats. Shouldn't be possible. But at times like these, she wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Darting around a corner she saw a fence rise up to meet her, guarded by trash cans and other miscellaneous boxes, filled with discard and forgotten treasures. A dead end, for some. But her eyes and her mind worked overtime, in less the half of second she had her escape planned. Falling she slide feet first through a small hole underneath the fence.

She smiled as she came to a halt on the ground. Her: 1, Lion and Tiger Duo: 0. And she didn't even have to let go of her candle.

She smirked back and then mind when blank at her stupidity. As if a fence would stop these big cats. One tiger easily over the fence, claws out reached towards her face. This was it.

"Seismic Kick Earth!" was all she heard and then she felt the ground underneath her shake. She saw, through she wasn't quite sure if she believed it because it shouldn't be possible, the ground form into a fist and punch one the tiger straight into the air.

"Whaaa…" She gasped in astonishment.

The lion jumped slowly from box to box, slowly making its way over the fence, awhile growling, eyes narrowing in on a new target.

She turned too, and she swore time stood still.

Power radiated from him, and the earth was cracking around him. He was in a ridiculous cowboy outfit and it was as if he popped out form one of those old western movies she had watched last night. But above all else he seemed familiar. She took a small step forward. Her hand slowly raised, as if she could touch him from distance.

His gazed at her. Eyes wide with panic and then "RUN." He shouted. "RUN, Get out of here."

She took a step back. Glancing between him and the lion. In the distance she saw, in horror, more big cats, stalking on the roof top to stare down at them with golden eyes. She turn her wide eyes back to the man.

"RUN." He insisted.

And so she did.

She stood up shakily, and then darted past him. This run wasn't as fast as the other. When she had been in a mad panic to escape and save herself. The wind was cold on her sweating skin. She felt weak, as if misstep would cause her to stumble to her death.

In the distance she hear roaring. She didn't want to think what could happen to the man. She was worried. She was scared. Why were there big cats in the city anyways? She didn't understand.

She didn't know if she wanted too.

The alley walls were blurring together and she didn't know where she was and where she was going, only that she had to keep running.

The earth shook suddenly beneath her and she almost fell. Her shoe feel off in the process, but she didn't stop to pick it up.

She must of seemed crazy. Running down narrow alleys, missing a shoe, hair askew and clutching a candle as if it was her lifeline.

She saw an open door, and darted inside. It was a warehouse, large big and full of storage. She got lost in the maze of boxes, the ceiling above her a metal maze of pathways.

She found a little corner large boxes on both sides. And sat down, back leaning against one of the boxes.

She was shaking, and she couldn't stop. She set the candle down in her lap. Something wet was dripping around her collar. She touched her cheek. Wet. She was crying? She let out a chocking gasp. She pressed her palms to her eyes and cheeks, desperately trying to stop the tears. She could feel panic welling up inside of her, she needed something to do.

Finger peeled against the plastic of the candle, till it was just the candle, no plastic, no paper. no pretty cover, just a candle in it's plainest form. Her nails dug into the wax.

She closed her eyes slowly, listen to her heart beat. She could feel it beat through her hands.

She needed to regroup.

She didn't understand anything. What happened, the big cats the shaking earth, the jumping from rooftop to rooftop, the run. It should be possible it to too strange. Yet so familiar.

She could not remember.

She had put herself into the situation. Because she didn't want to wait. And she still didn't want to wait. But she didn't know what to do next. Didn't know how to survive.

Both the cowboy and the monk look familiar. Like passing dreams, and faded memories. But was that enough? Those big cats could rip her apart like a doll. What if she ran into them again…

Her thoughts were interrupted by a scratching noise. Claws on the cement floor of the warehouse. She slow rose to her feet. She suddenly felt hypersensitive. She could hear the drops of water hitting the ground, the scurrying of rats in the corner, and most importantly, the sound of a big cat shifting it weight across the warehouse.

She slowly stood up, sneaking as quietly as she could out of her hiding place. The sound of paws on the ground seemed to be amplified in her ears. And even in the dark of the warehouse, she could make out the outline of an image. She slowly moved around boxes, catching a glimpse of the animal following her.

A jaguar.

Her eyes were glued open. This is what she was afraid of.

Shit. Shit. Shit. What was she suppose to DO? What about the cowboy? He tried to take on all those big cats, did this one being her mean he was dead? Her stomach dropped out, she hoped not. But she had to deal with the situation here. How would she take on a jaguar with only a candle?

She could throw it at him, and run. It seemed like a horrible plan that would get her killed.

She spotted a ladder and carefully picked her way over to it. Her eyes were never off the big cat for to long, as made sure to always have more then a few boxes in between them. It followed her trail through the boxes. Prowling. Dangerous. Nose near to the ground and body tense.

She paused at the ladder before scaling up it as quickly and quietly as she could. Afraid of feeling claws sinking into her back and tearing her down into the darkness.

The feeling never came. When she reached the top she breathed a small sigh of relief. She pulled herself up to sit on the metal platform that dangled over the storage. She was so tired, and the metal felt nice and cool through her jeans. But she didn't think that it would be a good idea to sleep here and now.

She gazed over the warehouse looking for the jaguar.

When she saw it, her blood ran cold. It sat next to the ladder she just climbed, tail swishing back and forth, and she could swear there was a grin on it face. She suddenly had a horrible realization. And an idea that the big cat knew exactly what she was doing and where she was at the moment it entered the warehouse.

She was on her feet in less then half of second, eyes wide, and blood pumping.

The cat laughed. A very human creepy laugh.

She backed up, one hand trailing on the metal railing, eyes glued to the cat, trying to put some distance in between them.

The cat shook it head, bounding, blurring in with the darkness and shadows of the warehouse, muscles twisting, it landed on the storage boxes before in one jump, hitting the metal landing where she was at.

The whole platform swayed with it weight and she watched in horror as the cat begin to change.

It's body contorted, and bones broke and reset, eyes still caught her in it gaze and didn't blink as the rest of the body changed.

"Wha…. What?" She gasped, clutching the candle and backing away, stumbling over her own feet to get the away. Her eye sight blurred, as her eyes begin to tear up. What was going on. Before her now stood no cat, but a man. An ancient warrior wearing armor and carrying a giant axe, as if he just jumped out of some movie set because there was no way this could be real.

The cat man laughed and swung his axe, hitting the metal railing. It was meant to scare her, not hit her. And it worked.

She stumbled backwards. "Get away from me." She wasn't sure how this was even possible. She threw the candle in front of her as if it was some sort of defense. It lit. She blinked. Then decide she shouldn't be surprise her candle lit in a damp warehouse, when a jaguar just turned into a man in front of her. "Stay back." She waved the flame in front of her.

He laughed again, and a gravely voice came from him. "Little girl. You a bit lost. You are weak now, with out you memories." He swung the axe again and it hit inches away from her feet.

She shrieked, the platform swung and the flame grew to the size of the basket ball. "Stay the hell away from me."

An ear to ear grin. "You'll be an easy kill, and -"

She didn't let him finished. "Go away!" She screamed and through her candle at him.

It happened in slow motion. The candle on the flame grew exponentially to the engulf the man, and once it hit it grew and exploded, force pushing outwards. It flung her off her feet and into the air, as the warehouse exploded in flame around her.

Her ears were ringing, and her head was spinning, the air coming in painful gasps as she pushed herself to her feet. The building was in shambles around her, not one wall was standing.

She stumbled in a circle, and in the horizon in between the alleys of the surrounding buildings, she saw a cat-man on fire. Through the ringing of her ears she could here him screaming, as the man stagger away into the distance. She tore her gaze away, not wanting to watch.

She stood gapping in the pile of rubble. At her feet lay the candle, burnt and half way melted. She picked up with shaking hands. She could no longer smell it's scent. It smelt burned and used and like fire. There was no comforted in that. Her hands were scratched and bleeding slightly, but the burn sensation coming from it proved she was alive.

A hysterical cry worked up from her throat and she bent over clutching her stomach and chest to her legs, attempting to curl up into a ball. She gasped and cry as a wave of emotion hit her. Things were to weird. She didn't understand.

Some cat thing had just tried to kill her, and in return she had set it on fire and blew up a warehouse. Blew up a warehouse. She blew up a freakin' warehouse. She didn't understand how she did that.

There were so many things flying are her head, so many thing that happened that didn't fit logic or sense. There should be big cats running around, she saw two people get killed, she saw the earth shake and move and how in the world did she mange to destroy that warehouse? She couldn't warp her head around it.

She was tired. So very tired. She hurt and ached, and her hands stung. She couldn't remember a time she felt like this. She wonder if she made the right choice. She felt like she was following her gut instinct, following that little bald monk. But look wear it lead her. She was now an emotion wreak and a physical mess standing in the ruins of a building. All she wanted was some answers. And maybe a bed to sleep a week in.

"Well, well, well." The voice was positively gleeful. "What do we have here?"

She was on her feet in an instant. Wiping the tears from her eyes, and trying to hide her moment of weakness.

The speaker was grinning ear to ear, lazy and content atop a robot the size of a small building and shaped like a bird. He wore all black, and more make up then her, his hair so red it look dyed. The hair rose on the back of her neck and she quickly realized she was surrounded by a smaller robots. The had to be about half her size but they were armed with laser cannons and chainsaws and it was enough to send her in adrenaline filled panic.

She pointed the half burnt candle at him. "Who are you?" She asked. "And what to you want?"

He was affronted. "Excuse me?" He gapped. "You known me for years. What do you mean who am I?"

She took a better look at him. His skin so pale it looked like that he was always in some dark place, like a basement. Dark gothic make up, and a dark black trench coat. Yellow goggles with red swirls. Nope. Didn't ring a bell.

Then again she didn't remember anything past a the time where they pulled her out of the salt water.

He saw her confused looked. Then had a moment of clarity. He scratched the back of head and laughed awkwardly. "I forgot. You don't remember anything remember do you."

She narrowed her eyes. "I remember some things." She said hotly.

He laughed. "Oh yeah. Like what?"

She felt a sharp hot pain in her chest. A clenching feeling of hurt. "Things." She said. "You didn't answer my question. Who are you?" Her eye darted back and forth, from the armed robot hovering a few yards away to the man.

He stood up, balancing precariously, and did a little bow. "The name is Jack Spicer, Evil Boy Genius, and Future Ruler of the World."

Right. "And how do I know you?" She questioned. How did someone go about being so… shameless? And did she really know this person?

He blinked and stared for half second. And then an ear splitting evil grin came across his face. "Why, don't you remember, sweetie? I'm you boyfriend."

She didn't even half to think about her next response. "Lair." She deadpanned.

"How would you know?" He squawked indignity. "You don't remember anything!"

Well, she didn't actually know for sure. But… "I just don't think your telling the truth." It was a hesitant statement.

"Whatever." He replied. "What are ya doing out here, if you don't remember anything."

She shifted her weight back to foot to foot. She went with the truth. "I was tired of waiting."

"Riiiiiight. I can total understand that." Sarcasm was evident in his voice.

Her temper flared. "Look I don't understand any of this. There were giant felines chasing me, jumped a twenty for gap, the earth moved into the form of a fist at one point," she waved around her candle for emphasis, "you- you are sitting a top robotic bird-thing and surrounded by floating min-bots-"

"Jack-bots." He coughed.

"Whatever." She snapped angrily, and her candle lit on fire again. She dropped it, and it went out as quickly as it came. She scowled. "And that." She pointed to it. "Things keep lighting on fire." She paused. "Or blowing up."

Jack had the audacity to laugh. "What, what that's normal."

She glared at him.

"No, really. All in a days work for you." He gave her a lopsided grin.

"Uh-huh." She said. And waited for him to explain more. She sort of wanted to climb up to him and rip the smile off his face.

"Especially, the fire, bit. Ms. Fire Dragon." He teased.

She suddenly felt a flash of embarrassment. He was making fun of her, and she was really gaining nothing from this conversation. "Are you done? Because I got things to see and places to be." It was a lie, but he had lied to her too. Fair is fair, and she picked up her bloody deformed candle and turned to leave.

"Wait. Wait." called Jack, but she didn't stop. Making to march passed his Jack-bots, who in turn didn't quite know what to do. "Kimiko, wait."

That got her attention. Her eyes swung around to stare at him, wide and blue. "What did you say?"

He paused. "Wait?" He guessed.

She almost rolled her eyes. "No, the other word."

He looked confused. "Kimiko?"

"Yeah," she said, "that."

"What about it?"

She rocked back and fourth on her heels. "Is… is that my name?" It sounded like her name. It made since to her. She liked it. Kimiko. Kimiko. Kimiko. She like the way it sounded in her head.

He gapped at her as if she just slapped him with a rubber chicken. "Wow. Wow. You didn't remember you own….? That wu really did a number on you." He laughed. "Wow."

Kimiko pursed her lips into a frown. "I told you, I didn't remember much." She weighted her options in her head. "Do you know any more?"

Jack raised an eyebrow. "Any more what?"

"What else do you know about me?" Kimiko asked.

"Course I do." He smirked, at her hopeful look.

"Well." Kimiko said, "Could you, oh, I don't know, tell me?"

Jack smiled that evil smile. "I could. Here your first piece of info. In the world you live in, everything comes with a price."

She hesitated. She was surprised by this, but she wasn't sure she liked it. "So, what do you want?"

"Nothing much." Jack shrugged. "Just a favor."

"A favor." She rolled the words on her tongue. She had a bad, sinking feeling about this.

"In return, I answer every question you have. Tell you everything I know about you. You just have to do one thing in return." He jumped down from the robot, boots crunching over rubble as he strutted his way towards her.

"And that favor is…?" She questioned.

He smirked. "Your going to have to get something for me." He said. "Don't worry it won't be to hard."

"How do I know you're not lying?" Kimiko questioned, taking half a step back.

"You don't." Jack reeked of confidence as he invaded her personal space, walking around her in a manner she found really annoying and a bit intimidating. "But do you see anyone else offering you information."

Kimko shook her head. "I don't know." It felt like she was making a deal with the devil. Maybe she was.

He leaned forward and wished in her ear. As if they were five and he had a secret. "I know how to get your memories back."

She stared, eyes wider then they have ever been before. "Really? You know."

He smiled. "Of course I know. And I can tell you how to get them back." He cocked his head to the side. "All you have to do, is a little favor for me."

"Okay." She breathed. And part of her wondered if she would regret this later.

He stuck out a gloved hand. "Deal?"

"Deal." She shook it, and the glove felt rough and hard against the newly healed skin of her hand.

A/N: I would like to say that Part III is coming is soon. But considering I did Part 1, like a year ago. It will come. I just idk when. I was actually thinking of holding this back till I had enough time to start and finsh part III which should be the last part. But I'm super busy at the moment with projects and idk when I'll have the time to write it. And it would take a while to write it, because I'm planning some actually fight scenes and I'm pulling my hair out with those... So I'll figure I'll just upload this and get on with my life. It's not like I really followed an update schedule with this anyways.