"So where are we this time?" asked Rose with excitement in her eyes.

The Doctor surveyed his surroundings. Walking, rather dramatically around the planet's surface as if getting a feel of it. He stopped abruptly and turned to Rose. "I'm not sure..."

"Your not sure?"

"No...I think I've been here before though. I think we're in the Luber's Drift area."

"So you know where we are but you don't know where we are?"

"Exactly" The Doctort grinned manically before looking over his shoulder. "Did you hear that?"

"Hear wh- "

"Shhh SHH Sh sh sh shhhhhhhhhh..."

Rose looked around anticipating a giant three headed green monster with giant tentacles or something to come out attack them. Instead a soft noise could be heard. One she recognised.


She picked up the black and white cat, that just emerged from, what appeared to be bushes in her arms and began to stroke it. "Aren't you just gorgeous?"

"Thanks! I'm experimenting with Backcombing!" The doctor turns around to find the Rose talking to the cat. "Oh"

The cat stared evilly up at the Doctor. "Rose...Put down the cat."


"Put down the cat very slowly!" said the Doctor never taking his eyes off of penetrating eyes staring at him.

"Why?" questioned Rose confused by the look on the Doctor's face.

"I just remembered where we are?"

"Doctor..." said a third voice.

Rose stared down at the bundle in her hands. Shocked. "Did that cat just speak?"

Before the Doctor could even answer the cat leaped from Rose arms, claws extended as it dug into the Doctor's head.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed the Doctor as the cat's grip tightened. "GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF"

Rose looked around her wildly. Searching for anything of use in getting rid of that bloody cat

The Doctor was running about, attempting anyway to get it off. The cat scraped and clawed at his face as the pain of opening wounds anguished him.

The Doctor ran up to a tree and gripped tightly to each side. Then in a swift motion he moved his head forward.

"GET-" (One Thump)

"OFF-" (Two Thumps)

"MY-" (Three Thumps)

"HEAD!" (Four Thumps)

Each word was punctuated even more as the Doctor slammed his head forcefully against the hard bark of the tree. The cat weakened slightly but held on tightly.

Rose spotted something out of the corner of her eye. She dipped it in the pool of water and ran over to the Doctor who had now now resorted to trying to drag it off with his bare hands.

"Stay Still, Doctor!"

And she flung the contents of her newly found bucket straight at the Doctor.

The cat hissed at Rose as the water attacked its fur. It retracted its claws long enough for the Doctor to grab ahold of the damp cat and fling it in a bush nearby He then grabbed Rose's hand and tugged her back into the Tardis.

Rose turned to look sternly at the Doctor. Her hands perched on her hips. "What the hell did you do to annoy them?"

The Doctor scratched the back of his head. "I...uh...accidently set some dogs on them." She rolled her eyes. "And made it rain..."

"Anything else?"

"And I kind of let loose a mutated giant mouse that ended up eating their king and queen."

"You what?"


The cats hisses grew louder. "I think's it's time we left."

The Doctor stared at the door a few more seconds whilst rubbing his stinging cuts. "Yeah..."

He raced towards the time rotor. To get to anywhere but here.

At least now he remembered why he hated cats.