"Do you trust me?"

How could four simple words have an answer that would never change. At least not when it came from his mouth.

Four simple little words. That's all they were. Just four words that could make or break a friendship. The answer was easy. If only other things could be as easy...

If only he wasn't as hung up on Rose. Then maybe...

Maybe he would no longer see her as second best. Maybe he would look through and see her for what she was. A intelligent human being who loves him to bits.

She smiled up at him as he gripped her arms.

The Doctor. With his wide eyes and messy hair. No time to think. Just running and winning against the bad guys. Only the bad guys were following them. With nothing else to do but run.

"Martha, do you trust me?"

So she answered with the truth. She had risked life and limb for him.

"Of course I do."

Maybe one day he would trust her as much.