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Act 4 Scene 4

The lights rise dimly for the next lake scene. Serenity wakes up gently and stretches. She looks around, wondering where she is.

Serenity: I remember there was mist

swirling mist upon a vast, glassy lake

There were candles all around,

and on the lake there was a boat,

and in the boat there was a ma-n

Seto turns to her from the piano, his white half mask visible.

Seto: Oh, you're up

Serenity looks at him, with a 'well duh' look on her face.

Serenity: Um, yes… yes I am… um… can you tell me where I am, exactly?

Seto: And why do you need to know that?

Serenity: Well… I have ballet practice soon…Madame will be looking for me

Seto smirks, turning back to the piano, before turning back to her.

Seto: I assure you, Christine… Madame knows you are safe… and so should you… I am your Angel, after all

Christine looks at Erik. He looks back at her with a shrug. "They came up with this on their own" She nodded and grinned. "But is it not the very conversation we had in our thoughts, mon ange?" Chuckling, he nodded, kissed her head, and rested it once again on his shoulder, smoothing out her hair.

Serenity looked down, blushing… but realized something. Her stockings were gone! She didn't realize in reality that Tea and Ishizu had helped her, being that she had a fever, thanks to the man before her.

Serenity: Um, monsieur… I am sure you do not know many things about a woman's hosiery…

Tea leaned her head on Yami's chest in embarrassment. She had placed Serenity's pantyhose on the piano while helping the others set up. Ishizu and the rest of the cast gasped. Erik felt as if his eyes were going to pop out. Will felt his blood pressure sky rocket and fainted, and Pegasus chuckled to himself. Christine giggled. Seto looked at Serenity as if she were the stupidest piece of dirt on earth.

Seto: Of course I know of women's hosiery… how else you think that I obtained…

He was going to finish his sentence about the hose for the dummy, when Serenity noticed her balled up stockings on the piano.

She grabbed for them.

Serenity: then how can you attest to these?

Christine could hold her laughter in no longer. She and Megan laughed and laughed and laughed. She remembered the same look on Erik's face after she'd asked the same question… after he'd asked for her hand. Seto looked embarrassed and nervous all at once. This was certainly not in the script!

Serenity: That man last night… in my dreams! Who was he? Who and what are you?

Serenity felt an overpowering desire to know just what was behind Seto's mask… how badly she had hurt him all those years ago.

Singing: Who was that shape in the shadows

Whose is the face in the mask?

She caressed the left side of Seto's face and moved her hand carefully under the mask, pulling it away…

Just as she did that, Seto pushed her to the ground. His blue eyes flashed dangerously at her, as if he could strangle her at that very moment.

Tears came to the girl's eyes at once as she looked at his face, before he pitifully covered it with his hand. Seto! I am so sorry! She thought. Words are not enough for the damage I have done! She cried as he screamed at her.

It took nearly every man to keep Ryou from bolting on that stage and hunting Seto Kaiba down. If he dare strike her…

Ryou growled lethally, and the other men including Shadi and Bakura, gulped loudly.

Seto (screaming in her face): Shame you!

You little prying Pandora!

You little demon

Is this what you wanted to see?

He walked to the mirror and pointed to his face. It wasn't that she pulled off his mask… it was that she pulled it off in front of the audience. How dare she do something like that? Especially when she was the one who cause the whole tragedy!

Erik noticed Christine jump, and start to tremble as she saw Seto acting toward Serenity in that ferocious manner. Frowning, Erik placed his arm around his beloved, holding her tightly to him. She looked up at him gratefully. "Shh…mon amour…all is well now… you need not fear…"

Seto (storming around the stage): Curse you!

You little lying Delilah!

You little viper

Tears sprang to Serenity's cheeks as his hand made contact with her face. He smirked

Now you cannot ever be free!

Shame you...

Curse you...

Upon seeing that Ryou was seconds away from killing him, Seto laughed insanely, continuing his rant.

Stranger than you dreamt… it

Can you even dare to look

or bear to think of me:

this loathsome gargoyle, who burns in shell , (A/N: say w/o saying)

but secretly yearns for heaven,



Fear can turn to love - you'll learn to see

to find the man behind the mon…ster:

this… repulsive carcass, who seems a beast

but secretly dreams of beau…ty,


Oh, Christine...

Tears streaming down her face, Serenity hands Seto back his mask. He in turn placed it back on his face, and stands up.

Seto (with a hint of irony): Come we must return… Those two fools Who run my theatre Will be missing you.

The lights dim and darken as the audience applauds.

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